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  1. I must admit this is an issue quite close to my heart as I will be one of those who might be alienated from the club due to such circumstances. Now I am happy that our gates have gone up consisently over the last few years due to some success on the pitch and am all for new supporters coming along and supporting the canaries. I think the issue comes about when someone like myself is losing out to someone who is only going to watch us because we are winning and it is fashionable. I have been a Norwich supporter since the age of 5 and have been going to games ever since. I moved away from the area as a child but in my later teenage years when I could get games on my own did so virtually every saturday home or away (been to around 40 grounds watching norwich). As in life I went to university in Sheffield and did not see as much of the yellows as I would like but still went when I could but now as trainee teacher in Nottingham I don''t have the funds or the time to invest in a season ticket, but still want to go regularly (every 3 weeks to a month) is it right that I can''t to games because some Man yoo fan has jumped on the bandwagon I think not, this is where my resentement comes from those who don''t see the problem here. The club cannot be blamed for the current situation and have always had quite good ticketing policies. Yet i reserve the right to have a moan about not been able to get to games as I have been and always will be a big Norwich fan (premiership or non-league). If your ask me do I think better than the these newly found supporters? yes I bloody do and you can criticise me all you like.
  2. Of recent seasons I think I could make a good list of terrible away perfomances that I had the misfortune to attend. 1. Ipswich 1998 this has to be the worst of the lot 5 sodding nil terrible. 2. Wolves we have a terrible record there and remember us losing 5-0 there we were 4 down at half time. 3. Grimsby f.a cup game we lost 3-0 when they were a division below us and I had the misfortune to be sat on the front row and it rained through the whole 90 minutes I got soaked and they missed a pen. 4. Crewe we were 2-0 up with 10 mins to go and lost 3-2 absolute rubbish. There are many more to numerous to mention like when we got 5-1 and 6-1 in consecutive weeks at west brom and port vale. Anyone else got any notable games that stick in the mind for being a total waste of a day/evening watching the yellows be a waste of space Oh and I went all the way to Pompey on the train paid about 30 quid to get there and they called it off an hour before kick off.
  3. I can pick up the west Norfolk version when I go back to Peterborough spent many evenings as a teenager when I couldn''t get to games due to the public transport system (bloody railways) listening to Roy Waller being extremely bias and giving a completely false view of the game which was the way I liked it. Its a bit fuzzy at times but if you have good radio its perfectly audiable. Unfortunately I think Nottingham is stretching it a bit these days!
  4. Now I would agree Easton and to lesser extent Rivers fit into this category but not mulryne. Easton I think is just plain not good enough for this level and especially our current team and will leave the club soon. Rivers is a different case this lad is talented there is no doubting that but is plagued by inconsitency/ lack of application, I think he still has a role to play as a bit of a maverick substitute who can do something in a tight game. It is interesting Worthy bought Rivers as he is very un worthington type of player. Mulryne is the interesting issue here I think he currently due to the fact that Holty performs a role that no-one else at the club is as good at as harrying midfielder. Mulryne currently losing out to francis as I think Francis has a better engine but when we are playing at home I think mulrnye is viable alternatively if we get enough of the ball Mulryne is useful player. I think the problem lie in his role within the team, worth should tell that he is there to playmake in the oppositions half not to collect the ball off greeno or the centrebacks which is pointless exercise. In summing Mulryne is a squad rotation player as champ man would describe it! Rivers a back up player for the first team and Easton is not needed by the club.
  5. Now this is a question that has been bugging me but it is a more a case of how bad is svensson? Now I am hoping he is just unfit instead of rubbish but apart from his goal against Forest has anyone seen anything to suggest he has any talent at all. I think I have seen him 3 times and he has just looked like a big lump who goes round committing fouls. I know this is a bit harsh on him and it is too early to tell and all that, but I think the answer to this question is not very. As for him being better than Hucks this has to be joke, please don''t tell me there is someone out that honestly believes that if so I feel very sorry for them.
  6. The balance of the team is a real problem at the moment and I think it is not a case of Huckerby coming in but crouch leaving. Crouch and Huckerby worked very well the big man and speedster. Worthy has almost given himself too many options, I believe that Mc Kenzie and Huckerby should be given the chance. If this fails I think its bye bye Leon cos I don''t see how he fits if he can''t play up front with Hucks (Huckerby is undroppable in my opinion). This leaves Iwan up front with Hucks until Svensson return, tho not convinced about him either. I don''t think you can play a three up front, I fail to see why Brennan''s been dropped who looks a good solid player who will play his role on the left well if unspectacularly but every team needs players like him. I don''t see any reason Mc Veigh can''t play right everyone under performs in some games. The biggest call I have tho is to give young Shackell a chance, we have conceeded 4 yesterday so you can hardly say the defence justified itself. Plus his distribution is about 10 times better than Malkys and to beat Shef U we are going have to out football them
  7. Hang on were you at the same crewe game as me! Or did you get to the toilet for the 2nd part of the first half we must have created about 7 or 8 chance really good chances before Hucks goal. I vaguely remember crewe being more competitive 2nd half but there is no sane person would say they deserved a point.I will quote you the stats from the official match report on this very website! Shots on Target: Norwich 11 Crewe 3 Shots off target: Norwich 15 Crewe 5 Yer your right Crewe well deserved their point give me a break! We had 26 shots in 90 minutes that is an amazing total! It is amazing the pessimism that seems to envelop us all when we have one bad result. I agree that Derby were better than us but that was in the main because we were playing with 10 men after Harper''s sending off. The league table doesn''t lie!
  8. i cannot see how this works are you suggesting 3 centre backs if so shackell would play. If not where is right/wing back you have got to play with somewhere there! My personal choice would actually be not far from the team playing at the moment, but it does rely on the team passing the ball well unlike saturday. Green Drury Shackell Fleming Edworthy Brennan Francis Holt Mc Veigh Huckerby Mc Kenzie Subs: Malky, Crichton, Henderson, Mulryne and Iwan This takes into account svensson''s injury, dropping malky is harsh but shackell will allow us to play a better brand of football (ie passing) especially at home (a la cardiff). Though I have always liked mulryne he has been inconsistent and can lead to lack of drive in midfield. If we get the ball on the floor, as we are capable of doing we should outpass most teams in the league and therefore allow our forward to make runs for the ball to played along the ground instead of the air. Its all a question of style and picking a team accordingly. Tho having said all this I would play malky against rotherham a team who will just tend to lump it at us.
  9. Can I just say this is ridiculous! So he didn''t play well against Bradford he is the most talented we have had since Bellamy and has only played 2 games since we signed him. I tell you what ask other first division managers whether they think Huckerby is consistent and I think they will point you to the games he has played for us this season and for forest last season. One man doesn''t make a team but he has given us completely different dimension since joining us and we are not top of the league because Huckerby has been inconsistent.
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