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  1. [quote user="Grotty"]Yep, done it too. Great day. Picked up at the station. Ride thru London. Tour of the studios with Nigel Spackman. Well looked after.I''ll have to doubt yours being the worst game tho - mine was 4-0 loss at Wolves with Hamilton in charge, Derveld, De Waard, Sutchy et al. Seriously hard to keep chipper watching that. Do recommend it as it''s a great experience. Not allowed to swear tho...[/quote]sorry Grotty gonna have to claim this one.................mine was the 6 0 loss at Fulham last day of the premier league season when we went down............i think i forgot the no swear rule quite a few times in the second half!!!!!

  2. already done it and i have to say it was one of the best experiences of my life........well all apart from this particular game of ours which i was covering with a bloke called charlie, which is in history as one of our worst ever games!!!!! Was well treated by sky and as it was the last game of the season i was put up in a hotel for the night and appeared on the monday night football review of the season the next night. Would recommend anyone to do it...you will have an absolutely brilliant time

  3. Im hoping that he realises that he has made massive mistakes against us in the past and is fed up of all the stick he gets from us so will give us every decision he can to get us promoted so he doesnt have to ref us at Carrow Road next season because there is no way he will ever get near the prem league again

  4. Apologies if this has been posted but i must have missed this news and i bet others have too. The Ref for Monday is none other than..................D''urso!!!!!!!!!! Is this payback from the FL for us having 2 days extra rest? Cant believe given the history with him and us that he has been put in charge of such an important game in our history

  5. thought Leon was very very good today, just behind Korey for MOM. first time i have seen him play and the amount of headers he won and blocks he got in was outstanding, didnt look in trouble all game.....thought him and ward have developed a very good understanding all ready and for me would love to get him here on a perm and let sicknote whitbread go...........would also keep him and ward in the team when Nelson is fit again, some might say its hrash but when you play as well as he did you have to keep him in the starting 11.have to say also very impressed with Crofts...i thought we would miss Russell but this guy seems to get everywhere and never shirks a tackle, the one where he almost chopped their player in two was immense

  6. [quote user="fearofambition"]Norwich fans are and always have been ridiculously reserved. Considering there is 25, 000 fans at carrow road every week the atmosphere is embarrasing. Thank god for the few hundred in the barclay and snake pit who actually get behind the team. Main reason i gave up my season ticket is the match day experience at carrow road is not what football is about. Unless of course you''re a pensioner with a blanket keeping your lap warm in the city stand, or a family enjoying a picnic in the jarrold.[/quote]any where were they today? the only time they made any noise was after we got the own goal....before this all you could hear was the small but loud barnsley fans............and as for the bit about getting behind the team, nah actually i cant be bothered
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