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  1. Not doubting your credentials for one minute but what happened to the central defender fro Italy that you said was in the building...did we persue klose or still possible in addition to.
  2. The Wig & Pen has been very reliable every time I''ve watched the games in there but get there early as the TV''s are not huge, although adequate. Also the Micawbers heavily advertise the games so I guess their pictures must be decent too!
  3. Agree with all of the above but looking at budget players i''ve been impressed with Weston at Gillingham who seems to be dangerous, robson at Carlisle and even though he''s not young I think Monkhouse has done really well recently at Hartlepool. Probably not the standard of player we are after but depends what budget we have.
  4. I personally don''t think he''s as good as forster although his kicking maybe better. When I saw the Peterborough vs Sheff Wed game on the tv recently Lewis was shocking, flapped at every cross and his postional play was poor. I''m not sure he''s as good as people think, although he may become good.
  5. It was me who mentioned Horsford as being a nice safe place and yes I completely agree. I have never felt unsafe anywhere in Norwich and yes I do believe that different people make their own comparisons based on experience. By the way though, I did live in the centre of Norwich for 2.5k years on Heath Rd, just off Magpie Rd. Although I loved the location and always felt safe it was annoying having 4 broken wing mirrors and 1 stolen radio from my car in that time. Obviously this may of just been an isolated inccident and that is not everyones experience of living in the city centre.  Heath Rd was bad as it was a cut through towards the city centre for drinkers. Overall you''d struggle to find another city the size of Norwich which is as nice to live in. I''d been around the uk visiting a few places and I always feel glad that I live here.
  6. I grew up in Horsford (north of city 2 mins from the airport) and moved to the city for a couple of years in my 20''s. As soon as I settled down and had kids I bought a house back in Horsford. Fantastic place for kids to grow up and very safe. It''s close enough to Norwich without being too close. Drayton and Taverham are nice areas aswell.
  7. I think you will find it was Malky that made them comments as it''s also been reported elsewhere.
  8. Will we be hearing from Lambert today about his thoughts on the Brentford game, his ideas etc etc Do the web team know of any interviews today?
  9. Does anyone actually have any idea when these new board members are likely to be announced? This week or in the coming weeks? I think Delia is away on holiday now so maybe it will not be announced shortly.
  10. I had a reply from an email I sent to doncaster and these are his exact words:   "a few bullet point answers to your points: Rehman - brought in on loan when Shackell still injured, as cover for Shackell. we''re only paying a small proportion of his wages Johansson - brought in on loan to plug a gap on the right. a lot less risky getting a player you like on loan (to get a look at him) rather than buy"
  11. I''m sorry but what a load of rubbsih. Safri is easily our most talented centre midfielder, the problem is he came to the club as a defensive midfielder who sticks his foot in and hassles players but because our other midfielders are so poor we also look to him to also be our attacking, playmaker. He can''t do both jobs. Our best run this season was when safri was on top of his game. The only time we score from a through ball you can guarantee it nearly always came from saf or mcveigh. I''ll always remember him against Man Utd last season at home when he didn''t give any of there players a minutes rest, snapping at their ankles like a jack russell. Sorry for the rant, I must admit I''m a little biased cause he''s my favourite player. Mark
  12. Met him at a party a few weeks ago in Norwich, seemed a really nice guy and dead shy. He said his recovery was going well. Mark
  13. I just heard the same rumour, where did you hear it from???
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