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  1. I think the euros being cancelled took its toll on Pukki. That was the peak of his career and to have the break and it cancelled for a year would have hit him hard following the run he was on the 18 months beforehand
  2. What's getting me is sky pitying villa for "bad luck" all season. Mentioning one injury and saying they have had no luck from var. Nonsense
  3. I spoke to the club yesterday as was looking to use a pass to watch the games last night. They are being issued to the club today then emails sent out later today was what I was told
  4. 9As can see I rarely post but I have another annoyance about yesterday. Why was Lewis not sent off for the 'handball' in build up to first goal. Surely it was denying a goal scoring opportunity and by handling he was not making a genuine challenge for the ball so a red? Had this happened it would have gone to var and surely they would have seen the offside or foul? If I am missing something would be good to know
  5. Long shot but if anyone in the city can't make it a mate of mine is looking for a ticket?
  6. I am in London for a couple of days and wondering if anyone has any suggestions for where to watch the game tonight? I will be around the Brixton area before but if there are good places to travel to would rather not be sat with just Liverpool fans. Thanks in advance
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