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  1. Hillhead

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    In that case use some of the evidence of when we've played well for large periods and not got what we've deserved. If you choose to take the most negative view each time I'll never understand you, just glad I don't share it
  2. Hillhead

    Derby in the doo doo.

    That would be a rather slim middle ground, about 8 clubs out of 91 (rip bury) I don’t think our current regime is growth prohibitive at all. If anything I think the decisions made by our club will perfectly enable future growth.
  3. Hillhead


    From what I can see it just uses the condition of "Was the shot on target" I think that's always going to be harsher on keepers at inferior clubs as goalkeepers if superior opposition are going to get relatively more saveable chances than pot shots imo I can't see Krul being dropped this season if he plays as he has been. He's stepped up from last season in the championship for me (despite our poor results) and I think he could be here for a few more years yet.
  4. Hillhead


    I’ve not seen that site before. How do they decide the quality of the chance created? Would a penalty be seen as they same as a shot from distance? if so, and in defence of Krul, I would imagine he’s much more likely to face points blank opportunities than efforts we are likely to create against opposition keepers ourselves.
  5. Hillhead


    That’s a shame. My initial reaction was the same as yours and my hope now is that he’s deemed a significant upgrade on what we already have. it may just be my ignorance but in the time Farke / Webber have been here I don’t think I’ve known much about any player we’ve signed other than Krul!
  6. Hillhead

    The Great Escape mini-league

    Not how I read that thread to be honest KC people were asked to make predictions, he’s made an outlandish prediction that while admittedly extremely unlikely to happen wouldn’t have been looking a million miles out if made on the Sheffield United forum. You’ve then called it ridiculous and he’s responded to it. In fact his first response includes this.. We have nothing to fear and after all, what is the worst that can happen? We could get relegated - and that would not be a disaster, so next season ought to be a celebration of football for our club, to enjoy it - and with an attitude like that anything can happen. So 4th might be pie in the sky....but then again it might not be. I’m honeslty not sure what the problem is. His prediction is clearly going to be massively wrong.. but so what?
  7. Hillhead

    The Great Escape mini-league

    I don’t think I’ve ever read anything particularly offensive from LDC. Perhaps over the top optimism at times but that’s no crime and a nice change from the negativity this forum can find itself drowning in at times.
  8. Hillhead

    "We were not physical enough" - Farke

    Good luck with that argument. the fact that Rodwell has signed for a club 6th in the league (despite not playing a minute) is enough to confirm his status apparently. Just as Robert Green was Europe league winning goalkeeper last season or Ross Turnball in 2012. when I see Rodwell put in any kind of performance which I don’t think Hanley capable of I’ll concede I was wrong.
  9. Hillhead

    "We were not physical enough" - Farke

    What a pleasant individual you are.
  10. Hillhead

    We failed because....

    If you go back and look most were happy with our business in the summer.
  11. Hillhead

    Season ticket renewals

    I can understand your disappointment. Imagine the rope you’d have if she was charging home fans more.
  12. Hillhead

    Preston game - Streams available

    That’s a decent stream cheers thanks for the post KIO, didn’t expect one today and wouldn’t have even looked if not for this post
  13. Hillhead

    Liverpool VAR

    you can't. Which is why it's ridiculous. The way it's currently implemented is on borrowed time.
  14. Hillhead

    Liverpool VAR

    I think VAR is a complete mess but the part your criticising is actually correct. it would be correct for the part that's able to be used to make contact with the ball to also qualify for being offside.
  15. Hillhead

    Liverpool VAR

    This was my attitude to VAR until recently. A system which takes 2 and half minutes to zoom in and draw lines on a pitch to rule out a goal but won't even consider looking at a push like for Lewis' hand ball yesterday is a floored one indeed. This cannot last in its current form. At what point is a ball kicked? when the foot first makes contact or when it leaves his foot. Theres a big margin of error there and even the people watching on TV (forget those in the actual stadium) don't actually get to see the check on that. This whole thing is cowardly and seeing 5/6 people gathered around computer monitors to interfere with a game is cheating everyone inside the stadium. Ignore Rileys lie. It wouldn't not take any longer for a referee to run over and review his own decisions than it would the duration its currently taking. Decisions need to be made in the stadium by the match referee - the technology is there for him.