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  1. [quote user="marvin the martian"]make way for Snoddy, my Mrs wants his body...[/quote] What''s wrong with your Mrs''s body marvin?!
  2. You heard it here first, over 12 months ago! Time for me to get my head down, in a dark room, and pen the final version of ''make way for snoddy'' which will hopefully be belted out in the lower barclay, the snakepit, and maybe even the Jarrold if I can get the blokes around me to realise that they are at a football match & can sing, without fear of embarrassment! Any contributions gratefully received......
  3. [quote user="Cantiaci Canary"]Yellow Rider - you can''t have too many quality players ... especially in the middle of the park. Injuries, suspensions, loss of form and the need for variable formations will all take their toll during a tough season. [/quote] I couldn''t agree more. I think having the numbers in the squad is crucial to survival in the second season. You need cover for every position so having 8-10 midfielders is not that big an issue. The modern day managers job is to keep the whole squad happy, something PL was very good at. From what I hear of CH he''s a great man manager too. If all of them played half the premiership games this season it would be far better than what they''ve come from, and probably better than they''d get elsewhere
  4. We should have let him talk to them, like Wigan always do with Martinez. What goes around comes around unfortunately & we are going to be left feeling like the Colchester fans 3 seasons ago. If we''d have agreed to him talking to them there is no guarantee he would have gone, as something obviously put Martinez off before. I only logged on to start a rumour that maybe something had been agreed with villa & maybe we were lining up Karl Robinson as replacement given the early announcement of the pre-season friendly! I know its a punt but could be a young manager that''s going places albeit that MK Dons have missed out in play offs two years running. Was gutted to see this post!
  5. Sorry, had to post as this really made me laugh. Think Keith''s car might resemble something like the Aviva ad. Green aaaaarrmy!
  6. I heard them say that too but I''m sure he did play for Watford in the premiership? He certainly stayed with them. But I do agree that it was one of the biggest mistakes by a Norwich manager in recent times. I think Worthington forgot the vital ingredient that PL holds so dearly...team spirit. Malky represented everything that was great about our promotion winning season and the dressing room would have been a worse place without him. Can you imagine Malky not turning up at that final fulham game like some of our other so called premiership stars who were already looking for a move away?
  7. Cheers wizard. I appreciate your sensitive approach to a subject I''ve always had difficulty talking about. In the absence of a father figure I''ve had to fill my life with writing shite football songs for players we haven''t bought yet! :(
  8. After a further 24 hours in a dark room, and lots of intensive research I''ve now completed the song that I hope will grace the carrow road terraces next season. Make way for snoddy, snoddy! Hip hip hip hooray, Make way for snoddy, snoddy! For Norwich he does play, Make way for snoddy, snoddy! He will make your day, He''s scottish, he''s skillful, he''ll run for us all day, Snoddy''s here, make way. I have also registered copyright in case I need to sell it back to Leeds. Can you imagine the hardcore of elland rd singing the noddy tune??!
  9. There''s lots of posts on here about our potential summer signings but shouldn''t we start thinking about our terrace songs for messrs vaughan, morison etc. I know we haven''t got him yet but anticipating the arrival of Mr Snodgrass how about (to the theme tune of popular children''s tv character Snoddy); Make way for snoddy, Hip hip hip hooray, Make way for snoddy, For Norwich he does play etc etc I''m sure if he reads this post, it might just tip the balance to make him sign for us! Any other songs out there that you think might attract players to our fine city?
  10. I think King Lambert will continue with his preference to shop in the lower leagues for players who are both hungry and grateful for the opportunity to play in the premier league. The good news is that ''lower leagues'' now includes the Championship and there''s some fantastic talent in there, just look at the play-off teams alone.  Delia''s recipe; Take our starting 11, add in some Lansbury & Pacheco on loan (or permanent) stir in some quality and hungry players from the championship top it off with some Lambert ''magic'' Premiership survival? Done What would your recipe be fellow posters?  
  11. I was thinking the other day, as I read another thread that mentioned (yet again!) the 7-1 defeat to Colchester on the opening day of our League One season, I wonder what happened to that bloke who ran on to the pitch and remonstrated with Gunny before throwing his (season?) ticket at him. Did he get banned? Boy, has he missed out on two fantastic seasons. Must be gutted!
  12. I''m with you on that too. Holty is fast becoming a legend at Carrow Road and I think much like Hucks he''s found his true footballing home. A true captain and leader on the pitch and I love that other teams fans don''t like him; shows how good he is!
  13. I remember getting my first NCFC replica kit. It was the Admiral one (Martin Peters era).
  14. I cannot believe that there are suggestions of a protest at Saturdays game. If that happens, the fans are just contribuiting to the downhill spiral our club has been on for the past few seasons. Of course we all feel for Gunny as the timing was awful, but he remains an NCFC legend. It was only after two results but I really don''t think we can afford to have the inconsistency that we have seen all too much in recent times and how much more inconsistent can you get than a 7-1 defeat, a 4-0 win, and a 1-1 draw (albeit that Gunny wasn''t in charge for the last one). Has anyone been confident that we can win 2 games in a row, let alone 3? I think we now have a young ambitious manager, who will have respect of the players given his successful playing career. I was proud to be part of a big crowd and a great atmosphere leading up to kick off in the Colchester game and I think that should be replicated on Saturday. If nothing else, Lambert will be able to see who are the ''rabbits in the headlights'' players, as I really think this played a big part in our 7-1 defeat.
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