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  1. Yep, born in Colwyn Bay and 4 caps for the Wales U23's!
  2. Its funny how players are perceived internally and how they are perceived externally. I mention the legend Ian Crook to fans of other clubs and nobody has ever heard of him or remembers him. They usually just say "Jeremy Goss", yet he was average relative to our squad during his time here and only got a handful of Wales caps. And you never hear Norwich fans talk about Efan Ekoku, but in terms of his career legacy he won the African Cup of Nations (while a Norwich player!) and beat the record for most goals scored in a Premier League game, although that was beaten not too long after! I mentioned Mark Bowen in this thread as the best full back we've ever had and somebody did a laugh reaction, yet probably wouldn't if I mentioned Jeremy Goss, yet Mark Bowen played 399 games for us and won 43 caps for Wales.... Jeremy Goss played half as many games in 4 more seasons, was often on the bench behind better players and won 9 Wales caps! Jeremy Goss had a worldie in him and pulled some famous match winning moments out of the bag, but was otherwise a pretty average player.
  3. I think in society in general, and 'footballer' is just a job, there is much less loyalty from employers to employees so I don't see why it would be any different the other way. Look how Roeder rewarded Huckerby's loyalty, by announcing his departure after the final home game of the season so only a couple of thousand away fans got to say goodbye!
  4. Difficult one, I still think Mark Bowen is our best ever full back. Possibly him.
  5. He'd make him pay for 2 x £50 premier home memberships and then tell him there's no tickets left
  6. Just to add a few more Scottish players to the mix.... Ian Murray, Stephen Hughes, Mark Fotheringham, Alan Gow. Definitely had our fair share of dross from Scotland! Now we've had some real quality from Wales.... Mark Bowen, Craig Bellamy, David Phillips, Ron Davies, Jeremy Goss, Iwan Roberts, and our manager Mike Walker. Wales the clear winner!
  7. Possibly. The annoying thing is that we had room for a couple more without having to remove anybody from the registered squad. So we could have been loyal to all those guys but still added a bit more competition. But would a couple more £1 million players have made any difference? Unless you are dropping £10m on a player I don't know how it could have made a real difference really, proven quality and exciting prospects cost money. I admire the way Celtic do business, they seem to find really good younger players at a good price and sell them on at a big profit. Done it time and time again, hit the jackpot again with this latest striker who is their Dembele replacement.
  8. Just some bloke who looks a bit like Tim Krul.
  9. Well Keith from Boyzone looks a bit like Norwich's number 1!
  10. A Gala Bingo advert starring Tim Krul? Please tell me I haven't?
  11. In the bible belt and the third world they offer gay conversion therapies, in the past these have included things like electric shock treatment, and the gay communities response to these is that you are born gay and can't choose your sexuality. But then Philip Schofield manages to stay married to a woman for 27 years, clearly liked a bit of fanny as he made two kids, then becomes gay in his fifties. So what is it, are you born gay or can you develop into a gay? When this stops becoming a shock, as the last old fashioned people die out, will the next big thing be well known gay people coming out as straight in their fifties? Now that we know your sexuality can change over time? And does this mean that the bible belt people are correct? Or is he actually bisexual, and if he is then why didn't he just say so?
  12. Didn't we finish 3rd in the Premier League with big Chris Sutton up front, and 11th and 12th in the Premier League with big Grant Holt?
  13. Norwich fans have a very good reason to dislike Liverpool, particularly fans from a certain generation.
  14. He isn't "looking for another club", he has already joined an "unnamed club", which is what it says in the article you linked in!
  15. Release, will have an alright career but isn't good enough for a top 26 club.
  16. We've put him under too much pressure to score goals because we haven't got goals in our midfield, apart from Cantwell (who has actually relied on Pukki creating his chances!). Been obvious for a long time that we don't have enough goals in this side, because we lack quality. That's why talk of miracles is just silly.
  17. That would make programming very long some weeks, they've got a limited amount of time to work with. If West Ham - Brighton is 3-3, and Everton - Watford is 3-2, and Leicester - Chelsea is 2-2, and Liverpool - Southampton is 4-0. How much coverage of a 0-0 draw can we expect? Also, why do you want the nation to see that we fluffed all of our chances and couldn't score in a brothel? Is that a source of pride?
  18. How much coverage can you expect of a 0-0 draw between two bottom half teams.... when there were so many goals elsewhere yesterday? 23 to be precise.
  19. He's started 2 games We need to spend money on a defensive midfielder, as simple as that. Unless this French kid is ready.
  20. We struggle to score goals as it is, so playing with two defensive midfielders really wouldn't have helped us this season. We just didn't have enough quality in this squad.
  21. Squad player possibly for one more season, but right now he's first choice in the Premier League and in the summer we need to sign the DM that we come up with next time, and this time we really need to get this signing spot on. Finding the Tettey successor has to be a priority in the summer, its crucial.
  22. I'm impressed by how he's managed to hold his own so often this season. But I think he's showing the first signs of physical decline and decline is unfortunately usually pretty rapid in footballers of his age. Even Roy Keane went from World Class to unable to make an impact in the SPL within the space of about a year. We're in danger of clinging on a year too long out of sentiment like we did Russell Martin. He's 34 in April, which means he'll be 35 by the time we win promotion again next season. I'm just being realistic here, there's a limit to how much more we'll be squeezing out of his player and those young fit Newcastle players left him for dead several times today, just looked like an old man. I still think we should be preparing to say goodbye here, got a hunch that he's reaching the end. I can't see Webber extending his deal, could have done so by now couldn't he? I'm sure he'll manage another season or two back in Norway.
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