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    3 in 6 for Srbeny

    I have no problems with Srbeny and am pleased to see him scoring. But this is exactly why he left - he wanted to play and asked for the move. Championship of not next season, I didn't see him starting regularly for us and what with him already being here 2 years and barely getting any game time I can’t blame him for wanting the move rather than spend another 18 months in the same situation. best of luck to him.
  2. Hillhead


    For his own sake hope he doesn’t return. Was getting himself way to wound up on the Brexit thread and crossed the line a couple of times. Was quite helpful with his streams mind you. Miss that
  3. Hillhead

    More VAR rubbish

    This. Can’t believe how long the referee in the BT studio tried to defend it for either. At what point he realised actually saying the right thing and looking out for player safety might be the best option vs just blindly attempting to stand up for refereeI don’t know ... but it took way too long. for as long as we have human making subjective decisions and cameras they only run at 50 FPS the controversy will never go away.
  4. They are reacting to the choice of topic title I think. While minimal, the majority of woman’s football teams lose money and I wouldn’t want to see Norwich, with far more limited resources (especially when you factor in we will surely be back in the championship next season) commit money to this at this time. The solution would be to run the team break even but would this not be what they are doing now? I’m also not sure how the set up works, when the championship was formed last season there was an application process, did we apply? the suggestions of trying to raise the profile by including the female players on kit launches etc, are quite agreeable and something I’d like to see.
  5. I don’t think anyone can pretend our games are as boring as what many fans put up with. While I want us to be as successful as possible I do want us to continue to try and play (at least the majority of the time) in a pleasing way as its that that brings me the most enjoyment. That said the games I’ve been most disappointed with are the likes of Sheffield United 2nd half. West Ham, Palace and Burnley away just to name a few. Games where we just seemed to be completely out of it (by half time in the later cases) while never really looking like coming back.
  6. Hillhead

    Webber interview

    That money borrowed from fans was set up to be paid back (with extra)when promotion was attained? We made a loss of £30m+ due to the promotion bonuses though didn’t we? I thought I read on here people were saying when you consider last season followed relegation this season we were about £25m up? I thought you were present in that thread but I might be getting things wrong. if right though, it would make sense that we don’t consider British players from the championship when we’re relegated. You can clearly get much better value elsewhere so whys that a worry? I don’t think Webber’s comments mean we won’t have anything to spend at all - just that any money we do have for rebuilding won’t be used on those kind of players. im sure it’s less can’t compete and more won’t compete - and I don’t really have a problem with that.
  7. Hillhead

    Webber interview

    You could argue that season was dull as well as you could it was the transition and laying the groundwork for what was to come. When i look at the developing of our squad and the youth brought in I can only hope the same is happening again now likewise this season is a failure when measured against what it was possible to achieve this season alone but I don’t think if back in August 2018 we were to offer this to people that we would be have been too disappointed to learn we would be relegated from the prem in 2020. if you are going to analyse every season individually and deem it a success or failure then can you name me a team, manager or owner who hasn’t failed yet?
  8. Hillhead

    It's Not Right Say Aston Villa.

    Nice of him to look out for Leeds - definitely not because he fears Villa could be in the same position next season I’m sure. Was he making the same comments after their playoff win last year?
  9. Agreed. if anything against a team like Liverpool where you’re up against it your likely to see less benefit from attacking changes than in situations where you are the Liverpool and bringing on fresh legs against a comparatively weaker, tiring defence can give you such a boost. That’s even before we look at the strength in depth they have over us on the bench! ultimately if Farke had made a change and we conceded he’d have been unnecessarily upsetting the balance of the team, likewise if Drimic had been bought on and hit the ball at Alisson it would have been “Pukki would have scored that - why take him off” I feel for football clubs as sometimes as they just can’t win. I’ve seen the same poster(s) criticise the owners, move into “the model” followed by the manager before bemoaning us having “Donkeys like Hanley” in the team only for when his performances give little to complain about move onto Zimmermann instead. Those people have it good. There will always be something not going as well as we all hope and when you through hindsight into the mix then they just can’t lose!
  10. Hillhead

    VAR again Chelsea Man Utd

    Linesman never flagged for offside so that would have counted. Likewise the first Chelsea goal wasn’t flagged as a foul either. So both would have counted. The Maguire one I have no idea, whether the fourth official has seen that but they all know they have VAR to wait for anyway could be the reason. All I know is when Maguire answers the question While looking at the floor the whole time I’m going to doubt him entirely. Should have been off. My other issue with offsides is when they are choosing to freeze the image. With a defender moving one way and a striker the other so much can change in just a 10th of a second. We are trusting they are consistent with the timing but when I look at the Maguire incident I just can’t.
  11. Hillhead

    If we go down -

    If we believe we will sell for big money and spend little of it on the rebuild where do you think the money will go. Whatever your answer is what evidence will you be basing that on?
  12. Unfortunately that doesn’t work - although you’d be right if it did. moderation needs to improve, otherwise I think Nuff said is right in that these people (the footballers themselves) are best off coming off social media entirely.
  13. Agreed. A troll account that posts nothing but abuse. Surely someones second account who wishes to do it anonymously. If we were to make everyone use their real photo and full name on here then for every 1000 accounts that behave the way they do 999 would disappear (not advocating this is the solution.) It's also disappointing that a thread about what is a serious issue is seen as another avenue to wind up and bait for attention. It was mooted earlier in the thread that being rich must help with this. I don't think so at all. Certain characters, perhaps Barton, may relish the confrontation online and and remind abusers of his bank account / status at any opportunity but if money was the be all and end all would we see such high rates of mental illness throughout our population despite peoples wealth. Avicii committed suicide in 2018 despite having the world at his feet. A bank balance that would never have expired and the opportunity to take himself anywhere and do anything. By the same token would we say any abuse of people in our situation is easier to tolerate because hey - at least we are not starving in Africa. I have no idea what goes on in Cantwell's head but hes a young footballer playing for the club he loves (and playing well I might add) and found himself attacked for the most inoffensive of things such as his bodyweight and fashion choices. In some ways I think he's become a scapegoat for a few on here just because they know the reaction it gets. Twitter is toxic and something needs to be done, but there are times where I've wondered if the moderation of this forum needs to step up a little bit, Cantwell has now mentioned a couple of times how the abuse has got to him and we'd be fools to think our house is completely in order. Perhaps it helps with clicks and getting people posting but it needs to be toned down I think and accounts designed to provoke and abuse removed.
  14. That’s when I first started attending as a child. we really need to expand in my opinion. As great as seeing CR sold out is we are currently losing out on opportunities to get the fans of the future in and grow the support long term. It’s going to happen and if it’s as you’ve mooted in past topics that that could be what the money is being put aside for I won’t argue with that.
  15. Hillhead

    Top 26

    http://financialfootballnews.com/burnley-2019-finances-predicted-dyches-europa-nightmare/ According to that Burnleys wages were 82m in the year up to July 2018. Some good charts on that link too. finishes with "Then taking into account the lack of sales in 2019 and hence a much lower profit in player sales, profit are likely to fall by a further £23m to around £3m, a £42m drop. These drops in profitability may be a common theme of 2019 for most mid-table Premier League clubs with the costs of competing in the top flight rising considerably. Clubs look like only recording profits currently based on player sales rather than underlying financial stability." I can live with our lack of spending, I don't see any accusations of money being taken out of the club so if the money Is going to be used for investment in long term, be it infrastructure or youth then I can't have any complaints. Burnley are riding the wave right now and fair play to them but the time will one day come when they sit in a position similar to where Stoke or Huddersfield are right now and they'll have to quickly adjust too a much smaller scale in terms of turnover and wages which I guess will be their own "transition"
  16. Hillhead

    Xg stats

    I see where you are coming from but it does seem you're trying to dismiss them based on what you believe is a majority of people misunderstanding them. As stated above a higher xG than you'd expect for a teams position could indicate a team being poor at putting chances away as opposed to just bad luck. There was one about goalkeepers a few weeks back, from what I could gather (and I may well be mistaken) it seemed to only count shots on target as opposed to any science into how good the shot was.
  17. Hillhead

    Moritz Leitner

    Agreed those were all very gentle criticisms indeed and I didn’t object to any of them at the time. He’s never thrown a player under the bus for a poor performance and has always backed them individually. As for Farke falling out with the likes of Buendia or Pukki I’ve seen nothing to suggest this would take them out of the team. Many of those with the cases of poor attitude weren’t really putting in great performances to begin with so it was probably a mix of the two which saw them out of the team and Farke commenting about it in the media. I don’t blame him for making comments towards the likes of Edwards or Oliveira either. There would have been many questioning their lack of appearances at the time and if their quality and attitude weren’t up to it I wouldn’t blame Farke for revealing it when asked.
  18. Hillhead

    Sheffield United

    .... hasn’t yet played 2 matches worth of football for us. Which to be fair isn’t entirely a surprise when you consider he’s behind Pukki. Regardless of the goals he’s contributed in a better Sheffield United side I don’t think Mcburnies levels of performances have convinced me we should have spent that amount on a player no matter what position. The small improvement you’d have got wouldn’t have made any difference and would have left us getting relegated with little to show for it.
  19. Hillhead

    Bid for a left back.

    Even then that’s a big ask to sign an older player for 3.5m and expect him to make a difference for us this season. It could happen but unlikely imo. Who would you sign for that and what position? I do think this is a wise use of funds and while it won’t help us in the short term is also certain to benefit us in the long run
  20. Hillhead

    Sheffield United

    Also they are all but safe so can now afford to make these kind of moves. Fair play to them. That said they have spent a fair bit and I’d be interested to see their profit / loss over the next few years as their wage bill creeps up.
  21. I wasn’t too upset at the time. and you’re right. Turns out we chose not to take up a 1 year option on him too.
  22. But wouldn’t he have been able to speak to teams from January that year? Surely even if Webber had wanted different his agent would have known what other interest was out there. I imagine Wolves were paying him a fair amount and a possible signing on bonus too?
  23. Also worth remembering the flaws of polls. Much more likely to engage with the poll if you’re likely to vote yes rather than no
  24. Ryan Bennett has just undoubtedly had his best 3 years in football. I don’t find the poll that surprising. Iwas also under the assumption he was on high wages and we were cutting costs at the time. I was both not to fussed so see him leave and wouldn’t be against him coming back if it was deemed the right move by Farke/Webber
  25. Hillhead

    Jamal to Palace?

    The fact that he’s not playing does make me feel that currently 15m would be about what I’d expect other teams to be offering. But it’s the fact that I only expect his valuation / worth to the club to only go up from that figure that I think we’d be stupid to accept.