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  1. Am heading north of the border this week for my nap, its Celtic to beat Hamilton.
  2. looks like i am late too,but my selection is Leeds beat Hereford.
  3. My selection for this weekend is Spurs to beat Wigan on sunday. They have met each other 6 times in the premier league and Spurs have won 3 and the other 3 have been draws so the stats are against Wigan. I know Spurs haven''t made the best of starts, but they should have enough firepower to beat Wigan and hopefully move my "nap" record to 3 out of 3!
  4. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] least you actually went to the game smudger.. fair play to you... Filbert street on Saturday though eh? Got to agree with Fellas, Omuzusi looks awful... he''s nowhere near championship standard! Marshall should of done better with the free kick. jas :) [/quote] Filbert Street? I thought Leicester played at the Walkers Stadium nowadays
  5. In response to your question about the West Brom V West Ham game at the weekend, this was actually a record as it was the first game to be played in the history of the premiership without either team having shirt sponsors!
  6. I was there, it was my first away trip as a keen 8-year old. I remember thinking what a shitty stadium it was - the Goldstone Ground. Went on the train and seem to remember that there were 3 trains jam packed full of fans - to this day i have never seen Norwich Train Station so busy!
  7. I bought 2 goldfish in the mid eighties, they were named Asa and Mick - after Hartford and Channon from the WINNING Milk Cup Final team!
  8. [quote user="IncH_HigH"] Well after being made to look mugs by our very own team I fancy Birmingham to return to winning form this week.   Birmingham v Doncaster  Home win. Good luck Trent and all pickers.[:)] [/quote]   This one gets my vote too as cant see Birmigham slipping up at home against Donny
  9. My dad took me to my first game at Carrow Road and it was to watch Norwich play Notts Forest - it would have been either 1979-1980 i think. He told me that he was taking me to watch the football and that i would get to see the england goalkeeper in action (Peter Shilton) unfortunately when the teams ran out onto the pitch there was no sign of Shilton so apparently i asked my dad if we could go home as i was gutted, i was only 5 at the time!
  10. England should beat Andorra but i was told that the first rule of gambling is never to bet on a team that mean something to you so i will go for Leeds to beat Crewe at home - as i cant see the boys from Gresty Road winning at Elland Road. Its my first pick so hopefully beginners luck will shine through!
  11. I watched the friendly as it was on Setanta and it was painful viewing. Smith and Ameobi were shocking but it would be unfair to single them out as the whole team were awful! 
  12. [quote user="ncfcstar"]That isn''t that desperate is it?! He used to play as striker for Leeds, and also that why Man U signed him originally.[/quote]   Yeah i think its pretty desperate - Smith played 37 times for Newcastle for last season and how many times did he score??????   The answer is a big fat zero!
  13. am pretty sure that he played in the newcastle friendly as Owen has mumps, Viduka is injured and Martins is in Nigeria due to his mums death so they were obviously short of strikers - infact they were so desperate that in their next friendly they played Alan Smith up front!!!!
  14. cheers for the clues - got it from the milk cup final sub hint as i will never forget that day!! I think he played in every position for Norwich apart from in goal if i am not mistaken
  15. got them all apart from the right back - any clues?
  16. had a small punt on Italy before the tournament started so i am going to stick with them but i think without Gattusso and Pirlo they will struggle - it could all depend on whether Luca Toni remembers to wear his shooting boots though as so far he has looked like he couldnt hit a bus if he was sitting on one!
  17. I work for an emergency glazing and locksmith company based in Norwich. Over the last few years we have carried out jobs for the likes of Bryan Gunn, Alex Notman and more recently David Marshall and Gary Doherty
  18. [quote user="AndyJR"][quote user="Sparkos"] as a kid i lived on Carrow Hill so when i had a season ticket i used to be home in time to see final score on Grandstand! Now residing in Thorpe St Andrew [/quote] Not too far to get home even now Sparkos - Although I''m sure Grandstand now makes way for Pintage. [/quote]   Will probably get slaughtered for saying this but unfortunately i do not currently go as i play football on saturday afternoons so i''m currently one of those "armchair fans!". I have only got 2 or 3 playing seasons left though so i will soon be back there and yes after match pintage will be in order!
  19. as a kid i lived on Carrow Hill so when i had a season ticket i used to be home in time to see final score on Grandstand! Now residing in Thorpe St Andrew
  20. I''m in - team name of FC Sparkos Team details below   GK   Petr Cech             DF   Patrice Evra             DF   Sergio Ramos             DF   Giovanni van Bronckhorst             DF   Philipp Lahm             MD   Emre Belozoglu             MD   Luka Modric             MD   Hakan Yakin             ST   Cristiano Ronaldo             ST   Andrei Arshavin             ST   Luca Toni
  21. this could be a good shout.  Coppinger came through the youth ranks of Newcastle so Roeder and or Clark probably already know what he is all about!
  22. I lived on Carrow Hill in the 80''s and one of my neighbours was Paul Clayton - the star striker from the FA Youth Cup winning team of 1983, he was a very nice bloke! Also in the early 90''s i worked for a property agency and we rented out a place to Darren Beckford who was an arrogant mofo!
  23. Ditch all the seats in the Barclay and make it a terrace again. The atmosphere at the ground has never been the same since the all-seater thing!
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