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  1. I''ve had a good response, I still have a few left VHSs and DVDs left. http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/norwich-city-season-reviews-dvdvhs/1084326180
  2. http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/norwich-city-season-reviews-dvdvhs/1084326180
  3. I have a few VHSs and more recent DVD season reviews for sale. I''m based in Norwich, you can find the ones for sale on following link http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/norwich-city-season-reviews-dvdvhs/1084326180
  4. Great video. Im pretty sure that Dario Gradi refered to us as Brazil after the game. the champions guard of honour was impressive too.
  5. Very dark days. Was a significant point in a poor season, made the journey home abit easier. Can''t remember Coote scoring too many more??? Great vid.
  6. Great video.And so sadly that day finally arrived at Anfield on April 30th 1994. The last game before Liverpool’s famous Spion Kop and then it would be no more. Norwich City kindly played their part in the occasion and effectively let us win the toss. Though one City player obviously didn’t read the script, his name being Jeremy Goss !Ha ha does Gossy have twitter?
  7. There would still have been less than 10,000 in attendence regardless of who would have started yesterday. It is the LEAGUE CUP. It''s not taken seriously until the last sixteen.Plus it is not as though it was a completed weakened team, we don''t even have the players for a solid rotation system.
  8. We won 3-2.Francis scored one belter and Huckerby got 2 I think.
  9. Huddersfield have been renowned for their goals this season and five times this season I''ve seen them they don''t look threatening at all?It was too much for those young boys.
  10. [quote user="Beauseant"]The best one I remember was about Jason McAteer when he was at Blackburn and went on a night out to an Italian with some of the other players. When asked if he wanted his pizza sliced into four or eight slices he apparently said " four please, I''m not hungry enough to eat eight !" Not surprisingly, his nickname is Trigger! [/quote]One about McAteer told by Neil Ruddock was once he was filling out a document for a mortgage, he was writing down all of his details. When he got to the employment position section he wrote ''right back''...
  11. I just made an enquiry for Ade Akinbiyi for Sloughbottom Park on Sunday.
  12. Well spotted and good point. It''s actually quite annoying after noticing. Not even Brighton & Hove Albion have their full name.But there''s also and Norwich United?My guessing is that it is completely overlooked.
  13. I remember Shearer''s against us during the first 10 minutes at Carrow Road, anyone else remember it?I probably only do as it was him.
  14. Because I want to check our news from the Championship section from now on.
  15. The RAR compression works in the same way as a ZIP, it just needs extract with WinRAR.No need to worry about downloading them immediately, they''ll be available forever!
  16. I''d suggest Quicktime as they''re mp4 files.
  17. [quote user="Congo Canary"]Guys, i would seriously bookmark the links if i were you, as i think you might find this post removed by the morning! Superb upload though chap, saved me the trouble of doing the ones i have.[/quote]Okay, for backup I''ve already registered www.analoguecanaries.blogspot.com.
  18. Only a certain amount of people can download it at any given time, which I didn''t realise.Not a problem, let me know if it works out successful.
  19. Finally... an interesting thread, with good discussion points. Like you said, there''s various posters around here that talk so much tripe, Smudger is just one of them... hardly any of it thought-provoking whatsoever. I usually soak up parts of the forum and rarely contribute due to the lack of endeavour.To the actual point. The Championship will be a completely different test and it''s dreadful to think how many awful teams we''ve played this season, with the likes of Oldham, Tranmere, Stockport... even Southampton away were poor. The top six from the Championship are completely different calibre to what we''re like at the moment, there''s no kidding ourselves. Holt struggled for Forest when he went there a few seasons back, Hoolahan won''t have as much space, Russell Martin will be tested more often than not and Korey Smith will get barged off the ball. I''m only ever as positive as our last few performances but I do fancy us at Charlton.
  20. [quote user="morty"]Well I am extremely grateful for your concern regarding the quality of my posting, thank you so much.The forum really is a better place for your kindness.[/quote]Pipe down sarcy, I''m giving you a heads up that''s all. Make from it whatever you will.
  21. [quote user="morty"]Wow, you really got out of bed the wrong side today, didn''t you?[/quote]Not quite, I set my eyes on yet more of your ''contributions'' and thought I''d finally give you an education.Nothing more.
  22. [quote user="morty"]You are entitled to your opinion.[:)][/quote]Thanks for telling me something I already knew. Again, a waste of a post and six words long.Smiley face.
  23. Don''t worry, I''ve been reading Morty''s posts a while now and they are either effing dull or are about 30 characters long. For some reason his post count seems to have some stature over people with less than a hundred and fifty.Not to say NCFC4LIFE that I agree with you, but this forum is open for debate, yes Morty? Lappin perhaps isn''t as influencial in the most attractive areas of the pitch but he does do a good, ugly job. Plus I think he''s a good organiser and talker, something that Korey Smith doesn''t do as well.He does a good job and proved many people wrong this season, including myself. Not sure who would replace him seems the problem.
  24. Who''s noticed you can be incredibly racist infront of strangers on Cabbage?For some strange reason it''s frowned upon to have a beer but on a trip to, say for instance, Crystal Palace, it''s completely acceptable to shout abuse at the locals.Bunch of cunts.
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