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  1. I guess this is something that the club will keep to themselves as usual...lets face it at present they only announce statements on what they feel is good news. Well I was one of the season ticket holders who had their ticket "automatically" renewed back in February, as part of the 12 month interest free payment scheme. Under this scheme, if you did not advise the club by the end of Feb, that you wanted to cancel then the assumption was that you wanted to renew for next season. I wonder how many of the 18,000 renewed in the same way?? After all back in Feb, we didn''t know if we would avoid relegation, nor how Bryan and the "Dream Team" would do. So a very clever move by the club, as most of the people that I know who had this option, said that they would wait until the end of the season before deciding what to do.Since we got relegated, I decided to wait to see what action would be taken, both at board and managerial level, to ensure that we stand every chance of getting promoted, or at least make the play offs. Well know we now, that our board consider that a management team with a record of - played 19, won 5, drawn 5 and LOST 9!! - is the recipe for success, in what is going to be a very tough league. Not to mention the fact that we lost 5 out of our last 6 games!So to confirm your thoughts above, I am now one of the season ticket holders, who has decided to cancel, and will be asking for a refund of the monthly payments that I have already made towards next seasons ticket. Its not something I thought that I would do, but for me, enough is enough. Once again, the board has made a very poor decision in appointing the manager (Gunn was a great player and a great ambassador for the club - but in my opinion is too inexperienced for the job that lies ahead), and yet again are just taking us for mugs!! I can also confirm, that all of the other 5 people who sit with me have decided to do the same this week. For us the appt of BG, IC and IB was the final straw.I hope that come December, I look back and think that I made a big mistake, as we sit at the top of League 1, but I really fear that this will not be the case, and even worse is still to come.
  2. HiI have 2 tickets available for the Charlton game, in the South Stand Block C.Coach tickets also available if required.If anyone is interested, in these, drop me a message.
  3. [quote user="Hoolahoop"]Is that headline meant to be a joke!?[/quote] Nope, apparantly we are fielding our youth team.....might even stand a chance!!
  4. [quote user="Graham Humphrey"]I can''t help but notice several people have missed out Bell. This says a lot about his impact on the match. [/quote] Did he play?????????
  5. No doubt that he was in poor form....but could this be another case of a manager not getting the best out of the players that he has.......seems that JC has rediscovered his form!
  6. Have to agree that Doc & Croft were definitely our best players today....and both gave 100%, which in some cases looked to be 100% more than others. Hard to say who had the worst game, becuase there were too many poor performances to pick from!
  7. Hard to find 3 on current form! Doncaster managed 6 points from the Xmas period compared to our 3, and Forest showed yesterday, that currently they have more fight than us! Only 2  I can see below us at the moment are Charlton (worst team I have seen for ages, and we still only just beat them 1-0), and Soton. I think that a big reality check is on its way to Carrow Road, with League 1 and administration a real possibility.
  8. I don''t think that it really matters what is done, either by way of protests, or boycotting the game, as to me it seems that the damage that has been done over the last 3 seasons will take a lot of time to be repaired. Unfortunately, unless there are 3 teams that remain worse than us during the second half of the season, I truly believe that we will be in league one, before any potential remedies have time to work for the better. I for one will not be at the Barnsley game, not because I don''t care, but because I cannot stand to watch an NCFC team that shows such a dreadful lack of passion and committment to our shirt!! Yesterday Forest, had both of these in abundance! Perhaps if there were enough empty seats at the home games, the board and the management would start to take some notice, and wake up to how badly in decline our club is (although I wouldn''t count on it!!). At the moment, they just do not deserve the fantastic support they are getting week in week out. 
  9. You seem to think that booing upsets our players!! Just visit the VIP lounge of a local nightclub to see how upset they really are!!
  10. Great post. I can however understand that maybe a lot of people were laughing and joking, in an attempt to cheer themselves up after watching yet another dreadful game!! The last two home games, Forest and Charlton are the worst that I have seen for years!! I find the lack of passion from these so called "professional" footballers very worrying, and on this form League 1 is looking more and more certain. I have had a season ticket for years, but vowed that if we did not take 6 points from Forest and Charlton, which lets be real, was essential, that I would not go again until some dramatic changes are made, and pride and passion for the club on the pitch returns!! So for the time being, thats the last time I will be going to Carrow Road, as it seems to me that the only thing that will make an impact is empty seats!
  11. Interesting to see that people are saying that Robinson is now the worst ever City player. He did have a poor game on Saturday, although personally I felt that Etuhu was far worse, as did most papers, giving him the lowest marks. It''s all well saying that these players should be dropped, but who have we got to replace them with? I think our midfield contributes to most of the problems, as we lack any quality players. This means that our forwards never get good service, and the defence is always under pressure because we give the ball away so cheaply. Any combination of Hughes, Etuhu, Robinson, Safri and McVeigh, in my opinion, is not going to give us a midfield that dominate games. With the exception of McVeigh, who just seems to have lost his way at present, the others are average players at best, who were signed by a manager who squandered what money he had (Hucks and Ashton obvious exceptions!!). Perhaps the board will give PG some much need funds, to get some new blood in our dire midfield come January, although somehow I won''t be holding my breath.
  12. QPR away easy? I take it that you didn''t go there last year then?? If you can recall, that was one of away day "belters"!! 3-0 down inside twenty minutes, and a shambolic display. Hmm sounds like Plymouth away, except we managed a consolation goal! I really can''t see how its going to change overnight, when our away form has been so dreadful for the last 3 seasons. Somehow, even if we do manage to win these next two games, I think a decision has been made, from which there is no return.
  13. I don''t think that you can argue that during his first three years, Worthy did bring success to the club. Certainly the promotion season was his highlight, largely due to the signings of Crouch & Huckerby. These were inspired, and gave the season the kick start it needed to lead us to winning The Championship. Unfortunately in football, that is now light years away from where we are today, and his acheivements since then, have been at best average, and at worst an utter shambles. I think its fair to say, that he has taken us full circle, and is now at the end of his career with Norwich. I just feel its a shame that he has hasn''t got the dignity to admit, that he can take our club no further, and resign. It would be better for him, the club, the supporters, rather then hang around for the inevitable to happen. Maybe I''m cynical, but could this possibly be down to wanting a pay off to go?? I hope not, and still would like to think that he will do the right thing.
  14. Yes he has had some successes, but they are all in the past. What has he acheived since we won The Championship. Does relegation count as a success, or how about capitulating at Fulham when all we needed was a point to maintian Premiership status. How many successes did we have last season, especially away from Carrow Road, and how many so far this season. 6 wins out of our last 47 away games in the league.......says it all. While that form continues, we will never get promotion. Time for a change, while we still have three quarters of the season left.
  15. Shrimper......nice thought, but absolutely no chance, especially as you missed out the two away games at QPR and Birmingham, where I expect us to get NIL points if you know who is still in charge. Would love to know if you go to the away games....if you do, then you must see that there is no way, under the current set up that we will get enough points away from home to make the play offs.
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