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  1. [quote user="CharlieFarlie"]What was the chant yesterday that started before the 1st goal? It started in the snakepit with loads jumping up and down to it ( to keep warm ) I could grasp “that’s the way I like it, like it like it  ”somewhere in it ! After Surmans goal it seemed to spread around and into the Barclay, I really think it could catch on , I have seen it abroad with fans swinging scarf’s around above their heads ! Impressive if other stands catch on jumping up an down to it (until you get asked to sit down again) I can see it being the new goal celebration song !   [/quote]Was The Snake Pit who started it! Barclay Quiet as Normal!
  2. [quote user="HoltsRightFoot"]I particularly enjoy what goes on in the Snakepit if I am honest. Would be good to have the SP and Barclay sing together as at one time I heard two songs going and then we change our song I believe, don''t know if anyone else noticed that.[/quote] Like every were in the ground there are people that act like tits, Snake pit has its fair share..... but the reality is its fast becoming the only noisey place in the ground! Like it or not its here to stay and the only change will be when we build a bigger stand!
  3. [quote user="HoltsRightFoot"]He is right, Block D and E stand all the time where I am, myself including, we get told to sit down then we do then when they bugger off we are up standing again singing. I stand up nearly the whole match without being told to sit down, Saturday was the most I have ever been told to sit down.[/quote]And if you actually look in the snake pit the same thing is happening... the front few seats are up and down and the back stands! no different to the Barclay, the fact stands the snake pit contributes to the bigger picture "standing if they want" People should get a grip and enjoy carrow rd becoming a tough place to come and win at! It hasnt always been like this!!
  4. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]The snakepit wont be standing when they want if the Authorities close that part of the ground due to persistant standing will they?just sit for 20 seconds then stand up again. everyone else does.[/quote] Are you some sort of tiiit? how on earth are they going to regulate closing the section down! ive heard some cr4p on here before but you have just taken the biscuit! The snake pit are doing nothing more than block E,D of barclay are doing every game.... open your eyes and appreciate the atmosphere the snake pit is generating!
  5. [quote user="CANARY CHARGE"]I think too many people are throwing there toys out, its clear the sp are out singing the barclay, not also forgetting the barclay also stand for a majority of the game. It''s clear the corner helps the noise and I for one applaud people actually trying to make Carrie rd a noisy, place for away teams to come. Sick of people moaning if the sp wants to stand let um.[/quote] And yes carrow rd.
  6. [quote user="hogesar"][quote user="ur just a man in a jacket"]Hogesar - best post of the year!!! I have been in hysterics reading some of the wet lettuce replies on here..... I think some would like to see it mandatory to drink tea from a flask and share boiled sweets with your area SNAKEPIT TAKE NOTICE - flasks and mints expected versus Newcastle and you dare sing about standing up then there will be a wet lettuce protest ;-)[/quote] thanks :-) I will point out now that I don''t sit in the snakepit, I sit upper Barclay. Just find it laughable that people can moan about what''s being sung. If its racist chants at Anton Ferdinand then fair enough, if its a bit of a laugh with the stewards then get over yourself and actually enjoy the match and if you want you could even join in with the songs![/quote] Well said...... This is the pink un all over
  7. I think too many people are throwing there toys out, its clear the sp are out singing the barclay, not also forgetting the barclay also stand for a majority of the game. It''s clear the corner helps the noise and I for one applaud people actually trying to make Carrie rd a noisy, place for away teams to come. Sick of people moaning if the sp wants to stand let um.
  8. [quote user="Gingerpele"]No. I wanted to, but would have had to stay over night, because couldn''t get back to Canterbury on train in time.[/quote] r right...just i was with someone who said they saw you....no worries, glory it up next year you wont be alone, i can see another 5000 clings ons added!
  9. [quote user="Gingerpele"]Anyone want to give me 10 stubs :P I haven''t been to any away seasons, but like a glory hunter i am :P (And the fact i will have more money next season). But imagine it will be quite hard to get tickets for some of the bigger away games, but won''t be able to afford to go to all away games...[/quote] werent u at pompy ginger boy?
  10. [quote user="treacletown07"]My wife and I only have 9 away stubs. We went to Forest, Preston, Leicester, Coventry, Sheffield Utd, Leeds Utd, Watford, Middlesboro and Bristol City this season Can anyone help and let us have an extra one each ? Thanks in advance.[/quote]Go on ebay...... youll get 2 from there. U knw how it works? its 10 stubs from the date of the first one u have going through 10 months.
  11. [quote user="ncfc4life"]I have been to about 12 this season but lost a few of my stubs so only have 8 and can see many of next seasons games being written application. I may buy an away season ticket as I want to go to most of the away games next season. Anyone know how much they cost these days?[/quote] £10 quid then you pay for every game when thye come up, cups are included and you can drop 5 games before its taken away, this year its limited to 700 tickets.
  12. [quote user="Jonzey"]I think it''s pretty well agreed amongst most on here that in the Prem Norwich right now could sell 35,000 + for the big games and 30,000+ for most of the others no matter how well they are doing. Clearly there are no actual plans right now to redevelop the City Stand, but again, the general concensus is over the next couple of years it is bound to happen given the fact they sold out most games even in league 1. But it''s fun to speculate how to increase capacity. I''d go for the option of demolishing the City Stand and building a much larger stand in it''s place, including building on what is now the remainder of Carrow Road itself. For now it would be a mirror image of the Jarrold, complete with improved VIP boxes and VIP seating for Delia et al. But I''d have the option designed in to add a second tier when needed as other clubs have with their newer stadiums. What would your realistic option be?[/quote] I believe the foundations are in place to double teir it, i wouldnt have thought they will go the Jarrold route, more likely go higher! For the time being fill in the holiday inn corner and im sure they could get a few more in on the two end tiers! we will see but thye do need to increase for next season it will pay for its self and charge the new people wanting to come premier ship prices!
  13. [quote user="mickfoot"]The bigger the stadium the better in my opinion. Aim for 35,000 but build bit by bit. 27,500+ vs Man U and Arsenal next season with the extra 1,000 seats and then we''e competing with Stoke and a third of Prem teams will hae lower attendances. A couple of years after that build on the City Stand and 31,000 + and then after that who knows. Who cares about glory hunters, the bigger the attendance the better. The biggest crowd I''ve been in at Carrow Road was the 28,001 against Ipswich in the ealry 80s but before that we had loads of attendances over 30,0000 and let''s all look forward to that in the near future![/quote] I have to agree... it would be easy to add 3-5,000, of cause its important to buld the squad but you ahve to expand aswell, bit by bit makes sense!
  14. Being at the ground yesterday, i was stood in the quere behind 4 people and loads behind me, unsuprisingly they were stood there waiting for away season ticket applications...None of the 4 had been to a city game before! Now im not against people coming to watch Norwich i just hope the ticket off play it fair next season, i dont need to worry as ive been to 12 away games, im just not in a postion to go for an away season ticket as next year its gonna be silly money getting in! I just know lots of people who have gone away this season and may not have as many away stubs. I also hope they find some money for an expantion, i know its very expensive to expand straight away but a 5000 increase is need, they can charge these new people coming in Premier league prices! I was hoping to move this year to sit closer to my mates but now im not holding out hope!
  15. [quote user="ricardo"][quote user="snakepit ric"]Now we have sealed promotion to the wonderland. Will the stadium be expanded to the 30000 -35000 it deserves. I know they were on about it earlier on in the season anyone with anymore info Cheers[/quote]At the AGM McNally said it would require 2 seasons in the Premier before they could afford it.[/quote] I saw Mcnally outside the ground yesterday, he said there were looking to expand the city stand but this would take 1 full season in the prem! Expect more seats going in the of the Hotel end.
  16. [quote user="matt crowhurst"]Apologies if this has been posted but i must have missed this news and i bet others have too. The Ref for Monday is none other than..................D''urso!!!!!!!!!! Is this payback from the FL for us having 2 days extra rest? Cant believe given the history with him and us that he has been put in charge of such an important game in our history[/quote] welcome to the wacky world of the FA, its so wrong it s a joke.! lets hope we totally play them off the park and he is not needed to make dodgy descisions.
  17. [quote user="☆alysha☆"]Am I right in saying that the applications are processed by the lowest category on the form? I''m a season ticket holder without 10 away stubs but want to go to the away play off with my boyfriend who is not a season ticket holder - so would they process it from his category or mine? As my Grandad is also a season ticket holder but cannot make it the away leg due to being holiday, I could always use his customer number on my form if I had to, but just don''t want the club to get funny if I asked to change it to an under 21 ticket instead of 65+ if we are successfull in the balot. Any help would be much appreciated.[/quot as a season ticket holder you would go into the ballet, on the form you will need to state you would like to upgrade  your grandads ticket. Ive done it for  for a friend for the ipswich game  so i know it works.
  18. [quote user="morty"][quote user="CANARY CHARGE"][quote user="morty"][quote user="Paul Cluckbert "][quote user="morty"]I get what you''re saying, but please don''t start the "I''m a bigger fan than you" thing.[/quote] Ha ha ha ha....The splendour of hypocrisy.[/quote]Explain.Actually don''t bother, I just realised I don''t care.[:)][/quote]Yes, I like to give him the little bit of attention he craves, would hate to think of him crying into his keyboard.[:)] Bite![/quote][/quote] im guesing poetry isnt your strong point?
  19. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Paul Cluckbert "][quote user="morty"]I get what you''re saying, but please don''t start the "I''m a bigger fan than you" thing.[/quote] Ha ha ha ha....The splendour of hypocrisy.[/quote]Explain.Actually don''t bother, I just realised I don''t care.[:)][/quote] Bite!
  20. I know this has been done to death but just a few thoughts.......If the hearing for QPR is may the 3rd why have the FA waited till 1 game before the finish? Could it be they dont want a welsh club in the premier league and they will deduct enough for city and QPR to go up.....Could it be they want to wait to see how far QPR are ahead so they can deduct enough  for them to come second?Could they take the maxium amount of  points leaving QPR completely out of the play offs?I think however this pans out it is a real muck from the FA, if this was known sometime ago why hasnt it been dealt with? Well not long to wait roll on May the 3rd!
  21. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]With all respect I have asked Simeon Jackson to proove me wrong for the majority of the year.Now  I can say how much I love humble pie.Hats off Jacko, top notch. And I think he really finally actually has "found his level"  he doesnt look scared any more and was fantastic again for us.7 in 3.... congrats ![/quote]Simeon applied his traded at the same level as Cody is now! I think cody will cut it at championship level as Someon is!
  22. [quote user="Norfolk Mustard"]After the game I couldn''t understand why the Police didn''t use their horses to disperse the home crowd who had congregated at the station? I didn''t even want to catch a train - simply wanted to walk back to my car. Had the Police taken action sooner, we could all have been home an hour or so earlier. Other than that, everything seemed fine to me.     [/quote] Not sure turnng left at the station was a good idea, me and my mate walked right into them! few kicks later we got out of there!
  23. We missed the first 20 minutes, police told us kick off was delayed! absolute joke...... below is a video of there top quality policing!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5xFkqND0pQ
  24. [quote user="CANARY CHARGE"][quote user="CANARY CHARGE"]These morons down the road cant even sell out for a derby! i would have thought many of the home tickets have been snapped up by canaries! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1R9GtjqYM9Y&feature=feedu[/quote] http://www.itfc.co.uk/page/HomeTickets/0,,10272~2299603,00.html[/quote]
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