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  1. Just read on the WOTB that Hucks is out injured tonight and may be Saturday as well!
  2. I would just like to say well done to City Babe for another great article on Birds Eye View this week.
  3. I think he looks more like Grommit from Wallace & Grommit (it''s the grin)
  4. Thanks for that Chirpy Canary. I wouldn''t want her any other way. I''m suprised that she has replyed to my post as she spends half her life on this message board!!
  5. we lose again. The last few saturdays in my house have been really depressing the misses doesn''t talk to me for hours (possibly a good thing) and even the cats in a huff. This year is really hard work being a Norwich fan but I have fond memories of two Saturday nights since August. So come on City I need some joy tomorrow!!
  6. If our players can''t pick out a team mate because of the away kit colour then the opposition defenders won''t see our probing runs behind them either. But unfortunately Villa didn''t seem to have this problem.
  7. Good memories susie b but saturday felt even better.
  8. Susie b are you 37 years old by any chance? Perhaps thats why that number keeps coming into your mind.
  9. 8 weeks holiday and you''re stressed susie b!!
  10. Susie b you obviously like short slightly rotund men then?
  11. Sorry Mouse didn''t mean to offend you I was just trying to wind Susie B up as I know how see prides herself on her footie knowledge. I think its great to see you lovely ladies at the matches especially in season''s past when the football hasn''t been to good to watch. Just a quick note for Kathy as Basil Fawlty once said you''d have to sew them back on first. Next you women will be chaining yourselves to railings demanding the vote!
  12. Susie B did you write that article all by yourself or did you get help? After all you are only a girl! and i''m sure a very nice one at that, but most girls go to football just to look at the players legs don''t they? Moderator''s Note - I''m only allowing this as I assume it''s tongue-in-cheek and not a personal attack on Susie...
  13. dead right. I just want the season to be over and done with. Hopefully it will be come 7.30pm Easter Monday!!
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