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  1. I go regularly (season ticket holder)  & am very concerned! Our midfield simply isn''t good enough & no matter how much time they have to gel it wont work... We miss Francis end of! Worthy needs to buy someone in the mould of Sidwell from Reading or we''ll be in trouble! Oh, & a centre back wouldn''t go a miss to play along side Shackell either!    
  2. [quote]Am I the only one who would hate to this is spoilt, egotistical trouble maker at our balanced well run club? The guy is a menace. The latest at WBA is that he''s gone AWOL and Robson is going to tear...[/quote] We SHOULD sign him for one simple reason, he is sheer quality! Worthy will sort out any attitude problems & he''ll be a great asset. If Wolves sign him they''ll be even stronger next season!
  3. [quote]And we''ve all seen the type of havoc he can cause in this league! He''s one of the main reasons i cant wait til this season starts, the way we were playing the season before last with him on top form ...[/quote] I''ll be gutted if we''re not up there at the end of the season with that forward line! Hucks, Ashton & Mckenzie should rip most fizzy pop defenses apart!! OTBC!! However, if Ashton goes to a premiership club i.e Everton (which I''m still not ruling out) we''re gonna need a good replacement to bang the goals away!
  4. I would definitly have a sour taste in my mouth if he goes to West Brom! I don''t mind him going in to the prem to further his carreer but I want him to go to a big club, not one that''s likely to be bottom for most of the season!!
  5. If we did need more incentive, there it is! COME ON NORWICH!!!! OTBC!
  6. I will dance round Norwich naked if we sign him!
  7. I will dance round Norwich naked if we sign him!
  8. Hi guys, I rarely come onto this site now days. I usually chat on 606 under the login ''Iwan is God''. At the moment though 606 seems more like a dating board or somewhere to wind up the opposition (sometimes fun). Anyone use 606 & find this? This has probably already been discussed but what will the score be Saturday? Im opting for a 1-0 victory & Huckerby to score the goal! Would like it to be Mckenzie scoring but can''t see it!  
  9. Hi all, long time no see! Would just like to say, It has to be time to give Mckenzie his first start tonight. He certainly deserves it & I think he''ll show his worth if in the starting 11! I think he can hold the ball up as well as Doherty, can certainly jump & has the instincts of a poacher unlike Doherty... Come on Nigel, give him a go!  
  10. nycanary, a quick question.. Please forgive me if this question has already been asked, but, was just wondering how you became a Norwich fan? This is a good thing to hear, who showed you the light???
  11. Come on Nobby, give us some names!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I was told in the canary store they''re not on general sale until 12.08.04..... D''oh!
  13. I thought Charlton looked handy, you can see he has a lot of experience & for a shortish player he''s good in the air. Bentley played on the left to begin with, then swapped flanks with Mcveigh later on... Bentley did look very impressive, he''s gonna scare some defences in the coming months!! Saffri too looked good (didnt get sent off) & will prove his doubters wrong!!!!!!!!
  14. I stand... sorry, SIT in the E block & have never heard "Bolied Onions"... I assume someone shouts it randomly?
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