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  1. Cant believe im actually hearing this!! Nigel Worthington has transformed this club from a lowly division one side to a premiership outfit on a shoe-string budget! Why on earth would we want to destroy the foundations of something that could be very competitve in the premier league next time round?
  2. Ive been telling my mate this for weeks now, hes a class act, whos been in the Wales squad , and the only positive to come out of leicester this season. What do you think of my other suggested targets? Marco Ambrosio/Jurgen Macho Ben Thatcher Danny Gabbidon David Bentley Darren Anderton Peter Crouch/sheringham
  3. Proud to be yellow!! Well Done boys- Now for the title!!!!! OTBC
  4. This lad is the future of norwich city football club, get him on the bench on saturday irrespective of whether Paul Crichton is fit or not. Ive watched this lad many times and he is awesome. He has the perfect role model in Greeno and should be given the experience. He has proved his class with England, lets give him the chance early with senior football. Correct me if i''m wrong but Crichton''s contract is up this summer. Possibly a regular next year?
  5. Whilst waiting for the players coach to arrive outside Goodison Park on saturday, Gunnys coach of V.I.Ps arrived in front of a group of me and my mates, a father of a friend knew one of the directors who got off the bus and spoke to him for a few minutes. From what was said NW wants to bring in another defender possibly within the next few weeks or before the run in to the title race. Any ideas on who he may target?
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