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  1. i think the maximum penalty is 10 points deduction (very unlikely  ) with that in mind that will put us still 2 points ahead of second place and a win at home on saturday will mean we can celebrate winning the title all over again (more beer)lol
  2. just my point of view, the pitch invasion(if you can call it that) should have been saved until the last game off the season, i say this because if say 8000 fans had gone the pitch, the pitch would have been ruined and we do still have one game left to play at carrow road
  3. what is the difference between a icelandic volcano and Cheryl cole? the volcano is still blowing ash
  4. according to ncfc solicitors the hearing is on the 23rd april and they have said that the maximum punishment is a 10 point reduction but that is very unlikely because it is our word against theirs so i guess it will probably be just a fine for norwich city (around £300,000)
  5. [quote user="Heresyourfathersgun"][quote user="leedscanary"]The ref has changed! Mr F Graham, come on down.Oh, and Col Who v Millwall on Monday is officated by a certain A D''urso[/quote] Ray Charles could be the ref for all it seems to matter, or Stevie Wonder [/quote]we had stevie wonder friday against tranmere so he won''t do us twice in a row
  6. why not get joe lewis back as peterborough look certain to be relegated
  7. one day superman was feeling horny and asked his superhero friends where he could get some action. everyone agreed wonder woman was the best shag in comic land. ''but she and i are friends, i can''t take advantage of her'', said superman. 10 minutes later he''s flying low over the city and sees wonder woman lying in a field naked with her legs apart and thinks, i am faster than a speeding bullet, i can be in and out before she knows I''m here. so with a sonic boom and a blur he''s down in and gone. wonder woman stares at the sky and says,''what the hell was that?''  ''don''t know'', says the invisible man but my arse is killing me''
  8. [quote user="UEA Canary"]i saw dean ashton in a chinese take away in norwich other day so is in the area for sure[/quote]dean ashton has just brought a house in hethersett
  9. "all this worry about relegation has made me loss so much weight"
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