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  1. Fox, Drinkell, Ekouku, Phillips, Adams, Crook, Bruce, Green,Gunn, Disco, Fleck, Robins, Eadie.........Holt! Russell,Drury i could go on but that will do!
  2. [quote user="marvin the martian"] FFS cant you be serious for once - the man was asking a decent question Oh dear, someone seems to have had a sense of humour bypass [:)] [/quote] it is a dump, that stupid corner they put you in! the walk back to the car is interesting!
  3. Doc has found his level in league 1, he has played well at this level, but you have to look at the facts around our demise, player of the season! we got relegated for flips sake! Doc has been with us thick and thin i will give credit for that, but i wouldnt want him to be wearing a city shirt in the championship!
  4. [quote user="canarytom"][quote user="Brendan"][quote user="CANARYCHARGE"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFw5a2_2xK4[/quote]Dont copy my link or anything. I posted the same link, twice last night before this. I want credit for it. [:''(][/quote] Did you post it twice to get your post count up? [/quote] did he not add the link under neath mine??? if he wants credit, its yours!
  5. Brenden........shut up! 4 points 1 game in hand....loving it!
  6. [quote user="Brendan"]Don''t get cocky or arrogant. There''s a long way to go yet. [/quote] Can you hear the leeeeeeeeeeeeeds sing??? Nooooooooooooooooooooo nooooooooooooooooooooo can you hear the leeds ? noooooooooooo nooooooooooooooo i cant hear a fooking thing...woooooooooooooooooooo shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  7. Is there a Jathers on here, if so you have won the box for the southend game, with 7 of your mates! Can i be 1?
  8. [quote user="The Pig Will Eat You"]In a pig''s eye[;)][/quote]Gunn is a pig
  9. [quote user="glove1"]if you are engaged get your missus some tickets for the edp wedding show on saturday. she is happy and out all day and you get longer in the pub and no moaning woman if you are late home...everyone is happy! my mates idea and his missus is happy already!! otbc ctid[/quote] nice idea...but id need to get engaged!
  10. [quote user="paul moy"]So pleased now that I got 7/1 before the 7-1 [:D][/quote] i got 14/1 and 7/1 both £10, bot each way good times!
  11. [quote user="morty"]I should imagine we plump for the cheapest that gives us the most profit.We''re hardly a glamour club, so I doubt Nike and Adidas will be beating our door down with a fantastic deal.[/quote]Adidas provide peterborough! so there is every chance, what manufacturer would would turn down 40 to 50000 units????
  12. [quote user="SnakePit Lassy"]I have... dunno how to post them though :/[/quote]Yeap me to....got loads of the mugs with there t-shirts of looking hard|!    not!
  13. [quote user="Brendan"][quote user="The Walking Man walking to Yeovil"][quote user="Brendan"][quote user="Askounin"]No chance, to inconsistent away from home[/quote]But if they improve that, then theres no reason why not. They''ve lost just once at home this season. But yeah, they were poop at Carrow Road I thought. [/quote] Same could be said for any team in this division... [/quote]Not at all. Millwall, Leeds and Norwich are the only teams ( I think [:$] ) who have lost just one or less at home this season. I still dont see Millwall as a threat though. Only a big dip in form could cost us. [/quote] Brendan why do you have the same avatar as me??
  14. [quote user="lappinitup"]And Delia.[:$][/quote] I believe lappinitup is pissed!
  15. [quote user="Scottlarock"][quote user="CANARYCHARGE"] [quote user="Scottlarock"]I note Derby have just got a loan ''winger'' from Millwall.............................I know Crofty is superb so I''m sure it''s just for cover. [/quote]       croft hasnt been playing! superb on the bench maybe?? i reckon superb on soccer am! [/quote] hehe.....wee bit of sarcasm directed at some previous tail chasing Croft groupies. [/quote]     i wasnt a big fan, although he was a good player! just not over impressed he left a sinking ship!
  16. [quote user="Scottlarock"]I note Derby have just got a loan ''winger'' from Millwall.............................I know Crofty is superb so I''m sure it''s just for cover. [/quote]       croft hasnt been playing! superb on the bench maybe?? i reckon superb on soccer am!
  17. [quote user="blahblahblah"][quote user="Lord Archibald of Henville "]believe what you like.[/quote] I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way. [/quote]   i believe in Fairies!
  18. [quote user="CDMullins"]Re-arrange this........ At Straws Clutching[/quote]         Re - Arragne this.......... millwall pigs intimerdating the ref! Awful display! although we werent much better!
  19. [quote user="Canaries in Bed"]I imagine that they could pick up a 1000 villa holidays for peanuts. Did you see Mansfield, one bloke paid 3p to get in Lol. Mansfield Town''s decision to allow fans to pay what they liked to watch their team saw the average home attendance more than double on Saturday. Kick-off against Gateshead was delayed by 10 minutes as more than 7,000 supporters took up the club''s offer. The bumper crowd failed to inspire the Stags as they lost 2-0, but spokesman Mark Stevenson told BBC Sport the club was delighted with the fans'' support. "The scenes in the first-half brought back memories of the 1980s," he said. "The players appreciated the huge crowd. Unfortunately they had an off-day but they would love to play in front of that many people every week. "We hope that people, despite the result, had an enjoyable day and will return - we are becoming a hub of the community again." Extra police and a full quota of staff were brought in on the day to marshal the crowd at the Field Mill ground, which has a capacity of 9,400. With fans paying as little as three pence and as much as £50 on the day - usual ticket prices are £16 -Stevenson said he expected gate receipts to be up. Believed to be the first of its kind in English football, the club will evaluate the day before they decide whether to run the scheme again. Stevenson added: "We are just delighted to know for certain that there are more people out there." The Blue Square Premier side is currently owned by fans Andrew Perry, Andrew Saunders and Steve Middleton. The trio clubbed together to buy out owner Keith Haslam in 2008 and decided to allow fans to pay what they liked to boost the crowd and thank the people of Mansfield. The resulting crowd of 7,261 was 4,000 more than usually come through the turnstiles at Field Mill. It also beat the 2007 high of 6,500 for the visit of Middlesbrough in the FA Cup, although demand was even higher with some fans turned away as the ground filled up. "We had to use the away stand to seat home supporters which has never been heard of in recent times," said Stevenson. "There was no trouble and both sets of supporters appreciated the fact that everywhere was choc-a-block." [/quote] superb! we dont know how lucky we are!
  20. [quote user="canarydownunder"]Well it just has to be lee croft...for his sheer pace, incredibly quick feet and his pinpoint crossing  ;)[/quote] Pinpoint crossing?? guess you didnt watch Croft!
  21. It shows the age of the posters, shame some of you missed Fox and disco dale! both awsome! I really liked Adams aswell, but hucks and eadie are up there....overall Fox!
  22. [quote user="morty"]Right, enough is enough.Our beleaguered team today shame us all by pathetically sitting at the top of their division. This isn''t good enough, as they should clearly have somehow changed league rules so that we are above Chelsea on goals scored.So heres the plan.We march on Carrow road and demand that we be allowed to burn Messrs Docherty, Lappin and Nelson at the stake and that Smudger be given Paul Lambert''s home phone number so that Smudger can pick the team from now on.Oh and Delia out too, probably, ask Smudger for further details.[:)][/quote] cant see what you think is quite so funny! Doc and Nelson will be replaced....by whitbread and askou. Guess u feel u need to have a cheap dig at smudge!
  23. [quote user="jed exodous"]I wouldn''t say hes kak, he just needs to bulk up a bit more. I admire his workrate, but that will only get you so far. I also respect his patience. As i mentionend last week hes the only player to have been involved in every team this season either as an unused sub or starting and all the while hes kept his head down and done his best when called upon. But just because he runs 40 yards to close someone down and occasionally sets up a chance for us it dont make him a great player. Hes a long way short of chrissy who is probably our most natural finisher. He needs to be playing with a target man to get the best out of him but unless martin is injured or suspended hes not gonna much of a chance. I think he has found his level really. He cannot be a player to be relied upon in the champ, but i reckon if he got a run of games with Holt then he would score a few. Unlikely now though because Chrissy has played so well this season. Martin is streets ahead of Cody.[/quote] Martin was once in codys position!
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