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  1. I''m looking at the whole picture, and whole picture shows that away from home we are not good enough to defeat any of our promotion rivals (Sheff Utd, Wigan, West Ham, West Brom, Forest), scoring just two goals in those five games.
  2. They''re not boo-boys, they just can''t understand the logic of effectively dropping two of our best players following a game at West Ham in which they both played well. There has been a lot of deserved praise on this board for Worthy recently, so when he gets it wrong - which surely no-one can dispute - he has to expect some criticism. We WERE negative on Saturday, until we went a goal down, and in the second half we proved what we culd have achieved with as more positive outlook from the start. I don''t think that''s being a boo-boy, I''d call it constructive criticism.
  3. They weren''t backpasses, they were misplaced clearances. And you don''t get a penalty for a backpass. Have you ever played football?
  4. Surely there''s a difference between a share issue where you just put money into the club and it disappears into a black hole with no control over how it''s spent than buying a specific player who could help get us promoted. I''d put £100 in if everyone else would.
  5. Easton has not been playing well of late - though how booing him will help is a puzzle. But Holt and Flem have done fine recently and neither deserve to be left out. If anything, Mackay has been the weaker of the two centre halves, and Francis was poor at Stoke.
  6. Man City paid £3m for him and they don''t want him. We might get him for £1m in the current market. He''s on about £17k so he''d have to drop by about £10k. Someone in the bottom 10 of the Premiership will probably buy him or loan him in January.
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