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  1. [quote user="lincoln canary"]When we lost in Milan, an I right in thinking kick off was about 2.00pm on Wednesday afternoon? I can remember my mum coming to school and telling the head master I had to go home due to family reasons, before taking me home and letting me watch the game at home![/quote]   You are right about the time.  Think it was a public holiday in Italy, or something like that.
  2. It''s not as if the home fans turn Carrow Road into an intimidating ''fortress'' (as it''s laughably referred to) that scares other teams into submission. In fact, the same can be said of most (all) grounds in the Premiership. Nor are pitches particularly different. Travelling is cushy and they stay at the best hotels. So, therefore, it must be one of players'' state of mind and/or tactics employed away. If, as a large number of posters have said, a team like Norwich cannot go away to a team like Spurs and expect much, will they say the same when Spurs come to Norwich? I doubt it. Simplistic opinion, I know, but it''s still a game of 11 vs. 11 (or 14 vs. 14) so why so different? And by the way, it''s not just Norwich.
  3. [quote user="Henry"]If you want atmosphere at a football game, its probably best to look beyond our shores.[/quote]   Especially the German fans in the Bundesliga and probably lower down their league system too.  In fact it seems that, at the moment, the Germans have got just about everything right - i.e. ticket pricing, club ownership, atmosphere, promoting home-grown talent, etc, etc.    Hope, for their sake, it keeps that way and they don''t sell out completely.
  4. [quote user="FenwayFrank"]I also going to Leicester with Duncan, I think it was the Keith Weller in tights match. I remember it because it was the day Vulcan bombers destroyed the airstrip on the Falklands[/quote] I think we won 4-1 that day and it was a crucial result in us getting promoted that season. We took 10,000 to the last game away at Sheff Wed, lost 2-1, but still went up cos Leicester drew.
  5. [quote user="Romantic"]Beneath that will be an increasingly un-glamorous old school league structure within which we will most likely find ourselves.[/quote]Sounds like a good place to be.
  6. [quote user="Bigmarkcanary"]Lowestoft Town are now in the FA Cup 1st round for the first time in their history (have I got that right??).[/quote]No, this will be the 6th time:F A CUP 1ST ROUND PROPER 5 TIMES 1926-27 v Watford away 1-10 1938-39 v Swindon Town away 0-6 1966-67 v Leyton Orient away 1-2 1967-68 v Watford home 0-1 1977-78 v Cambridge United home 0-2 [quote user="Bigmarkcanary"]Just seen the post about Holt, McDonald, McVeigh and Martin being there (the latter doesn''t surprise me, I had a feeling he might be), never saw them though. [/quote]Yep, they were all there (near the dug-outs).
  7. [quote user="Captain Holt"]Gary''s song was: He''s here, he''s there, he''s every faacking where, GARY HOLT, GARY HOLT! [/quote]Which will now be heard at Crown Meadow http://www.lowestofttownfc.co.uk/page/news.asp?ID=1083
  8. [quote user="Camuldonum"][quote user="......and Smith must score."] The 4th Qualifying Round is on Sat 24th October so the draw for the 1st Round proper will, I think, be the next day, Sun 25th The 1st Round will be played on Sat 7th/Sun 8th November and, yes, we''ll be in it. Still, you never know, we might be on the telly.......big club meets minnows and all that   [/quote] Colchester United v Norwich City would surely qualify? [;)] [/quote]IF Lowestoft Town beat Boston United on Saturday, they''ll only be 2 wins away from 1st round proper.So Lowestoft Town vs. Norwich City, that would create some interest.
  9. [quote user="Chunky Norwich"]Jesus, add Burnley to that list as well![/quote]Burnley are a well-run, proper FOOTBALL club.Why shouldn''t they be in the Premiership?Forget Charlton, clubs like Norwich should be looking at the Burnley way.  They''ve spent relatively small amounts but have a first team/squad where the vast majority of their players belong to them.
  10. [quote user="ryan85k"][quote user="The Walking Man"] [quote user="canaryfan68"]I heard that Gunn had to persuede Marshall to go and acknowledge the crowd at the end of the game, think it says alot about him![/quote]   Gunn had to persuade all of the players to go and acknowledge the crowd. [/quote] Thats funny because I heard that Marshall and Lee were the only players that DIDNT have to be ushered to the crowd by Gunn. [/quote]Not according to this - http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/606/A50818647
  11. Excellent post - agree with all of this as will most football supporters who can see the bigger picture.I get the feeling though there will be a significant number for whom football did not exist before Sky and the Premiership who have not got a clue what you''re on about.I fear that the end result will be a franchise-based European/World league financed by TV money etc where promotion & relegation have been abolished - i.e. like the American professional sports leagues.  Forget any concept of player loyalty.This is why I get most of my football fix now from watching Lowestoft Town (see other thread about standing at football matches).
  12. [quote user="The Original Pinkun Poster"][quote user="Big Dave"]Give the guy a break, he''s a cracking player.[;)] We could really have done with him this season.[/quote] correct,   was the tackle even worth a red card?? [/quote]Anyway, if you''re asking whether it was worth a red card, why did you start the original post calling for him to apologise?
  13. [quote user="Smudger"] The reason they lost the Vase Final last year was not so much fitness as the fact Carl Poppy and the rest of the defence did not have a clue how to mark Kirkham & Wesham/AFC Fyldes winger for the whole of the 90 mins and Lowestoft were luck to hold their lead for so long. Hopefully again this year they have a good opportunity to go one step further. Although to do that they have to focus on tactics and strategy rather than fitness. To see 2 or 3 defenders marking nobody on the half way line when they were 3-1 down to 9 men with about 25 mins to go on Saturday (against Hungerford) was daft to say the least!!! If they are to win it this year then they will have to put a lot more pressure on the ball when they do not have it instead of sitting SO DEEP! Oh and no I have never seen the infamous WIZ, let alone sat next to him (of course he is more than welcome to come and park his chair next to me @ Bideford a week on Saturday in the quarter-finals if he fancies it). [/quote]Agree with some/most of that, but you''ve still got to agree that was probably the best £6 you''ll spend on a football match this year.  And yes, Hungerford were a bit unlucky, but they''ve only got themselves to blame.I''ve seen Lowestoft a lot both last season and this and you can certainly see the difference Fleming/Carolan have made.  For instance, Russell Stock is much fitter and it''s helping his all-round game.Anyways, hope you''re not @ Bideford Saturday week - you''ll be about 350 miles away from the game.
  14. [quote user="pete_norw"]A cup run which will probably last for 90 minutes at Exeter   [/quote]They''re out - Leiston are still in it though ...
  15. [quote user="Chabal"]And as for the Matty Patison - there is NO difference whatsoever in my view - Pattison was simply lucky and McCormick was unlucky. [/quote]Pattison was lucky, yes, but to call McCormick unlucky is just to excuse drink-driving.  It''s like referring to someone who fires a gun randomly into a crowd as unlucky if they hit and kill someone.The unlucky ones are the children who have had their lives ripped away and the parents/family who will never recover from it.I agree (with someone) though that football supporters are the most hypocritical group there are.  No doubt several of the supporters (I am a Norwich fan btw) who hurl abuse at Norris will have ''a couple'' at the ground, then drive home.  Similarly supporters will fire off streams of obscenities at players, then throw a wobbly if any player swears back with such quotes as ''I had my kids with me and they heard everything''.
  16. [quote user="Shack Attack"]What''s happened to the weather [st] I''m sure it always used to be sunny on cup final day [H][/quote]The FA Vase Final nicked it last Sunday.Very close final, but I hope Cardiff win (I think) but not necessarily for some of their ''fans'' sakes.
  17. Away vs Sheff Wed, Div 2, 1982(?).  Draw needed for promotion, 10000 City fans at Hillsborough.Worst: Sheff Wed go 1-0 up in second-half - staying down.Best: Keith Bertschin equalises with 3 minutes left - going up.Worst: Sheff Wed take the lead with virtually last kick of game - their fans invade the pitch - staying down.Best: Eventually hearing after what seemed like ages (this was well before mobiles were around) that Leicester had not won - going up.All in one game - what a day.Other than that:Best: vs Bayern Munich at homeWorst: vs Sunderland, FA Cup Semi (Hillsborough again).
  18. Perhaps there was an incorrect spelling in the original topic and should have read ''Freddy Eastwood SINGS!''.  In addition too being a proven goalscorer, this could also make him a useful addition to our squad if the play-off final next year is decided by some sort of ''Pop Idol'' style sing-off instead of penalties.
  19. Anyway, what I should have said is that I agree with ''Craig Jones''.  How many of the people who''ve criticised him on this board show as much loyalty to their employer (or anyone else for that matter) as Greeno has to his.  He owes ''us'' nothing. If he feels the time is right for him to further his career elsewhere, then good luck to him.  Hopefully, in years to come, he''ll be welcomed back by all decent NCFC supporters. Also, I''d like to continue my earlier campaign for Norwich to sign Kenny Lunt.  I shall soon be starting a petition that I will eventually present to the board.
  20. I just wanted to say, are you THE Craig Jones - the famous singing civil servant?
  21. G: Gilks D: Taylor D: Gabbidon D: Ward D: Jagielka M: Partridge M: Lunt M: Clark M: Sidwell A: Eastwood A: Kuqi
  22. As I said on a previous thread, why not try Kenny Lunt.  He''s only 26''ish (I think) but seems to have been around for ages.  Should link up well with Deano and he''s from Crewe, so should be a good egg type (Rivers excepted). Given that we probably don''t have loads to spend, it seems to me a viable option.
  23. How about Kenny Lunt from Crewe? Should link up well with Deano and, if all else fails, it could result in the occasional Spoonerism during Roy Waller''s commentaries. Incidentally, did anyone else hear dear old Roy refer to Graham Stuart as ''Ward'' during the whole of the first-half at Highbury?
  24. In the main, I''ve got to agree, although is it JUST Worthy''s decision - there must(?) have been some debate about this.  At 19, it seems like he''s hardly had the opportunity to prove anything. The only mitigating factor is if he''s had an offer from elsewhere, Northampton say, that gives him a better chance of first-team football. For the up-and-coming academy player, it doesn''t send out a positive message.  I see Matthew Halliday was on the forum yesterday, it would be interesting to see what his view is.
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