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  1. Hillhead

    Delia is 78, MWJ's is 78

    Agreed. I can understand people having all sorts of opinions but to some people the owner of our club is becoming somewhat of an obsession. A shame that this becomes the focus. Why not enjoy the moment
  2. Hillhead

    The Brexit Thread

    As someone who spends a lot of time on the continent the perception of Brexit has already shifted to appreciating the benefits that are coming the rest of Europes way. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/nov/13/tesla-cites-brexit-as-germany-chosen-over-uk-for-european-plant-elon-musk
  3. Hillhead


    https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/farke-defying-premier-league-sack-race-1-6370410 Another one. Maybe I'm just seeing what I expect to see but I can't help but wonder what the point of articles like this is. it reads to me a bit like "hey you guys should really be getting on his back by now" Teams in the position described after 20 games may well when a manager usually loses his job but more often than not that club didn't defy the odds the season before and spend minimally in the summer. Whatever you thoughts on our summer spend most should be able to see that you need to be careful with statistics like the above.. unless you're just trying to stir.
  4. He's no Brighton fan. His posts and general trolling are tedious I just wish he would capitalise the letter "i"
  5. This is true but actually they used to get around 6k or so at that old stadium which had a capacity of 8. Averaged 20k in the first season at the Amex and have only grown that to 30k in the last couple of seasons or so. If anything encouragement to me that we would be able to grow our support into at least 35k if we had the capacity
  6. Hillhead

    Is 'The Model' flawed?

    I don't agree with the rest of your post which in my opinion is a reaction and based on a worst case scenario type outcome but I do agree with the points made here. I'm still of the belief that so much can change so quickly on football. There have been many teams looking down and out by Xmas that have soon got themselves out of it and looked nothing like the teams that looked such a mess just a few months earlier so I'll remain optimistic of the same happening to us. It might look deluded now but them I'm sure many were saying the same on those clubs forums too. Yet I do wonder about our lack of investment in the summer. What was the plan? See how we are doing in January and spend accordingly? When you look at the players brought in under Webber It seems a shame we didn't see a few 'upscaled' versions of these but who knows what will happen in January If anything though I don't know if this makes the model flawed. It seems a deviation off what I thought the model was. Success and growth for our club doesn't mean massive spends or success after success. Relegations can happen as.long as the overall trajectory of the club is generally on the up but for that to happen i'd hope that if we were returning to the championship we would be doing so with a squad considered stronger than the one that got is our of the championship last time. Burnley who I think you've mentioned are a good example of a way of doing this.
  7. Hillhead

    Dubliner chasing Arsenal tickets

    Cheapest I can see on those is £129 per ticket...
  8. Hillhead

    Wtf is going on here?

    As mentioned above it looks like an individual error to me rather than some incredible misunderstanding of tactics by Farke. Show this still image to any manager and I'm sure he'd wince just as they would of you showed them one of the opposition about to take a penalty.
  9. Hillhead

    Wtf is going on here?

    What was the general atmosphere in the stadium like last night NN? A poster in the match thread seemed to believe it was tense and ready to turn but thats not at all how it came across to me last night on the TV.
  10. Yes. If they wanted to eliminate it you would end up.with a weekend full of bookings/ sending offs but players would soon learn. We were on the receiving end last night and of course would have done the same in their position but it's something that could easily be removed from the game and would make it a much better watch for everyone bar the team holding on
  11. Hillhead

    Match Night Thread -

    Sounds like it's very much behind the team now.
  12. Hillhead

    £34 million loss

    I don't believe for a second your a Brighton fan. Initially I believed Ipswich but the use of "tinpot" now makes me believe you could be a disgruntled Norwich fan. Ok whatever. If you wanna talk Brighton though I'm happy to. You mention that they can't operate in the championship with those overheads well last season we weren't too far from finding out and one day we will. Whether it's next year, in 5 or 10 - the reality is one day Brighton will once again be a championship team. Will they go down well positioned for a fight to get back to the top flight like Burnley have done or will it be more of a Stoke style re entry Time will tell. One thing for certain is that being a high spending side that can only afford to exists may be vary well while your holding onto the coattails of the premier League but if you find yourself slipping out of it the Championship is more than happy to spit you out at the other end as well. Just look at Sunderland
  13. Hillhead

    £34 million loss

    The other day people were slaughtering the club for not having spent 10-15 million more in the summer. Now we have people.saying once we get relegated it's sad that we haven't learnt our lesson. What lessons are you wanting us to learn?
  14. Hillhead

    £34 million loss

    Still paying Naismith. I guess in the scenario that we find ourselves a championship.club with no parachute payment incoming - closest possible season 2021/22 it will need either the player sales as you, a further reduced wage bill or increased income from elsewhere such as commercial events.
  15. Hillhead

    £34 million loss

    I'd argue that perhaps our more subdued transfer window could actually be intended to break this cycle.