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  1. [quote user="CANARY CHARGE"]These morons down the road cant even sell out for a derby! i would have thought many of the home tickets have been snapped up by canaries! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1R9GtjqYM9Y&feature=feedu[/quote] http://www.itfc.co.uk/page/HomeTickets/0,,10272~2299603,00.html
  2. These morons down the road cant even sell out for a derby! i would have thought many of the home tickets have been snapped up by canaries! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1R9GtjqYM9Y&feature=feedu
  3. [quote user="Shack Attack"][quote user="CANARY CHARGE"] this is my point 8 pages of....lets see, total gash and mostly nothing to do with the topic! [/quote] Truly it would have been a tragedy if your astute observations had have been lost within those eight pages. Thank goodness you had the foresight to start your own thread.[/quote] Its comforting to know, people like you have the time to sit on here all day, catching up on the endless threads!   god bless you!
  4. [quote user="priceyrice"][quote user="I am a Banana"]i know its late, but just keep your eyes open for 1 more minute and look at a thread that has about 6/7 pages of replies...about ERREA [y] [/quote]I would usually agree with you here, but i can''t be arsed to trawl through those 8 pages, what is the conclusion then is ERREA doing the new kit, that is schocking if true i have had kits done by them myself and they are really quite schocking, quality and design![/quote] this is my point 8 pages of....lets see, total gash and mostly nothing to do with the topic!
  5. I hope this isnt true, i have seen them produce any decent kits! Any truth in this........... http://www.football-shirts.co.uk/fans/norwich-city-errea-shirts_10826#comment-66059
  6. [quote user="morty"]Lol, that so didn''t happen.[/quote] Morty you only have to as stef! i was stood next to her, as well as others ! i can mention......
  7. [quote user="votepedro"]weird![/quote] apparently they have a beef with people standing and singing! thye werr a group if 5 sitting everyone else was standing....
  8. [quote user="Give Peas a Chance "]How about (to the tune of On the Ball City, officially the oldest football club song in the world) ON THE BALL CITY NEVER MIND THE DANGER STEADY ON NOWS YOUR CHANCE HURRAH WE''VE SCORED A GOAL[/quote] and were in that is a new song?
  9. [quote user="itstheruddyfuture"]You''re making that up!![/quote] I can tell you who the muppets were, i think cause these people have away season tickets others dont go to away games regularly! I can only say it as it was!
  10. [quote user="Raymond De Waard"](Rhianna - "Only girl in the world") Nor-wich City We''re the greatest team in the world The only one i''ll ever love Super Lambert''s taking us Up, Up, Up........ To the premier league Repeat from "We''re the greatest team in the world" (Feeder - "Buck Rogers") We have a su-per team Play in yellow and green Our football''s very pretty Because we are Norwich....... City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, Cityyyy....... And we love you Norwich City, more and more I think we''re going to make it I think we''ll get promoted Yeeeeeaaaahhhhh To the Premier League Norwich, Norwich! (And the City, City, City bit is to be done with fans jumping up and down going mental!!!) I love both of these tunes, especially the last one! I would love to hear this sung Friday night!!!! Quality tune too!!![/quote] (Iggy pop - Passenger)"we are city boys, and we are loud and were proudwe are the most loyal supporters aroundsh ! t on the c@nts from ipsiwch townSinging la la la la lalalalSinging la la la la lalalal"
  11. Stood at Watford yesterday happily singing and cheering the team on, i turn to my left to see group of 4-5 city fans shouting at us, inquisitive i ask whats up ? Amazingly the rant starts, she shouts " what gives you the right to sing, you are ruining it for us who clap and cheer"  i was taken a back and asked "what are you on about" another lady sat next to the ranter said the same thing, i am amazed these "fans" even bother to spend there money to turn up, if they really think singing is an issue what on earth are they doing there! Another happy day following Norwich away!
  12. We all know this game was coming, if any of you tried to us your brain instead of waiting for the ballot, you would have brought the away stubs that were for sale on ebay, like wise chatted to you mates and picked up tickets along the way!The fact ive been to 10 away games was well worth it and this year i wasnt going to chance it as ive missed out every time before! Brain power wins everytime!
  13. [quote user="homeagain"]Probably get loads of stick for this but here goes.... How many of you feel that the chanting at Carra would sound a lot better & louder if it were slowed down a tad. Most of what is sung gets lost cos its hurried, would sound really good if it were slowed down. Am not having a go, just feel it would encourage other parts of the ground to join in if they could understand the chants. I remember the 70s 80s when the south stand & river end used to outsing the Barclay. On the ball was hardly sung because there were so many other chants. NB Just cant get enough sounds bloody awfull.[/quote] On away days we made up a song, its hard to get them going, but this one was a Norwich song for Norwich fans and not copied other teams songs! Its hard work out there!
  14. My biggest issue is with the swansea game and them giving a ticket to the pompy game if you go! stuff the people who have been to 10 away games, 1 game 1 ticket!   UNFAIR!
  15. [quote user="City1st"]Nobody is stopping you from going Tickets are still available - just not in the basement bit at the front of the Cobbold Stadium[/quote] Seems like there will be loads in the cobbold, although it thinkiits sold out now... onto the others!
  16. [quote user="City1st"]"When you say the Main Stand, are you referring to the City Stand or the Jarrold? " oh dear is it this bad ?[/quote] The magic of city fans...lol
  17. [quote user="ncfcrule"]Does this mean if we''ve been successful money would be out my account now?[/quote] My money was requested at 10.10am on saturday! off portaloo rd we go!
  18. [quote user="Wembley_Canary"]1 out of 5 that''s rotten, I''m currently on 1-4. IF we do go up then I suspect their will be even more ballots for away games next season.[/quote] They say its random, but i know alot of kids women who had never been to games get them ahead of me, normally about 5-6 away games... so this year i took no chnaces! and its been well worth it!
  19. [quote user="Wembley_Canary"]I have my ticket for scum sat next to me as I type, all be it I will be amongst the filthy binners on the day but I didn''t want to take a chance with the ballot as my track record is unbelievably unlucky. God bless online ticketing. [/quote] Past 2 years ive had 1 out of 5 Ballots! So made my 10 away games this season just to be sure! COYY!
  20. Money has left my account! Was taken from the 2nd. so guessing they started after the Scuntghrope game....."Promoted at Portaloo rd" !!!
  21. [quote user="pete_norw"][quote user="Sports Desk Pete"]Those in Group 2 have no reason to be nervous. It''s us lot in Group 3 that need to keep our fingers crossed....[/quote] And whatever else we can cross Pete, I have a feeling this will be the first Ipswich match I will be missing [/quote] Im always nervous when Norwich are dishing out tickets!
  22. [quote user="Row D Seat 7"]The closing date for the application forms was yesterday, I believe. Anyone know when we will find out if we''ve been successful in getting tickets?[/quote] First ull know is money coming out of your account! could be tue or wed more likely to be thur
  23. [quote user="s10_yellow"]McNally''s just tweeted they''re announcing details very soon, so sounds like it''ll be happening - good news for those not going to Portman Road. Presumably tickets on sale after the ballot with some mechanism in place to allow those who applied and missed out to get tickets first - seems only fair.[/quote] Good to have a beam back, but Norwich are never normally fair!
  24. [quote user="O.T.B.C"]Snakepit making more noise? Don''t be soft sunshine.[/quote] i sit in the N and P its very clear who makes th loudest noise! ther are few more in the barclay, but noise is the Snake pit!
  25. [quote user="Lambert for MBE!"]Just want to say as it was my first match this season I was reminded just why i missed Carrow Road - the fans in the Barclay just make the atmosphere incredible and made me and my mate in the Jarrold stand up and join in the songs. The wesley hoolahan song is class - its stuck in my head! Does anyone know the name of the song that tune is from...I recognised it from s Most of the noise comes from the snake pit tbf! although its good when everyone joins in!
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