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  1. I think this weekends  rumoured scoop in the NOTW will be what he''s most worried about.. [:#]
  2. There''s some interesing comments on Halford and Danns on the U''s website message boards, especially the ''Who would we miss most'' thread: www.cu-fc.comLooks like Halford can cross the ball, but they have him down as a defender [*-)]
  3. This does seem different from all the other Ashton speculation, a firm bid is in, it''s not been denied by the club and it''s not that far off our valuation by all accounts.. 14 days and counting [:(]    
  4. If Ashton were to move on I was always under the impression that Crewe recieved 20% of any sell on fee. However, a Crewe friend reckons is 20% of any profit from a sale - anyone know for sure?    
  5. I agree. Luton is definitely part of that famous ''axis of evil''.. along with Watford and Milton Keynes obviously.
  6. ..It will take a bid of around £5.5m for us to break even and thus even contemplate selling a player on a 4-year contract. I can''t see many Premiership clubs bidding this much for a player currently struggling with form (by his standards) and being so injury prone - Euro 2004''s top scorer was recently sold for only£4.5m..  However, Wigan may appear a much better option than when they last inquired about him as their place in the premiership is looking more and more assured after each game. If he goes anywhere I think it will be to the Lactics as they are prepared to pay that bit more for players. Mind you if Peter Taylor joined us then he would be far more likely to stay past January
  7. Rumours are flying around that Moyes walked out on Everton this afternoon and that an official announcement is imminent.. We can but hope
  8. i also heard that a £750k fee had been agreed for Leon from Reading.. I prefer the leon + cash in return for sidewell rumour though
  9. Surely it''s more about getting the right person at the right price.. Huckerby cost £750k, Francis £250k, Cooper etc.. all top championship players who can holt (arf) their own in the prem. These kind of signings won us the league last time and out of favour premiership bargains have done us proud before
  10. cheers.. Did franny actually get out of his 4x4 before trundling around Mousehold?
  11. Just wondering if anyone knows if the ''rumoured departures'' such as Franny, Helveg & Green turned up for the 3k training run today? (if it is today) Any absentees would be interesting..
  12. Did we not have several injury problems and ''new'' faces come in for the game against Bolton...?
  13. I hope were not in for him.. He looked pretty clumsy yesterday and I didn''t really like the cut of his jib. Apart from the goal  all he really did was throw his arms around in exasperation at his teamates.. The "You''ll never play for Norwich" chants made me laugh though
  14. I can see now why Worthy was chasing Primus so hard now... On reflection he would have been perfect Noticed Bramble is still being linked with us, especially in the Newcastle media I''ve got a feeling that our major signing in Jan won''t be a striker...
  15. This certainly proves that ebay is a sellers market! Anyway a coincidence story for you all... I actually emailed Worthy about 18 months ago (I guessed his email addy from other ncfc employees email addresses, printed on the official ncfc site). I live in west london and used to watch the odd QPR game with my hoops mates when a certain Peter Crouch was playing, and was a big fan (I swear he didn''t lose a header all game and was pretty nippy on the ground) - when he was out of favour at villa i suggested he would be good replacement for Iwan! Lo and behold 6 months later...    
  16. Not yet, If things are not improved by Jan then the only person I think is worthy (no pun intended) and available to halt the slump is Strachan. However its probably not best practice to allow Worthy to blow our budget in Jan if he''s not going to be there the next month.. (BTW - according to a Birmingham scout (ex city player) Jonson was offered to Bongo FC for £600,000, all in, which they turned down. A few weeks later we blunder in with a £1m bid..) - not encouraging is it.. Anyway, we''ll win against Soton and we can all start smiling again OTBC
  17. http://www.newsnow.co.uk/newsfeed/?name=Norwich+City sometimes has some quite interesting opposition views + web stories you might not normally see.  
  18. I hope NW does his best to keep him until the end of the season.. I''d prefer a brilliant keeper that can help us stay up than an improved balance sheet.. (unless we get £5m+ and actually spend it)
  19. not really backpeddling, i just can''t be bothered to argue. i posted that greeno had signed his new contract on here before it was officially released, so its not rumour mongering for the sake of it. anyway, its all irrelevant ''till jan - but i can''t be the only one who thinks that a provisional deal has been done with the arse.        
  20. Maybe its a coincidence then. I hope he stays until the end of the season and worthy uses any funds he has (or is about to get in jan) to spend on the team. Green staying the season and a couple of high quality jan signings and we''ve got every chance of staying up.
  21. ..which would suggest that a big money move to the Gooners is not far off. So which of these two options would best serve city: 1. Big money transfer in January, with those funds to spend on immediately improving the team or 2. Greeno stays until the end of the season gaining us pehaps 8-10 points.. Any thoughts?  
  22. It was suggested on sky that it was almost like the players preferred to be attacking the end where all the City fans were / where the noise was coming from.. It definately seemed the case against spurs, can''t remember where the fans were for the other games / halfs.. anyone else remember?
  23. UEFA cup entry by being top of the ''Fair Play'' league? I think Man City got in this way last season.. and I seem to recall our disiplinary record being pretty good.
  24. More PE4 info and screenshots here: http://www.lunchpr.com/ (go to ''more stories'' first) A friend of mine is reviewing it for knowledge mag at the mo, apparantely its mental - more fluid, graphics and player likeness is much improved, many more first touch and dribbling options and theres a ref running around! Fifa - Pah.
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