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  1. CITY are pleased to confirm former midfielder Gary Holt has rejoined the Club as Assistant Academy Manager. Holt replaces Dean Rastrick who left Colney last week to take up a new position at Tottenham Hotspur. The 37-year-old will be responsible for the coaching of City''s under-12 to under-16 age groups as well as assisting the current coaching staff with reserve team matters after the departure of Ian Crook this summer. Speaking to First News, Holt says he is delighted to be returning to Norwich City: "It''s something I''ve been working towards as I''ve been doing my coaching badges, I''m on the way to getting my A licence," he said.Having worked with City boss Paul Lambert at both Wycombe Wanderers and Colchester United previously, Holt is looking forward to working behind the scenes again for his fellow Scot: "I worked for Paul before, played against him and with him. It''s always nice to work with people who you have a lot of respect for and I hold him in the highest regard."Academy Manager Ricky Martin added: "To have Gary come on board is really good for the Academy, a former player of the Club, who has embarked on his career as a coach and it''s a good opportunity for him. "It''s an opportunity at an Academy which is well established, to come into a set-up where he''s got experienced people around him and he''ll be able to develop into the role. "I think he''ll bring a lot to the group with his experiences, he''s been a great professional footballer and it''ll be a great opportunity for our Academy players to work alongside him."
  2. sorry should have put for RB......though i believe he did score 2 or 3 in a game when Warnock put him up front.....perhaps he could cover for both!!!!!!
  3. Butterfield just released from Palace, available then for nothing, aged 31 and bags of experience....would be my choice
  4. think as well as someone said on another thread that we were owed money for the shackell transfer so we probably only paid the £500,000 with the rest what we were owed
  5. and a long trip away to boro on tues Jan 3, that will test some people
  6. am i right in thinking ipswich away is Easter weekend so wont be moved to the Sunday due to playing derby on the monday? will this mean a 3 pm kick off on a Saturday then?
  7. i have played for both Tottenham and Norwich youth teams and had offers until i done my back and that was that [:(]
  8. Also a big plus i guess that he has played with Wes before and knows what makes wes tick etc which i am sure must have played a part in signing him too
  9. lets hope we followed the rules this time and no illegal approach from Lambert if not could run and run
  10. i would guess at the minute it means crofts as the holding player, fox on the left and smith on the right as first choice midfield or switch crofts for russell if he stays
  11. [quote user="morty"]Where is all of this leaving Wes?Are these signings an indication we''re going to ditch the diamond and play 4-4-2 next season?I''m very, very intrigued to see what steps out on the first day of the season![/quote]think if anything morty is shows we are going to have 3 in midfield with wes in the hole and no wingers
  12. good point John, cant see room for both of them unless its hughes and fox for one place and crofts and taiwo for the other with smith in the frame as well...........which would mean russell, OTJ, Gill and adeyemi (loan) moving on?????? confusing really as i think we need wingers rather than central MF??????
  13. [quote user="Row D Seat 7"]According to Sky Sports we''ve agreed a two year deal with Taiwo.[/quote]if that was the case wouldnt we have unveiled him today as well
  14. forgot to ask where in midfield does he play.....centre?
  15. does this mean Taiwo failed his medical as we cant need another midfielder surely?????
  16. get good odds on them two being relegated next year!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. best CB in league 1 this season............easy one that one............DOC, now i wonder where he is???????????????
  18. Does anybody know why after the parade yesterday, when i was in the car, they were just about to speak to Forster and a club official took him away saying they dont want Fraser talking? does this mean a deal is in the pipeline and they didnt want him to give anything away?
  19. was wondering where everyone is planning on watching the celebrations tomorrow, and where the best place to stand will be where my daughter, who was ill so couldn''t join in the celebrations on Saturday, could get the best view, she is 12 and not that tall. other problem is i cant get to the city until about 5.30 so wont be able to get there too early
  20. wasnt aimed at you WITS just some others that feel we should be mentioned amongst the top stories every week regardless of what else is happening in the league
  21. think thats a bit unfair on Martin but would have Spillane over him because of his attacking abilities. anyone know why Spillane wasnt in the squad yesterday, is he injured like Nelson or just left out?
  22. have to say i thought they got it pretty spot on yesterday, the battle for second was obviously top story followed by the relegation battle and then we were the next story, showing us getting the trophy, followed by more footage of us near the end with all three pundits agreeing that we were the best team over the season and thoroughly deserved to win the league.some people need to get over themselves and realise that we have no right to be the main story every week, when Newcastle got the trophy they were only half way through the championship section and some people on here are reminding me of Leeds fans and all the divine right bollocks. as much as we hate it Leeds deserved second place over the season as they won more points than Millwall the same reason we deserved to win the league as we won the most points........can i suggest people get over this and just enjoy being champions
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