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  1. Something to ponder after this long thread. Why did Delia need to cry out "Let's be having you" from the pitch all those years ago?
  2. The Gabriel purchase looks interesting in the context of Mark Attanasio's comment re purchasing another European club. Watford but hopefully more stable/ethical!
  3. Most suggestions have been club managers, many experts say the club to international manager transition is one not made by many. The most likely club manager at present would be Cooper at Nottingham Forest but I'm sure he would require a lot of convincing.
  4. You Might like to note that some of those behind the bedsheet now appear as the "mighty" Norwich Elite
  5. Favourites ! Say the bookies; well known experts on extracting cash from the gullible. If Stuart Webber were currently to make a club statement he would be howled down! While the bedsheet brigade were shouting "Delia out!" our supposed part-timer (SW) was in America recruiting two South American international players, probably consulting Mark Attanasio and POSSIBLY cajoling Dean Smith into joining NCFC. Daniel is not coming back, Michael & Delia will go at their own pace, NCFC will be the plaything of another person or entity. The grass might be greener or it could be "Astroturf" and very abrasive.
  6. DS said 2 up top. Ramsey clearly likes to follow into the box.
  7. Amusing yes, we could read more sympathetically if their players didn’t surround the ref contesting each decision against them. It was obvious from the off that certain of our players were being targetted and the ref to his credit spotted this quickly and used yellows to quash it.
  8. As Parma has said more than once football is a low scoring game. We simply MUST be able to protect a lead, even if we score in the first minute and then are battered ‘til the game ends. Yesterday there was a lot of frantic defensive work by Blackpool. In my opinion the ref was OK first half but wobbled in second. When we are promoted again we will need to defend heroically week after week and accept that a draw at that level is a point won not two lost.
  9. Sinani was fouled, leg taken from behind giving Bristol the possession that lead to their second goal.
  10. Andrew Crofts part of a decent midfield with Cox taking temporary charge now Potter has gone. Been academy manager there (WIKI).
  11. Agreed re Pearson; he also asked the ref for the Gibbs Yellow & the ref obliged him!
  12. IMHO it was a very spiteful performance from B'****. I know Scott Parker was humiliatedthe last time he bought a side here but Ramsey and Springett were fouled the first time they had the ball, not just professional ones but genuine studs down the back of the calf. Sitting in the Jarrold close to the line it was plainly intentional. It did seem to me that the pattern continued across the pitch, the ref, in the spirit of allowing the game flow let much to go unchecked early on. Hugill's goal then shifted the balance, so bad challenges were limited, we were the dominant team so could play more freely. I feel we won the game twice but threw it away with wasteful possession after the last subs. A shame for Angus because he had an outstanding game.
  13. IMHO "Buh" is possibly not a proper correspondent but is there to generate clicks. On the other hand maybe he's just a troll, pretty successful obviously, not worth replying to. Any sensible response is filtered thro' a distorted prism and an inane utterance spewed out.
  14. The Sky clip shows why Max booted the ball in the way he did. He was being treated for a head stoppage, sent off field waved back onto pitch & went full tilt to the ball to whack it off field the way he was facing. Kenny prevented an almost certain goal in the first half with a sliding interception, for which he was congratulated by his team-mates.
  15. Couple of links to Fulham cantilever stand project:- https://www.steelconstruction.info/Riverside_Development,_Craven_Cottage,_Fulham_FC https://www.severfield.com/projects/fulham-fc-riverside-stand I did have a concept drawing at one time but can't remember where I saved it! If you walk round Aston Villa to the opposite sde to where they let us in there's a cantilevered section there over the walkway.
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