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  1. 23 minutes ago, Thirsty Lizard said:

    Use Ecosia!!

    Highly flawed most of these 'plant a tree' things.

    They plant trees where doing so is cheapest (22 euro cents per tree they manage), not necessarily where their CO2 is released, and you don't need to be a scientist to work out why that is a flawed model.

    Ecosia are a good example of such an organisation, planting mainly in Brazil and Bukino Faso. Better than not planting at all, but the trees are not going to absorb the CO2 created by the Amazon AWS data centres it uses in the UK.

  2. 11 minutes ago, curious yellow said:

    Have we got enough room in the squad? 

    Loads you would think.. remember that Idah, Tsoliz, Gilmour, Williams, Omobamidele, and Mumba don't count towards the 25 as they are under 21 (and there is a cut off point so not even sure that Kabak, Sargent and Aarons do this season, but can't be bothered to check their date of birth).

  3. 3 hours ago, Commonsense said:

    He actually scored ONE premier goal. 

    I mean.... Mitrovic only scored 3 last season.

    Drmic only started 7 league games! 

    These little details are important for context.

    If there is no budget for a striker in January, but we can recall either one of Drmic or Hugill then I'd fully support Dean Smith bringing one or both of them back as we are clearly desperately short in that position.

    And of the two.... the one with the spring in his step is almost certainly going to be Drmic... Hugill is struggling at West Brom.

  4. I don't understand why both of you are writing in varied font sizes.

    But yes I understand that the loan agreement will stipulate whether a player can be recalled.

    Unfortunately I doubt anybody at the club would have contemplating putting one in Drmic's agreement and as a bomb squad member they would have just wanted him gone? 

  5. 3 minutes ago, BurwellCanary said:

    Whilst Drmic is not playing top flight football 'The on-loan Swiss international has eight in 11 games so far this season to fire Rijeka top of the Croatian league'

    Surely yesterdays game just highlights the need to score goals from good play and creating chances

    We cant leave it all to one man

    Drmic back?

    He has 13 in 17

    He's better than Idah at this stage in his career, and will have a point to prove to Farke. 


  6. 18 minutes ago, lake district canary said:

    Eh?  How was Drmic treated poorly?  He was given plenty of chances and failed pretty much every time.

    Having his manager tell the press that he was injured when he wasn't (that happened to more than one player didn't it) and being forced to get changed in a shed at Colney to keep him away from other players is quite disrespectful to a 35 cap International footballer I feel.

    There were plenty as bad as him following the restart in that season, felt pretty obvious that we were trying to make things miserable for him so he'd walk away from his contract. 

    In the second half of that last Premier League season he really wasn't any worse than Pukki, whole squad was completely devoid of confidence.

  7. On 26/11/2021 at 13:08, Hank shoots Skyler said:

    Fair play TVB, your reputation for criticising Webber precedes you... I had automatically read Buh's post the way it was meant to be read and your response as a rebuttal - apologies. 

    ''Noice! Can’t argue he’s NOT had a huge impact here''

    I respect Webber for being decisive and sacking Farke, he's been brave and backed himself and his signings over sticking with a promotion specialist, and he's well on the way to being vindicated.

    Webber got his slate wiped clean with me, even if I have to use Kensell as a convenient scapegoat for a few other decisions 😂

  8. Whatever happens in this game now I f*cking love Dean Smith and the way he's got us playing.

    Reminds me of Paul Lambert circa-2012, players believing that they belong in this league, not being afraid of teams who have more technical ability and top tier mind games bringing on Tsoliz at the same time as Traore to mess with whatever the opposition bench had sat planning on their iPad and to counter and neutralise any psychological boost it would give Wolves.

    Dean Smith is a Premier League manager. 

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  9. 6 hours ago, AJ said:

    Whoever it has on it, a mug for a quid or so is still good, and whether they are still here or not they were a massive part under the rebuild project under Farke that got us where we are today. It’s a shame it ended like it did for Leitner, I remember very well some of those championship games in our promotion season where he looked an absolute class above but unfortunately far too inconsistent with those performances to make it in the PL

    If I were Leitner or Godfrey I'd buy the entire stock at £1 each, be a laugh when they are 45 and dishing them out to podcast presenters like Under the Cosh as souvenirs lol

    I've purchased myself a Pukki and an Onel, how can you not love them two, even if Onel signed for Ipswich I'd just dismiss that as him not understanding this alien land and still love him.

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