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  1. People are going to turn off no doubt. There’s no point in celebrating anymore
  2. At the end of the day that could be the decision that keeps you up or not.
  3. Where’s the angle from above? They not got one? Well there is no point of the one view from the side is there?
  4. I’ve said this for a while. You only see one angle! It’s up to the person watching the tv so it’s one interpretation. So let’s have the refs view point?? As a blue I’m always up to conspiracy. Liverpool are having the lions share of these decisions. The fact it’s not on the screens with the ref commenting on it like the nfl is embarrassing. They are taking the fans for mugs
  5. Sat in a pub on the Wirral watching it on my own and the whole pub was in uproar. His foot was clearly behind the defender. It’s horrible. It was such a good goal by pukki. The game is gone and made up with your fans singing as much. It’s just **** lads it really is.
  6. Hi everyone, I posted on your site after you’re first few games how impressed I was with your team. Cantwell especially. Gutted to see you have lost your way a bit. I think you just need a spark to get your season going till Christmas and then you need to invest. Especially a goal scorer. Wouldn’t be surprised a 0-0 tommorow
  7. Absolutely deserved the three points today. That second goal was such good forward play by Pukki. I want city to win every game unless they play us because Liverpool are flying but I was made up for you. My boy cantwell scored again
  8. Can’t see how after 3 prem games that he has done enough to get in the England squad. Are England that short in the position?
  9. When I first saw him against liverpool I was watching it with my stepdad who puts the tv on so low you can’t hear owt. I just thought it was some elegant foreign player that you had. Once I got his name i just felt inclined to post on here about him. I like watching young players come from nowhere. Same thing when I saw Maddison for Leicester in his first game I thought wow he’s a serious talent. Think the under 21’s would be a good a start for him. He might get invited to train with the full squad like Tom davies did and mason mount.
  10. Didn’t see the game today. Sounded a good game. Good thing is you have a tough start fixture wise and you haven’t looked out of place at all. Apart from the silly mistakes at analfield. Interested about this Godfrey lad your talking about I’ll keep an eye out for him.
  11. Really poor performance last night. Gomes was awful and Wesley bullied Keane all game. We wasted a lot of chances but Calvert lewin isn’t the answer and Walcott can do one aswell. Villa aren’t very good so we got what we deserved. Looks like we are going to miss gana and would be handy if Delph would get fit. Ruined my weekend
  12. Not much not to like on a night like this. Lovely evening hopefully a decent match. Fancy us to win but as evertonians you know there’s a kick in the **** coming. It’s the hope that kills you eh?
  13. I read about RVW the other day. He hurt his head in a match and went for a scan and found a tumour on his brain. Lucky guy. Looking forward to the match tonight
  14. Pulisic looks like he is getting more up to speed with the prem but I don’t think you have anything to worry about. They are pretty poor upfront. I really don’t rate Abraham’s. Kante is obviously a beast in midfield but I think your lads will be full of confidence. All the pressure is on them. If you put a gun to my head I’d say 1-1 but no reason why you can’t get three points
  15. I never knew Martin peters played for you. Sutton or dean ashton would be good alongside pukki. But being biased you could do with a Dave Watson at the back. Great player for us.
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