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  1. ..It will take a bid of around £5.5m for us to break even and thus even contemplate selling a player on a 4-year contract. I can''t see many Premiership clubs bidding this much for a player currently struggling with form (by his standards) and being so injury prone - Euro 2004''s top scorer was recently sold for only£4.5m.. 

    However, Wigan may appear a much better option than when they last inquired about him as their place in the premiership is looking more and more assured after each game. If he goes anywhere I think it will be to the Lactics as they are prepared to pay that bit more for players.

    Mind you if Peter Taylor joined us then he would be far more likely to stay past January

  2. This certainly proves that ebay is a sellers market! Anyway a coincidence story for you all... I actually emailed Worthy about 18 months ago (I guessed his email addy from other ncfc employees email addresses, printed on the official ncfc site). I live in west london and used to watch the odd QPR game with my hoops mates when a certain Peter Crouch was playing, and was a big fan (I swear he didn''t lose a header all game and was pretty nippy on the ground) - when he was out of favour at villa i suggested he would be good replacement for Iwan! Lo and behold 6 months later...



  3. Not yet, If things are not improved by Jan then the only person I think is worthy (no pun intended) and available to halt the slump is Strachan. However its probably not best practice to allow Worthy to blow our budget in Jan if he''s not going to be there the next month..

    (BTW - according to a Birmingham scout (ex city player) Jonson was offered to Bongo FC for £600,000, all in, which they turned down. A few weeks later we blunder in with a £1m bid..) - not encouraging is it..

    Anyway, we''ll win against Soton and we can all start smiling again


  4. It was suggested on sky that it was almost like the players preferred to be attacking the end where all the City fans were / where the noise was coming from..

    It definately seemed the case against spurs, can''t remember where the fans were for the other games / halfs.. anyone else remember?
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