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  1. [quote user="Robert N. LiM"] [quote user="Adam_Newcastle91"]and when was this fixture by my calculations nearly 3 years its been since u played us shows how downward you are and if its not at least another 3 years until you play us in the league ill be surprised[/quote] I actually hope Keegan does ok, but I suspect it will all end in tears. Not out of the question that the next meeting might be in next season''s championship. Still, at least you avoided appointing the ridiculous Shearer. What have you got against Norwich, by the way? [/quote] Next meeting in next years championship??????? what a joker!!!!!!
  2. I really dont see why people are finding this so funny and hilarious........ The new owner of the club has given the fans what they want - whats wrong with that? Just think if the Norwich board followed that example, Taylor would probably wearing an NCFC every saturday afternoon by now Good luck to Keegan i say and as stated in previous replies on this post he does get on with Roeder so surely thats a good thing for Norwich as well?
  3. [quote user="we8wba"][quote user="Beatle"] Quite frankly............Couldn''t Give A Toss!!!!!!! Load of Sky hype if you ask me. And some people who subscribe to Sky are paying More to watch it!!!!!!! What is the attraction in watching 2 blokes beat living sh*t out of each other????? Utter Crap!!!!!! [/quote] get a life mate, if we are all intrested then leave us to get excitied about it, you can go home tonight after the game(if you even go) put your feet up and watch some puffy dancing and some talentless singers who are meant to be the next big thing but in a years time we all forgot who won the show 12months before [/quote]   at least you dont have to sit up til 4am to watch puffy(?) dancing and talentless singers and pay £15 or whatever the charge is for the privilege which is a ripoff when you already pay a licence fee and a monthly bill to have satellite tv!!! I watched the Khan fight (blink and you missed it!) and then watched MOTD which was fine for a saturday nights entertainment, especially as the red scousers lost and the toon won!
  4. [quote user="Marty"]Hey, maybe if we all failed to respond to anything he posts, just ignore everything, then he might just go an do something more constructive with his life? [/quote]   what a quality post - at last someone posts something sensible about this joker!
  5. The toon revolution at Carrow Road has begun!!!       First Roeder, then Clark, now Pattison, so who will be next.....................Stephen Carr?
  6. Cant be bothered to argue my point about all this should we or should we not protest, who are the supposed loan targets going to be etc etc etc. so had a go at name the team and to my surprise i got the whole 11, not bad considering i was only 5 in 1980 - it was probably one of the first times i attended Carrow Road!
  7. [quote user="Old Boy"]NOT Kevin Bond - never. I would be very happy with Pearson, but I doubt it now. He spoke to the BBC after Newcastle''s game at the weekend, so Sam''s got some faith in him. And it wouldn''t be a promotion for him. Clark - probably. As for coach, I don''t know, someone from the U21''s? [/quote]   Pearson always speaks to the BBC as Allardyce wont have nothing to do with them after a certain episode of Panaroma regarding agents and bungs. Have heard its going to be Lee Clark
  8. He wasn''t sacked by Newcastle as i think you will find he resigned!!!   Give the guy a chance i think he''ll do ok! 
  9. clubs like Reading Fulham and Wigan got up and gambled in the transfer market and bought good players thats why they survived - they didnt buy rubbish like Thomas Helveg, Gary Docherty and Matthias Jonsson!! Norwich could still be in the premiership now if Worthington and the board hadn''t been so negative - it was clear from day one that they were prepared for relegation straight back to the championship and now they are suffering for it!
  10. Just goes to show that you cant believe a word that anyone says in football these days! I seem to recall a certain interview in the Evening News a little while ago with Dickson Etuhu and he claimed that his little buddy Mr Earnshaw was looking forward to getting started with Norwichs pre season training campaign and there was no way he was leaving - less than 24 hours later he was a Derby County player!   Trust no-one!
  11. [quote user="spud nud"]he best left back outside the premier league!!!!![/quote]   You obviously havent seen Gareth Bale play then? He is streets above Drury!!
  12. definetely 100% the wrong move - he is a donkey! Shouldnt read anything into the fact that he was in mercy as he is always in there - usually with his sidekick Mr Dyer!
  13. I wondered how long it would be before Mr Bramble got a mention with him being an ex-tractor boy and all that! I must confess that he is the one of the only players that makes me cringe when i see his name on the team sheet - a lot of my fellow tooners feel that he needs time to settle in the side but personally i think he is a nightmare, he cost us what would have been a very good point at Highbury earlier in the season with a mistimed clearance and his attempt to take out Danny Murphy in the Liverpool game which resulted in Murphy scoring and also injuring Woodgate was pharsical - it was more like local sunday league defending!! Was it also a coincidence that when we went to Old Trafford, he was dropped and we kept a clean sheet? I think not, he is a liability! Was hoping that instead of signing him, Sir Bobby would have gone for Darren Kenton!
  14. I also hope that we win the FA Cup - I have waited 28 years to see us get some success.......and i am still waiting! Looks like if we are going to win it that its going to be done the hard way i.e Saints away in round 3 and now the scousers away in round 4! I was at wembley all 3 years in a row when we lost those finals and it was heartbreaking (you guys probably know the feeling from the play-off final against Birmingham!) Lets hope that your right and we do win it - especially for Sir Bobby i know most of you will probably dislike him as he used to manage the tractor boys but he is a legend and deserves a trophy before he retires! P.S What a star young Mr Bellamy is - pity you didn''t let him have some anger management lessons whilst he was at Carrow Road he is a fiery little so and so!
  15. Yes Susie B - some of us that arent in Norfolk know and admire your Canary boys! We not all like Garth Crooks - who cant seem to see any further football teams apart from the sc*m known as Man Utd, Arsenal and his beloved Tottenham Hotspurs!!!!
  16. Cheers Windy! It is nice to see that some opposition fans can be civil to each other! I am sure that with your sexy football you will beat the "long punt up the middle" maccams! P.S Have noticed lots of other posts on this site about you signing new players -any chance that you could do my boys a favour and take Carl Cort or Steve Caldwell or both of them off our hands?
  17. What is a geordie fan doing looking at your website you may ask? Well, i have friends and family in Norfolk so i am constantly getting told how good your canary boys are playing this season! I would just like to say that I think you have the best side in Division 1 at the moment and also you play the best and most attractive football! People may well moan and groan because you lost to Bradford and it cost you 3 points but it could be worse - when we lost to Partizan Belgrade it cost us a champions league place and about 15 million pounds in revenue!!!! All i ask is that make sure you please, please, please stuff Sunderland when you play them and i look forward to seeing you all (and your attractive football) next season when you visit St James Park. Howay the canaries!!
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