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  1. The "boy" LOL is still there if he hasn''t been "quietened" by the Stewards!
  2. I know this is several years after the last post but I think this deserves a mention. My all time hero is and will always will be Kevin "The Cat" Keelan but after watching Marhsall''s performance against Sheffield United last week I think our goalkeeping is in save hands. I might also mention that we have (with a few execeptions) had great goalkeepers - at least from the 1950''s onwards as far as I am concerned.) Marshall is in my opnion the best keeper in the Championship and building from the back is the best way to build a quality side.
  3. Hi Wayne if you are out there, I used to buy the programmes at each home game and keep them "as new" in a padded wallet" so they were never looked at or touched or creased in any way. I brought them home and put them straight away, so they as as new as the day they were printed. They have never even been opened or looked at. I have every home programme for that season and possibly some away (well I''m sure I have as I haven''t ever looked at them at all.) I have no idea what I want for them as I was going to put them on ebay and see what somebody would pay for them. If you are still interested I will dig them out from the loft and take a look at them. Cheers Martin
  4. Hi, I am going to sell all my Norwich programmes too. I have now collected what I was after and now decided to sell them. I am putting them on ebay soon. I have many programmes from the 1950''s onwards (inc Arsenal V Norwich 1954 F.A.Cup). I have all but the Ilford 1958-59 Cup run programmes plus many after. I have every home game from 1967 - 71 plus several away. I have every programme home and away from the first season we were in the top flight (1971-72). Plus of course the essential Cup Finals etc Anybody interested let me know
  5. I agree. Checkout this link too. http://store.thepackerman.com/cheeseheadgear.html . I still have a few from when I bought some before at £15 each if anybody is interested.
  6. Hi, Myself and Mr Cheeseboard were talking before the season about reappearing with our Cheeseheads + knitted green and yellow mice (courtesy of some kind lady in the Riverend) but weren''t sure if there was still any interest. As the thread seems to have been rekindled then perhaps there might be. There is usually some comment each match about Cheeseboard from the people around us in the Riverend so we will have to see. We got promoted last time Cheeseboard was about so perhaps it''s a good luck charm. I will speak to him next match. Any views?
  7. Hi, I''ve been following City for more years than I care to remember (43) and agree wholeheartedly with your comments. Where do these people come from and what game are they actually watching? And more to the point do they want Norwich to succeed or not?! Some people are only happy when they are moaning. Sure, they pay their money and are entitled to their opinions but "COME ON", "LET''S BE HAVIN''YOU!". Keep the faith! T.J.
  8. Hi, Yup Mr Cheeseboard etc is still around, although having kept a low profile in the nailbiting run-in. He was there with his Cheesehead against Charlton but although in person yesterday the Cheesehead was absent. The pressure is just too much to bear. IF we survive, rest assured we will be back next season in true Cheesehead glory. We don''t want to tempt fate. Keep the faith and believe!! T.J.
  9. Hi,My partner is a new member of the new corner infill. It has a good following who like to sing. (Remember when the Snakepit was new?) Anyway it needs a name. My partner and I have been racking our brains and came up with "The NEST stand". How about it? What does everyone else think? Personally I LOVE it. It gives a brings a bit of history back to the current Carrow Road.Cheers T.J.
  10. Hi all, Thanks to the lady who brought me and Mr Cheeseboard the green and yellow mice to add to our Cheeseheads. I don''t know who she was as she had disappeared as quickly as she arrived but thanks again. They seemed to go down well with the people around us especially the kids but anyway thanks again. I thought the boys did well today but I think we''re lacking that cutting edge up front. T.J.
  11. Hi all. Anybody who went to the Palace game would have seen Mr Cheeseboard and myself sporting the new season''s Premiership head attire. ie Cheeseheads. We got a few strange looks and some nice comments. We intend to enjoy ourselves this season one way or another and if that involves looking daft then that''s fine.
  12. I think you''ll be ok next season with your signs Susie. I tried the Cheeseheads on ebay and sold one but that''s it. I will wait until the season starts and see what interest they generate. I think they will cause a few laughs. Hopefully they will catch on. If anybody is interested before then send me an email to martin@hooker54.freeserve.co.uk
  13. Hi, I don''t know if they will sell so as they have to come all the way from America I only ordered 7 as they are £15 each inc shipping to get them here. So I didn''t want to be too much out of pocket if they don''t catch on. I thought I''d try ebay and see if any go. IF they do I''ve already asked the bloke in America if I can buy them in greater quantities so I suppose they could be sold generally but I''m not taking that risk just yet. Anyway I''m about to try my hand at the first one and see if it sells. Wish me luck. PS. I''m only going to add £1.00 to them anyway. T.J.
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