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  1. Hi Have a ticket available for todays game in Jarrold Stand anyone interested Would need collecting from Reepham
  2. Spoke to him on the way out after the game and he reckoned he wont be back again this season
  3. Think his name is Jeff Wood ?? Lawsie
  4. But he resigned Why should we pay him its not as if we sacked him?
  5. Hi I spoke to someone who works in the ticket office yesterday and she said as of friday they had applications for 3000 tickets plus there was still this weekends applications coming in
  6. There is a holiday inn less than 10 minutes walk away if you are there before 12.30 you park for free and it had sky sports on as well
  7. Its good of the club to refund the coach money (150 people) but what about the other fans there were 450 tickets sold so 300 people were making there own way there I know some perhaps were only coming from manchester but I have been a home and away season ticket holder for 3 years now and a group of 4/5 of us (all from norwich) will take our own cars to away games but the club wouldnt consider giving us any money back. Discuss  
  8. We have been giving 1200 tickets 50/50  chance of getting a ticket if you are a season ticket holder
  9. Why dont we ask for a player in return Dele Adebola scored home and away against us last season big quick just what we are looking for  
  10. Usually played midfield Welsh international as well we signed him from coventry
  11. Cedric Anselin played in Alex Notmans testomonial game last year in a city shirt
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