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  1. I'd go for the triple and hook one of McLean or Gilmour for Lees-Melou as well, those two have been anonymous, at least Melou seems to break a sweat.
  2. I was really excited to see his name on the teamsheet, but I can't disagree. Has looked unfit and at times like he doesn't want to make himself available for the ball, get Tsoliz on, or even Giannoulus at left wing would probably be an improvement.
  3. Cantwell definitely not fully fit yet, looks well off the pace and blowing already.
  4. Bit of a damning indictment on our summer transfer business that only Gibson and Rashica of our 7 permanent signings make Smith's first XI.
  5. Anybody else notice this little snippet? “The big thing is that we make sure that he's fit enough, first and foremost, in terms of his output and his numbers. He appears to be so far"
  6. Buendia 1 goal and 7 assists in our last Premier League season. Rashica 0 goals and 1 assist so far this season. Not sure why you are focused on the goals, because I was thinking more about Pukki being left isolated with nobody feeding him chances.
  7. Would they though? Probably said that about Ashton, Huckerby and McKenzie, but then we ended up in 10th half way through the season and Ashton bailed. Think Sheffield United expected to be 17th which their squad? Can't take that league for granted... Rashica looks neat and tidy, but 1 assist and 0 goals in 11 games for Norwich, and 0 goals and 0 assists in 7 games for Kosovo is his 2021/22 season so far. Plus we have no idea whether any of our players have relegation release clauses, wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if Tzolis did, he is his countries great hope, or who we might otherwise lose in the summer.
  8. You would at least hope that he's just enjoying the fact that he'll be having a nice Christmas at home in Germany for the first time in 4 years, with a wedge of cash sufficient to ensure that he can wait for the right opportunity rather than desperately sling CVs all over the place. He'll be alright.
  9. Cantwell scores goals, somebody has to if we are to have a chance of staying up.
  10. You would be OK if this forum software let you change your username to All The Midlanders
  11. Bit petty. They both known Huckerby's son (the alright one, not the wannabe gangster), so a good chance they know Darren Huckerby and feel ok to use his nickname.
  12. Only if he copied in CanaryDan23 and that Rhino fella who had a massive whine.
  13. That may well be the case, and then suddenly attention turns to Webber and the wider recruitment team (although didn't half of them jump ship in the summer, maybe they knew what was brewing); but most will have you believe that Farke would have to agree with signings before they landed. A manager willing to play some of our more creative attacking players would bode well though, we're supposed to be Norwich City, a team known for playing good football. This season we've regressed to almost Hughton levels of negativity, fingers crossed one of Tsoliz or Cantwell will break into the XI and give us a bit of excitement before we all develop Saturday afternoon narcolepsy.
  14. Under 'Norwich City' on Daniel Farke's Norwich City CV. Some of those who have thrown their toys out of the pram might want to consider that it was the kindest thing to do, for his legacy, if he took us down and a Buendia-less Norwich City found ourselves outside of the top 6 come November next season that would have inflicted some serious damage on his legacy. It isn't quite two world wars and one world cup, but if we manage to stay up this season then Farke's legacy suddenly looks a bit like Nigel Pearson's pre-Ranieri, and he takes a bit of credit for building the foundations of our long spell in the Premier League. For his legacy, getting sacked this early in the season might just be the best thing that could have happened to him.
  15. Almost certainly, as the new gaffer plays wingback and not wingers.
  16. They have been docked points by the EFL or breaking EFL rules. Chelsea and Man City are not in the EFL.
  17. But still a travesty that we sailed close enough to the wind to feel compelled to lease a corner of our ground for a £1m lump sum. Surely in hindsight the fans would have had a whip round to prevent that, it is fifty quid per season ticket holder. Felt like an appalling commercial ecision then, and feels even worse now.
  18. ... and that's my answer to the various naysayers who are dismissing Sorenson as having insufficient ability to play at Premier League level, without seeing him kick a ball in this league. With all players benefiting from a clean slate under Smith, I really fancy Sorenson to be one who benefits and forces his way into the side, whenever I've seen him play he looks like has loads of time on the ball, a sign of a really good player.
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