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  1. In fairness you introduced that conspiracy out of the blue in a post that didn't fit what you were replying to - and its hardly the 'vaccines cause autism' conspiracy either. I'd never heard of this one.
  2. I wonder if it's heading that way. Will be helped by the Championship not finishing at all.
  3. Yes. Stood next to Piers Morgan
  4. Not sure where you've gone with that post TVB I was responding to this.
  5. If you listened to Snowden you'd realise there's much more than your Alexa or webcam to worry about. What they can do with phones (If true) is rather worrying.
  6. Is there any possibility that a season that finishes with neutral grounds being used and a championship that doesn't restart at all would see promotion and relegation scrapped? Admittedly this is just a Norwich self interest post - but curious nonetheless.
  7. Why on earth was that filmed in portrait! Either way, I love the stick the Spurs fans give him only to become instantly enraged the second he gives them the ssh! gesture.
  8. I just looked, if this had have happened one year earlier Villas last game would have been the derby with Birmingham where Grealish was hit by the fan, they won that 1-0 and that game (played on a Sunday) moved them up to 9th from 14th. It was win number 2 in what would be a 10 game winning run. So not only would they have been missed out, they wouldn't even have counted themselves that unlucky at that time. Currently, even Swansea down in 11th are only 3 points off the playoffs.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52475052 - Don't get me wrong I feel if the ending of the season were simulated 100 or 1000 times then Norwich would go down in most of them - but crucially not all. I know little of law but I'd imagine we would have a stronger case than Leeds or WBA. Surely easier not to promote a team that hadn't yet earnt promotion than relegate one that hadn't gone down. That said I think it will be 22 teams next season if this one doesn't finish.
  10. Yeah not sure what happened with that post, I wanted to edit it but It wouldn't let me. I agree with all of that. If there's one other good thing of it to come for me it's that I've gotten into running which I think massively helps the mood - especially when the suns out. Usually cycle a few times a week but now running every day and improving massively (Which considering it started with a 2-minute run and 15-minute walk isn't saying all that much!
  11. Would be very hard to argue that if you've relegated us and not Bournemouth / Villa surely? If we were already mathematically relegated, and say Leeds already promoted. I'd say you'd be right. But not as it stands.
  12. We can complain. Relegation without finishing the games would be ridiculous. If you're saying that there's absolutely no choice and 3 teams must go down then yes, no matter what way you cut it Norwich will be one of those teams and there's no denying we should be. But I'll be complaining if the league ends with relegation as it stands because of how unjust it is. Not because we are one of the teams. (Ok admittedly I'd care less if we weren't)
  13. It's funny you say that. I currently live in a small flat in an urban area, large windows, good views, and a major park nearby has made it quite pleasant but you'd only have to take two of those factors away and it would immediately turn it on its head. The thought of where I lived previously, a suburban house in a sleepy neighborhood seems like it would be worse. Having a routine has helped too - although I don't have a newborn to worry about! If anything its the weekends that are more of a drag now, no work to do, and not extra options to fill the time with.
  14. I see what you mean now and hadn't considered that. You may be on to something, imo aside from the initial 'return weekend' which may see a bump in viewers I imagine the viewing figures will soon drop to well beneath their usual as people realise just how dull BCD games are to watch.
  15. But then he wouldn't be saying this would he? I remember Neville being shut down by the host on Sky after Spurs fans racially abused one of the Chelsea players - I trust GN to say it like it is.
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