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  1. Yep, that is a huge concern also. That's my main problem with Sargent really, that he was signed instead of a goalscorer. If we'd signed a goalscorer too then I'd probably consider Sargent to be a nice rough diamond to have around the squad, just not what we need for survival this season. Tsoliz and Sargent both feel like signings for the future, and perhaps we really needed one of them to be a signing for today.
  2. I do really worry about you Canarydan23, you are clearly damaged. These extreme insults of yours which come out of nowhere and have a common theme about paternity, kids, the contents of hard drives and people who are celibate obviously all come from a very dark place, just feel sorry for you really, and I just assume when you write stuff like this that you've experienced some sort of severe trauma in your own childhood. If a disagreement about the ability of a professional footballer on a football forum can swiftly lead your thoughts back down this dark path, then I can only really suggest you seek out psychological help? I'm very sorry that your childhood was difficult or whatever, but lashing out at strangers like this with odd comments out of nowhere about their kids paternity or family life isn't the way to recover from that, its just extremely bizarre and worrying behaviour. I'm not the creepy uncle who touched you, or the father who abandoned you and didn't pay your mum child support, I'm sorry about all the times the cupboards were empty. I'm not the ex-wife who made you think their child with another man was yours, whatever it is that has damaged you is not my fault and I'm not a qualified counseller or psychiatrist... I simply can't be of any help, ask your GP. for a referral to professional services, especially if you think you might now be a danger to children yourself. Just stop talking about my wife and kids (yet again!), I'm here to talk about Norwich City.
  3. Thanks, that's the best news I've had since I realised my stream was 1 minute behind the Pukki goal.
  4. I really don't feel like anybody on this forum deserves another poster telling them that their kids aren't theirs chicken, as CanaryDan23 has done about half a dozen times now, just because they disagree about whether a manager should have been sacked or the current ability level of a footballer, but perhaps that's just me and you don't operate with a similar level of morality or decency? Evidently not.
  5. I feel like you may benefit from me bumping his tantrum.
  6. I've made a t*t out of myself a few times on here. But I'm honestly surprised you didn't take a year off and then come back with a new name after your two week long meltdown and the stance you adopted about Dean Smith, you even talked about not renewing your season ticket, I'm just glad you didn't embarrass us all by phoning talksport. Look listen here smarty pants, when an almost 24 year old player is moved away from the senior team to the U23 squad and told to train properly it is because they are a disruptive influence, when a player gets told they need to get fit and then come into the side 3 of 4 weeks later looking like its their first pre-season friendly on 1st July after a month in Ibiza.... its because they have a poor attitude. Its Cantwell's career to f*ck up and he's doing a wonderful job, pretty much everybody else can see it, you are in the minority just like you were on the Farke issue. The ball is in his court but it won't be for long, Dean Smith has given him a lifeline, but this is a cut throat business and it is sink or swim... Cantwell is not an 18 year old on £2k a week, there isn't unlimited patience. We all want him to come in and contribute, but an increasingly small number of fans have any belief that he will.
  7. Praying that Rashica and Normann aren't out for long, as they are our best winger and centre mid respectively.
  8. I could do, or I could just dig out your two week long man tantrum every month for five years.
  9. Not a terrible comparison, only caveat is that Pritchard did have a bad injury history (even before joining us) so wear and tear is partly to blame for his decline.
  10. You are a very confused man canarydan23. You basically had a man tantrum when we sacked Farke, yet don't seem to trust his opinion when he bombed him out of the first team picture. Bizarre. I don't think you quite understand the concept of a prediction canarydan23, you don't have to immediately "prove" a prediction, it is proven right or wrong with time. You really are a bit thick aren't you. I predict that Cantwell will have a career as a Championship journeyman, you think that he's got a future in the Premier League. And the smart people will lean towards agreeing with me when they think with their heads and not their hearts. Bookmark and refer back to this in 5 years, that's really the only place this exchange can go.
  11. Anthony Pilkington literally played a League One game 10 days ago you complete melt,
  12. Not at all, I'm talking about his future as a Championship journeyman like Lee Tomlin following his abject failure to apply himself at this level this season.. I don't feel like it would be fair on Pilkington to compare him with Cantwell, because we got two good seasons out of Pilkington in this league and both helped us considerably towards achieving mid-table finishes. Cantwell looked alright in our worst ever top tier side (statistically) and then went completely missing in our hour of need. I think we should wash our hands with him and persevere with Sargent and Tsoliz, they will improve and come without all the drama and baggage, cut him loose and wish him luck. I don't consider it particularly likely that Cantwell will kick another ball in the Premier League after leaving us. It would be good if he proved me wrong, but only he can do that, I'm just saying that I don't think he will. Three weeks from Farke going public about his need to train hard to going into Dean Smith's first starting XI and looking out of breathe within 20 minutes. He's done, and it is down to him. We need the right characters in the first team squad for a relegation battle, not players who go missing.
  13. Just remember that Pilkington scored 8 and then 6 in Cantwell's position in our team in this league, and never played in the Premier League again after leaving. He was also better than Cantwell, what with him being ambidextrous.
  14. You can remember when DJ Campbell scored 13 though can't you. He can't dine out forever on looking half decent in a very poor team two years ago, his form was very patchy in the Championship last season and he's looked well below the required standard so far this season. You can disagree, that's fine, but only one man can prove me right or wrong... and that's Todd Cantwell.
  15. Look I'm pleased that Smith is giving us a shot in the arm and that we're giving every game a go, its a breathe of fresh air. But how have we left ourselves this reliant on an almost 32 year old striker who picks up injuries now and again, who exactly leads the line when Pukki has a few weeks out with a groin or hamstring strain when we try playing him for 90 minutes twice a week over the congested Christmas period? There isn't sufficient depth in quality in some areas of the pitch, I think we need 3 players in January and yet I can't see anybody we can get serious money for in January to fund it, I suppose we might still find a taker for Aarons but I can't see it being £40m, much closer to half that.
  16. I have no idea what is going on with Aarons, its since he shaved his hair off - maybe he needs to grow it back. Cantwell is finished, if anybody offers us a few million in January then just take it - I honestly think he's destined for a career as an average Championship and League One journeyman now, good as a crowd pleaser with the odd moment of magic but not got the mentality or attitude to succeed at the top, he's the new Lee Tomlin. Cut our losses.
  17. Don't think this summer was the window to buy two raw prospects though, when we needed goals. That's about £17m spent on Sargent and Tsoliz and neither looks ready for this level yet.
  18. Could have at least given him some credit for the Giannoulis substitution which saw him whip that cross in for Pukki to bury?
  19. Age goes up not down, he was 19 when we signed him.
  20. Glad to have him and he's giving it a proper go. but let's be honest, he's not got a great deal to work with has he. Lose two of his best players and we've got a Championship midfield. Questions still need to be asked about the quality of our summer business.
  21. Forget about Cantwell, he's finished, be in League One before you know it.
  22. I don't disagree, but remember Idah came on against tired legs.
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