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  1. Chumino

    Sinani signed

    Good news. Details?
  2. Chumino

    Boris tests positive

    Has he really though......
  3. Chumino

    Corona Virus main thread

    People are shi**ing themselves.
  4. Chumino

    Sutton's thoughts...

    Exactly this. The end.
  5. This. Can't see any other viable option.
  6. Chumino

    Daily Mail......latest thoughts

    Tabbaconists are open though, aswell as banks, supermarkets and pharmacies.
  7. Chumino

    Daily Mail......latest thoughts

    The Spanish are threatened with fines of €500 to €2000 and prison for breaking the lock down. Police are patrolling and enforcing. They all had a letter from the PM.
  8. Chumino

    Corona Virus main thread

    Certainly is. Apparently large queues formed at 8.30am for a 10 am opening of the local Tesco to instantly clear the shelves of hand wash and sanitiser. Madness
  9. Chumino

    Corona Virus main thread

    I agree. The rule of the jungle is a different matter.
  10. Chumino

    Corona Virus main thread

    Correct, can't enforce. Don't have to produce any id to police when asked(or anyone else) unless there is reasonable suspicion of a crime being committed. And that means a law not a rule.
  11. Chumino

    FA Chairman - season won't be completed

    Null and void. Euros off.
  12. How's the dog walking?
  13. Chumino

    Premier League meeting 10.00am today

    Agree aswell. Just need to add- all that needs deciding is everything.
  14. I'm not going now.
  15. Chumino

    Premier League meeting 10.00am today

    Finding the scientists to believe could be difficult, maybe they were silenced last year?
  16. Not just me. It's all there.
  17. Appears not, certainly can.
  18. It is bizzare that Nige lowers himself to childish name calling of multiple posters. Calling people c**nts in any language doesn't seem Mr Nice guy to me.
  19. Chumino

    Keiron Dyer on Norwich City

    So what are the self righteous saying Nige?
  20. Its not the school playground.
  21. Chumino

    Keiron Dyer on Norwich City

    Good peice. Realistic opinion.
  22. Chumino

    Drmic dilemma

    Puuki's work rate is immense and the link up with Buendia almost telepathic. I would stick with him. If he gets the service he will score again and his confidence will return. All strikers have these spells.
  23. Chumino

    Massive Congratulations to Tim Krul

    Well deserved call up. Consistently on top of his game. Got to hope we keep hold of him.
  24. Chumino

    First Time to Norwich/Carrow Road

    Brewdog pub. Nice and central. Great beers. A few pints of Elvis juice and you will walk like someone stole your bones. It's pretty much downhill and flat to the ground from there. Have a great time.