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  1. I wish i could, but as far as i can remember crewe genrally tend to fill up with one stand, so why dont you invade! It would be really cool, if everyone, wroe their yellow shirts, Whait a sight
  2. Ive always been a norwich fan, despite living in ipswich for 4 years (im only 13) ive just emigratted to New Zealand, my msn adreess is kurtcobainsson@msn.com, plz add me so i can keep up 2 date with news. GREENO 4 ENGLAND! LOVE SAM xxxxx
  3. Some people may see this games as another potential bannana slip up, but im sure as long as we play our cards right, and play the kind of football that us got us to the top of the league, we will rip wimbeldon apart. I see a possibble goal route on the cars. 3, 4, 5, maybe 6 nil.
  4. Hello, I have the video Town & Out video showing 7 great wins over the binners... 25 August Norwich City 1 Binners 0 19 September 1994 Binners 1 Norwich City 2 20 March 1995 Norwich City 3 Binners 0 19 November 1995 Norwich City 2 Binners 1 26 September 1997 Norwich 2 Binners 1 20 October 1998 Binners 0 Norwich City 1 19 March 2000 Binners 0 Norwich City 2 (Iwan, Iwan!) I am soon emigratting to New Zealand, and to take this video would be pointless, considering they have a different kind of VCR, i bought this january last year for 14.99, and i am willing to sell for £7. If you are intrested please e-mail me at andy@porter9059.freeserve.co.uk, for more information, i will have too treat this as a first come, first serve situation. Sam
  5. 1st Wizard, u must not joke about things like this
  6. Lets me honest, who in the squad of English goalkeepers, is better then Robert Green. David James? Ian Walker? PAUL ROBINSON????????? I think Robert has a realistic chance of getting in to the England squad for portagual, so thats all back him up. Greeno 4 England
  7. I must say that Norwich/Forrest was one of our most nerveracking experiences of the season. 1-0, and they completley dominated. Well done defence, and well done Mathais, welcome to the club. When we open our eyes we will see that we have a good squad with plenty of potential, a GOOD board, who have just signed Darren Huckerby, and a GOOD manager who has signed Hux also, while getting us top of the league. There are so many good points. Derby Victory, Hux, 2 new strikers, top of the league, and no blip this christmas. Merry Christmas, and a Happy new year!!!!!!!!! OTBC P.S Top of the league, at Portman Road
  8. I''m 13, born in Norwich, parents forced me to move too Ipsw$ch, I still love Norwich, and I will always....................2-0
  9. Have you seen the way Robert Green, demands, and controlls the penalty area very well, what about him as Captain? OTBC P.S How old is Chris Sutton, maybe we could sign him.
  10. You''ve hit the nail on the head mates! Hucks is good, GREENO IS GREAT WE MUST KEEP HIM
  11. Greeno is possibly the most valuble and promising playing on the team, he is destined for the England Shirt and the Premiership (which I pray will be for us), Man. City apparently have made an amount of intrest in are young shot-stopper, but tell me where would they get the money from? Greeno''s price tag, has got to be around 3million? And if Man City were to make an offer, surley norwich''s reply would be to negociate a higher offer, Man. City are about 50 million in debt, how can they afford the country''s most promising young keeper? Even with Hucks, they come off better, we get a inconsistant striker, who is proven not to be able to play on the highest level, they get our best keeper since Gunny. Daylight bloody robbery GREENO FOR ENGLAND!!!!!!!
  12. I''m so suprised the fourm, has not blocked this, it''s disgraceful, your obviously a Ipswich supporter.
  13. Any Predictions guys? Two more stunning goals? An inspirationle goalkeeping display THREE POINTS!!! (All from the last year at deepdale) GIVE ME YOUR VIEWS GUYS AND GALS!
  14. I think there is something going on, and that Hucks has talked to Man. City to be moved. Keegan has hinted towards Morwich that WE know what the price is. Come on you board!
  15. One More question Dolboy, if you sent Greeno up for a last ditch attempt, what would the picture be of? Ta
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