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  1. All my posts are based on a belief that I do not feel games will be played in June. In my opinion (and I may well be wrong) football won’t recommence until August if not beyond, so at that point you’re finishing this season instead of starting the next one That's my whole point, The TV money won’t pay you twice, if you finish this season as late as then it means your pushing back the income from the following season my theory is that smaller clubs can not afford to restart only to then have another end of season break. I think once we start again they will want a whole season worth of games incoming ASAP, not playing 4 or 5 home games only to go on a break again.
  2. Hillhead

    Stadium Expansion Latest.

    You'll have to go without a view of the Cathedral for a few years. You can see it again when we build those extra seats behind the South stand
  3. Hillhead

    Stadium Expansion Latest.

    Those look good and that is close to what I think the design will be when it eventually gets built - taking us to around 35k Only difference I think is that the cantaliever design for the roof now looks quite old school, I think we might end up with something similar to Liverpool's new stand.
  4. Especially when you consider that the teams most likely to go out of business get naff all sky money as it is. It's gate receipts they need. Of course finishing this season and then getting next year's rushed (but still playing all the games) by May 2021 leaves them stronger in the long term but In the short term I don't believe they will survive having to restart twice. Better off just writing this one off and getting the new one underway (if it comes to that)
  5. They shouldn't. But I'm thinking in the scenario that finishing this season ends up delaying the start of next season. So in effect stopping what they would be earning from next season having started. I haven't phrased this well but my point is could it just be easier for clubs to start next season (knowing they have a whole season's income to come in) as opposed to finishing this one only to then have another break
  6. In that case if this does drag on long enough (to the point where it would be pushing back next season) could there be an argument for just abandoning this season and getting the new one started as opposed to coming back only to then have to finish again 9 games later?
  7. Hillhead

    Stadium Expansion Latest.

    Jarrold with 2 infills would be 11600 Adding just 2 rows would take it in excess of 12k That's assuming the Jarrod does hold 8.2k and the infills 1.7k. Even without the extra rows you would probably get to 12k just by making the snake pit corner slightly larger with no interruptions. I like the design with the road although it would certainly need the changing rooms etc all to be underground as other clubs have done
  8. Hillhead

    Stadium Expansion Latest.

    But I think that's surely the plan, why buy the land behind Carrow road otherwise? In which case instead if looking at the Barclay and River end just imagine another South stand with 2 infills. You're nearly at your 12k already. Just realised how I define a tier may be off. I see a tier as simply a group of seats being divided by some form of barrier (such as hospitality boxes etc) as opposed to seats being built directly ontop of seats (does that even happen anymore?) If the latter definition is a tier then I suppose all our stands are a single tier and the new city stand will be too - whether it's divided by hospitality boxes or not
  9. Hillhead

    Stadium Expansion Latest.

    For sure. Considering the South stand without its corner infills holds 8.2k to knockdown the city stand and rebuild it fully (with both infills) you'd expect the entire thing to be around the 12k mark I think.
  10. Hillhead

    Stadium Expansion Latest.

    But I don't think that includes the infills - which if they were the same as the one the southstand currently has would add another 3.4k
  11. Hillhead

    Stadium Expansion Latest.

    But why do you think it would need 3 tiers?
  12. Hillhead

    Stadium Expansion Latest.

    12000 isn't that unreasonable if your including the corner infills though right? Especially if they don't have a box in like the current one does. Edit - found this online The redevelopment of the old South Stand saw a new structure containing an initial 8,212 seats for spectators, including a block of 295 executive seats, to take the stadium’s capacity up to 24,369. With a further 1,700 added by the corner infill between the Jarrold and the Norwich & Peterborough stands, known as the Aviva Community Stand now, in 2005 and further small additions the capacity of Carrow Road is now just over 27,200. So even if the jarrold had have had two infills that would have bought it up to around 11600. Do that without the boxes and you have your 12000 with a single tiered jarrold. The new stand when it comes will clearly be different and may well have two tiers but no need for three
  13. Hillhead

    EPL meeting today

    I know nothing about this but what would be the difference financially for clubs in the following situations Restart this season in August, therefore not having any loss to finances this season (in terms of sky money)but ultimately causing next season to be delayed (and thus next season's tv money payouts etc) Accepting the loss of any remaining TV money for this season but being able to start the 20/21 season on time. I appreciate some seem to think we could be playing in may etc and possibly behind close doors but I don't think that would help much? Would people really be that interested in renewing sky subscriptions / watching those matches? They seem awful to me from what I've seen so far. The other issue is if we do restart this season but not until August - are we going to effectively need a pre season just to be finding ourselves needing another a couple of months later? Won't requiring just a single restart (albeit for a new season) be the lesser headache? - especially a month or two down the road when this season is beginning to disappear into the background, would more be welcoming of a fresh start ?
  14. Hillhead

    Binners reverting to type

    They've got a Paul Lambert one as well. While I know he's still there it seems odd to me to have ever made one seeing he has literally done nothing of note since being there. Less a clean up job and more smearing the sh*t around a fair bit.
  15. Hillhead

    Void season - what the rules say

    In which case do the likes of Sunderland get another year of PP while the others get another year added to theirs?