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  1. Working on Android tablet but not on laptop
  2. Very good performance, very underrated he's just really efficient and does his job well wherever he plays! Did look like he was holding his left hamstring seconds before substitution so hopefully nothing too serious!
  3. That's my pack lunch sorted for Monday
  4. Pukki goal reminiscent of his goal at the mighty Leeds 2 years ago brilliant stuff boys well done BIG 3 points that...
  5. The ref was ok for the most part, I wasn't looking forward to it tbh....so this result doesn't lie with him as we were poor, however there were 2 quick free kicks for us in 1st half before they scored that got blocked by Conor horihane who should at least seen 1 yellow for them maybe 2 but you could argue he wouldn't foul again after the first, vrancic gets a 1st with his first foul of the game! All in all a disappointing result but hardly surprising based on the last 4 games I've watched.... that's a month now farke to get Hernandez, dowell, idah etc up to speed with 1 game a Mickey mouse game so think tactics and gameplay need a review....
  6. Missed the Chris Goreham commentary today!! the Cardiff version was crap, kept harping on about play acting by Norwich and even said Neil Warnock needs to make a change.... He's long gone! Great win made hard work of it 2nd half
  7. How the mighty have fallen... They scored the 2nd and a glimmer of hope was soon diminished when the assistant manager showed them a YouTube clip of a proper comeback... https://youtu.be/hlhM87kGstw
  8. When we did we lose in this kit, I don't recall once before today...? Bournemouth away Derby home Luton away Watford away
  9. He's gone very quiet...it's almost like he came on here to gloat.... Now if they had 4 centre halves injured and spent £23.5million on a striker then I could fully understand why they were struggling, oh wait a minute...
  10. Mine is working ok so far, only issue is Chris goreham commentary is delayed to the match action!
  11. I think I read or saw that trybull missus is expecting their first nipper, so maybe a move back to Germany would suit...
  12. In case you hadn't seen, the game on Friday is on free to air PICK TV channel
  13. Sleep tight cockwomble @Lowfields1919, I hear the villa forums are looking for some comedy factor! You'll be missed keep safe!
  14. So we've got this lot next week. Assumed we'd be on sky as 4.30pm Sunday kick off, but appears Liverpool v spurs is the TV game. I guess manure playing Europa league Thursday has put fixtures back. Anyone think if this will end up being selected by sky or will we have to rely on a stream? DAZN or something?
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