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  1. I missed the game but the MOTD highlights were crazy, it seemed like the game was played at 3 different times with the changing conditions.
  2. Put a bet on you guys staying up now you got Deane at the helm. Bookmakers are so tight these days, you guys staying up is one of the few with odds that are interesting.
  3. For a few years the EPL looked like the gap was closing between the super clubs and the rest, we (Leicester) won the title, and Watford had beaten Liverpool. Now I think a gap is growing again, but its Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester City. Not all of the super clubs. I think primarily this is down to their current world class managers not just the expenditure. Chelsea under Lampard were performing quite differently and it was largely the same team as is now. The reason I am replying here, is ironically I agree with the OP, I remember wanting them all to go to their super league and we have a more competitive EPL. Would have been a huge loss of money no doubt, but I think the game would have got better.
  4. Hi guys, back again. I think bear in mind so many other clubs now, most in the EPL have rich owners, even if those owners are not pumping in 100s of millions they are probably at least ensuring there is no cashflow issues. So what I mean is, you get promoted to the EPL, but you dont get any EPL TV money until part way through the season, so if you buying players or increasing wages, that money has to come from existing cashflow. I think its always going to be hard for Norwich to overcome this with your current ownership. On your league performances, a change of manager might be prudent, but again I can understand why you would want to not make that move, as your manager has proven already he knows how to get promoted from the Championship. When you played us two seasons ago vs your performance against us this season, I think you played better two seasons ago, as to the reasons, no idea, as I dont watch you guys other than when you play us. No doubt at some point you will hit some form, its just a question of when and how long for.
  5. Agree with most of whats been said here. I think there is corruption, dont know how much, but I think there is at least some, there is far too much money involved for there not to be.
  6. A lot of our fans think this will be a cakewalk, they have forgotten the result at the KP. Think it will be a end to end game, with one team getting a narrow win, hopefully ourselves.
  7. I think upper table is weakened, but where you guys are the bottom is better than usual. Your current team probably would have stayed up the last time you went down.
  8. You just need to be able to close games out, you mentally collapse late in games. You will be surprised how much difference one defensive signing can make, you just need someone like Huth signed in Jan, and these draws can change to wins. I think your forward players are capable.
  9. Aside from that mental breakdown (you had 4 chances to clear that palace build up to their goal) you look like a mid table team. Its the defensive panic that seems your issue.
  10. Could see you became weak mentally towards end and after you concede goal you almost conceded a penalty. I would say you need a huth in that defense to keep everyone's heads together. You guys need a 2 goal cushion otherwise.
  11. Decided to watch your game after ours. Cantwell looks a very decent player, Pukki has similarities to Vardy. You guys having to defend more, but you look very threatening when going forward, your forward play is intelligent. Defensively is some nerves, it does feel like you need another one or two goals to win.
  12. Souness suggested if "any" part of the body is onside then its onside, so basically a reverse of what is currently happening. Whether the EPL and FA take that on board remains to be seen though.
  13. I consider myself to be honest. I am not about to claim there is corruption in the game, but rather I think the men who officiate the game tend to let expected results manipulate their decisions. When Leicester got promoted, like yourselves we had dodgy decisions against us in that first season. In our title season, especially the second half of the season I noticed we started getting lots of favourable decisions, we got so many even the press started writing articles about it. The FA reacted by sending Vardy off in that late West Ham game. Since that season we seem to be treated at a level between the big 6 and the rest of the league, so when playing non big 6 teams we usually get 50/50 decisions in our favour, but when we play the likes of Liverpool of course its the other way. For reference we have conceded 4 penalties this season, against Man Utd, Liverpool and Man City. Tech like the goal line technology is great as its just a computer, the computer doesn't have bias based on who is playing, so it gets it right every time. Also consider clubs like Liverpool have fans all over the country, e.g. if someone is born in Norwich its very unlikely they will be a Leicester supporter so would be eligible to officiate Leicester games, vice versa if someone was born in Leicester for Norwich games. However you cannot be so confident for the big teams as they have glory supporters scattered around the country. You can understand ref's and linesman occasionally getting it wrong as they don't have the luxury of replays, viewing different angles etc. But for VAR, questions have to be asked when it gets something wrong. I think with offside though apparently the rule is that if "any" part of the body is nearer to goal than the defender then its offside, so one could argue VAR got it right, however I think that law should be changed as its clearly stupid. However with Pukki I honestly think he was further away from the goal than the defender, he wasn't even level. The camera angle wasn't level with the players which in my view means they not doing it accurately. Offside VAR next season should probably (a) only check position of feet and (b) only rule offside if its clear within a few seconds of looking at it, if it requires drawing lines and rerunning it multiple times, then benefit of doubt should be applied and the striker gets the decision. Keep your heads up guys, I know it sucks what happened, but you cant turn back the clock sadly.
  14. At the time I had no view as didn't see it. Now I have. That is I have to say a very harsh decision, and probably a result changer, as it was the difference between having a one goal or two goal cushion. I think the rule needs to change where they only check feet and ignore upper body position. Offside was designed to stop goal hanging, not to rule a few cm of upper body as offside. Sadly for the penalty I think it was one, your defender seemed to have a rush of blood to the head. Had a 2nd look, its even worse, Pukki feet was behind the defender, he got ruled offside simply because he was leaning forward more. Ridiculous.
  15. I checked the scores on my phone whilst watching our game (Leics), and you guys were winning. checked a bit later, about 3/4 into the game and still leading, at that point I thought you would win. After FT, I checked again and you couldn't hold out, and was also due to a penalty Feel for you guys as after the game at the King Power I know your team is capable, you not out of it yet though, keep your chins up, and fight till the end.
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