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  1. Totally agree with you Shaun. I use this message board less and less because of exactly what you have cited.
  2. NOW IS DEFINITELY NOT THE TIME TO PROTEST 100% unity for now is called for to help retain championship status. If we are relegated, which I very much doubt, or we see little further backing toward team re-build, then and only then, consider protests etc.  
  3. This is an nexcellent post Yellow Hammer. Some very interesting and thought provoking views. I strongly urge you to seek publication of this in the EDP et al. It should be geared to invite serious and constructive debate and the quality of your article deserves to be shared with a much wider audience than those of us on the Pink ''Un forum. Top management in any business arena that genuinely strive for excellence in all that they do, will behave with integrity at all times. This includes being entirely prepared to admit mistakes, learn from them and then re-double their efforts with a renewed recovery strategy. There is little evidence of these qualities or actions at present from our current Board.  I continue to fully back the current incumbents however, I do believe one or two new faces with fresh ideas would not go amiss at present. All involved must shake themselves now though and realise business as usual is NOT currently applicable or advisable. A significant and demonstrable step change is now urgently required.
  4. Absolutely!! It is now about ''Who Dares Wins!!''  Unlike several previous Championship seasons, there are no runaway leaders (yet). For Norwich, we obviously need to gain as many points as possible between now and January with the squad we have- there is no choice, then... it is as much as anything down to the ''DARE level'' of the boards of let''s say, twelve clubs who are still in reasonable distance from the two automatic promotion spots. This is why we need our Board to take a reasonable gamble on decent squad investment come January.  Quality additions but via a mixture of permanent, short-term permanent and loans, to help achieve the decent run-in that we need through to April. We will also be relying on PG''s ''canny'' selection of new blood as well, of course. ...But hey guys, why not just go for it, there is currently not a reason in the World why Norwich cannot be a top two name come the end of the season.       
  5. If you havn''t seen the interview with the big man on Sky Sports News then make sure you do later. An excellent summary of the sacking and put Worthingtons time in a fair and resonable perspective. Malky clearly still loves NCFC and its fans!!   He also mentioned Curbishley as a possible replacement!! 
  6. I for one, fully back Nigel Worthington. Delia and Michaels statement articulates much of what I have wanted to say for several weeks now. When I attend next weeks AGM I do however hope to hear renewed commitment from all at the top table, including team investment between now and the end of January.
  7. IN - Most definitely for me. If we are still in a very poor condition after Christmas, then I might change my mind. Losing him any earlier would be a disaster when you look at our situation in a wider context.
  8. NO... Most certainly not!   He requires all fans backing to help get the Club through this difficult re-adjustment period. 
  9. What makes you think he''s waiting? Why do you think Morrison is the only player a bid has gone in for? 
  10. This would be the best run of events over the next ten days (and beyond) in my opinion: Morrison decides that Norwich is his best option; regular football, plenty of support from a renewed midfield (see below). His choice of Norwich also means that he is not scoring goals for Palace or Southampton-two of our main rivals. Bearing in mind, we have only known about the Morrison offer because Steve Bruce decided to tell the press and not from NCFC., we find out with no warning that two other players of significant quality, one defender and one midfielder have also been in talks at more or less the same time and have signed. All three are signed up in time to play against Leeds and we win. Over the coming weeks results improve and as and when high quality loans are available to bolster our strength in depth, Worthy makes a move. We find ourselves in the top three with Ashton, Morrison, Green and Saffri et al. therefore happy to stay with Norwich and turn down offers from Premiership clubs during the January window. They see that the Premiership and regular places loom with Norwich City.  Worthington''s second go in the Premiership coupled with our previous experience and more money to spend, he raises our average player quality still further. ....Now that is not too much to wish for is it?
  11. I have said this before...   Anyone who thinks Worthington is the problem, does not know anything about football. It is consistency that will be the key to our overall success. We must not be one of those club''s that sacks its manager, because of a run of poor form (on papar). The Club has gone through a major change in fortunes, from Prem to CCC. You can only plan for this so much, but the management of the Club and all its staff are all needing to re-adjust. As for the players, they still need time to gel. In order to allow this to happen as quickly as possible, we the true fans, should be showing patience and solidarity. I am also confident that Nigel has NOT concluded all of his transfer dealings. He has always carried these out the PROPER  way, that is, in private. We only know about Morrison BEFORE he has signed, because Birmingham told the press NOT Norwich. Morrison is available now, but I do not know of any midfielders or defenders better than we have now that are available now, this week. Nigel knows the priorities better than ANY of us, but that does not mean he can simply pick up the phone, get the right players in the right order etc. If results are still poor at Christmas, then fair enough, perhaps time for more radical changes.
  12. On top of which.... my ''reliable source'' says Ashton is NOT going. There is absolutely no logic to this assumption anyway. Other players may leave of course, and if the right quality is available at the right time at the right price then more will come in. Can you name suitable candidates for midfield and defence that are easily available that meet the criteria, this week? Don''t worry, Nigel hasn''t finished yet and do remember, his management of the media when it comes to ins and outs, is second to none.
  13. Far too early to judge, these are rediculous comments. Clearly from peole who actually know little about the realities of professional football.
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