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  1. I think you''re a little guilty of seeing a ''problem'' where there isn''t one, to be honest. How do you decide where to place players on such a photo? By height? Position played? Time at the Club? It''s just a common device used by photographers - look at any film / theatre / music promotion stills, the subjects are placed to create an image thats easy on the eye. For instance, on a film poster, you wouldn''t position someone like Danny Devito BEHIND a 6''2'' leading man. Does that discriminate against short people? It''s done simply to create as nice, pleasing and symetrical look. I''m sure if rascism existed among the players / staff at NCFC, we have enough former players (Nielson, Akinbiyi, Fox, Beckford to name just a few.....) who would have said something by now! Don''t go looking for problems that don''t exist.
  2. Don''t know about the coca cola, but have a feeling in my gut about the FA Cup. 3rd round draw: Norwich City (Last years First Division Champions) will play........ Ipswich Town. (Followed by much muttering by Hansen, Linekar and co......) Can see it happening, and see the Portaloo mob winning it just to be ruddy awkward!
  3. I am desperateto get two tickets for Man Utd away - my fiance has family in Manchester so we have a bed ten minutes from the ground. Does anyone know if it''s limited to one per member? Or, failing that, anyone with away season tickets who can''t go? Ideas anyone?
  4. I''m with the Cardiff camp on this one... That Birmingham game built me up, tore me down, ripped my guts out, broke my heart and then trampled them into the ground. I still remember the feeling at the end of the game. I was physically shaking, I couldn''t speak, I felt numb, drained physically and mentally, and simply destroyed. Compared to that, England losing on pens against Portugal was a piece of cake
  5. Football needs a fall guy, football supporters need a scapegoat, always will do. For City last year, it was Easton and Rivers. Before that, at various times, it''s been Newman, Sutch, even Gunn and the mighty Iwan at times. There are many more too, but you get the idea... In my opinion, Scholes, Beckham and Gerrard had distinctly average competitions, but that doesn''t make them bad players. Before the Portugal game, some would have you believing that Owen was finished, but in the space of 24 hours, that''s old news. As somebody once said, form is temporary, class is permanent. If you ask me, the problem is not Owen, Beckham etc, but a 6''4'' plank of a goalkeeper who only succeeds in encouraging the opposition with his inability to organise his defence and command his six yard box. James has always got away with those weak points because of his agility and shot stopping, but even those strengths seem a thing of the past now... Step up Mr Robert Green, your time is almost here.
  6. Nursery club, no, I''d never advocate that. But I wouldn''t say no to the young lad Clichy (I think thats spelt correctly) on the left for a season. Good competition for Drury, and very good going forward. Really can''t see him being picked above Ashley Cole at Arsenal. Just a thought.
  7. Keown? No, No and no. He is exactly the sort of player City don''t want. For every pound of talent he mave have (or rather did have) comes a lot more baggage, bad attitude and flaws in his play. He is short of pace, but that is not as much of a problem as his short temper and arrogance. Surely we don''t want a player who behaved so disgracefully against Van Nisteroy at Old Trafford earlier this year? No doubt he would still command a top Premiership salary - money that could be spent elsewhere. No one truly believed big Iwan was up to the Premiership because of his age, his lack of pace and his fouls. Keown is the same in a different position and the same principle applies. Only difference is Iwan is a gentleman and a true City legend. Keown is a past it thug with a bad attitude. ''Nuff said.
  8. I''m not a bitter, twisted man, and for a nano second the other night I displayed remarkable humility for all the teams that haven''t won the league... however... I want the Portaloo boys in the play-offs I want them to win the semi I don''t even mind them scoring a goal or two in the final... And then, losing the whole thing on penalties. 30.000 binners heartbroken, Royle on the dole, players sold, and Sheepshanks crying into his calculator and crawling to Dodgy Johns Loan Company. We had to take it - and they loved it. I want that revenge. Get to work Wizard.
  9. Would be a brilliant signing - classy, physical midfielder, and with the right kind of girly blond hair to go with Hucks, Svennson etc... But what do you reckon he''s on a week - 30 - 40,000??? Can we really see that happening?
  10. Interesting points all. Koumas i would go for, but with Brom virtually up with us, I can''t see Megson letting him go. Oster, Kanu...can''t see either happening, and quite frankly, don''t want to. I also don''t advocate the buying of ''experienced'' (ie, past it) players, as done by Portsmouth and Wolves. Their buying of Stone, Sheringham, Irwin, Ince etc. The one exception would be Roy Keane - rumour has it Fergie wants rid, but I don''t think it''s a realistic target. There was talk of Andy Reid from Forest at one point. Any thoughts on that? I think the way to go is firstly to pick up players with Premier experience as we have done this year - Hucks, Svennson,Edworthy - who for what ever reason are out of favour at their clubs, and alongside that looking for bargains from lower division and / or struggling clubs and developing them - Mackenzie, Francis, Drury etc. That, alongside the invaluable youth policy - Hendo, Green, Shackell etc - is the way I would go. But I''m not the manager, which you should all be very grateful for!
  11. Yup, I joined the sobbing brotherhood for a while tonight. But tell you what... ...Isn''t it better than the sobbing after Cardiff? In the immortal words of Del Trotter on landing his first million... We''ve only bloody gone and done it. How good does tonight feel........?
  12. its all about self control. I''ve drunk before games, not heavily, but enough to take the edge off a bit! But never, in a million years, would I dream of hurling racial abuse or swearing at fellow fans. We''ve all let the odd colourful insult slip out to players or officials, that''s part and parcel of the game and i don''t think anybody really objects. What I don''t get is people having a pop at other supporters? Not even visiting supporters? What''s up with that? Anyway, in the wake of such things as Kick Rascism out of football and similar campaigns, isn''t there some kind of legal framework in place whereby such supporters who are repeatedly drunk / rascist / aggressive / foul mouthed / generally obnoxious , can be thrown out of grounds and banned, not only from that ground but nationwide? I''m no expert, but does such a thing exist, and if so, why is it not enforced? Think it will be even more relevant next year when the Lower Barclay will be populated with ''fans'' of Man Utd et al. That is something the club really has to keep an eye on.
  13. Totally agree with the comments here The last thing I want to see is ''investment'' in ''flashy'' players from Asia, Africa or South America who know nothing of the club, the area, the heritage and so on. Players whose only concern is their 30 / 40 grand a week pay packet - not that we can afford it but you take my point. Players who may well raise themselves for a live Sky game at Highbury but don''t want to know when its a wet and windy Wednesday night at Ewood Park. One of the fantastic things this season is that every single player at Norwich has wanted to be at Norwich. The obvious example is Huckerby, but look at those who have been dropped or on the fringes for whatever reason - Cricthon, Iwan at times, Hendo, Mulryne, even Rivers and Easton - how many of those have ever gone public with their frustration, bad mouthed the club or slapped in sulky transfer requests? We don''t want to lose that spirit. Of the clubs to go up over recent years - Portsmouth, Wolves, Leicester - they have all packed their sides with non descript foreign ''stars'' and lost the very strengths that got them up. The obvious exception is Birmingham, and a few years before, Charlton - shrewd signings at the right time (ie Savage), team strengthing at the right price, but never sacrificing the things that got them there in the first place. But, anyway, we ain''t there for another 48 hours. Before I worry too much about next season, I''m going to damn well enjoy the rest of this one! Bring on the championship.
  14. Watching the Premiership tonight I caught another look at Shaun Wright-Phillips who I think is a far better option than Pennant in the wide right role. Of course, whether nice Mr Kevin would let him go is another matter, as is the transfer fee and wages, but you know, just a thought...
  15. Guys... Don''t think i''m complaining for a second, but I don''t actually believe we are talking like this. The question of how many wins / points we need to get up.... ....to get out of this godforsaken league, after ten years of anonymity, stress, misery and disappointment. ....to finally forget once and for all the Chase demos, the inept performances, the dull 0.0 draws on freezing January nights, the bad signings.... ....to finally put the play-off final to bed (I still can''t watch it!) If someone had told me what was going to happen this season, I wouldn''t have believed them. And it COULD be by next Wednesday. I''ve told my fiance to buy champagne, and work that I might not be in for a few days hehehe. We can''t possibly blow it now could we?
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