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  1. Apparently Mulryne was dropped for a large part of last season because he lacked energy and they couldn''t work out why.. It turned out that he had put himself on the Atkins Diet. Worthy went absolutely mental and ordered him to start the ''Ron Atkinson'' diet instead.. He now has orange skin and now only eats raw meat. Some of the above may or may not be true.
  2. I fight weasels for money in London''s East End.
  3. Its a bit of paradox really, i''m guessing that all ncfc player contracts have ''relegation clauses'' in them ensuring that salaries match income. So loans are suit everyone. Theres always the transfer window mid season if theres no-one worthy is prepared to shell out for now, but i''m sure if there''s someone he wants badly enough then Delia will make the effort (Huckerby being a good example). I would have preferred to have a full strength squad from the start though, we need to be at least mid-table around Christmas! Things could be worse though, i just clicked on Teamtalks Div.1 news section by force of habit and was a tad underwhelmed about reading about Walsall''s transfer targets lol and its not raining.
  4. With the element of suprise i think we''ll finish higher this season than we will next season.. Most of the other teams will consider Norwich fixtures as three points in the bag, this complacency will really help.. plus our team spirit is excellent and we walked Div. 1 last year (which some people seem to have forgotten). Loathed to make binner comparisons, but UEFA cup here we come!
  5. cheers dd, onwards and upwards... OTBC
  6. cheers dd, best signing we''ll make this summer! OTBC
  7. BINGO!! it has to be the first time a reliable source comes good! This sends the best possible message out to all the other prem teams / players that were planning to stay here for a while :)
  8. thats the spirit all in yellow..
  9. that is encouraging, not sure why there has been no press conference or official statement if it has been signed though.. hopefully no last minute hitches / bids!!
  10. i heard from a fairly reliable source that greeno signed a new 3yr contract on friday but haven''t seen any confirmation anywhere.. has anyone else heard anything?
  11. The one point that seems to be forgotten is that if we sign huckerby for 800k or whatever - whats to say we can''t sell him for more in one or two seasons?? He''s a quality player.
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