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  1. Yarmyed is absolutely spot on. How often do we celebrate success? Not often enough. We are in our rightful position based on the dog''s breakfast of the past 5 years. I don''t give a flying f*** if Delia and her acolytes hijack it - I''ll be there to celebrate an amazing turnaround. It might be another generation before we win anything again.

    ***Cue Handbag***

    Just got to win the thing now!

  2. ["Pablo Picarsole"]I like your sign off piece, DM. It was one of the late, great Eric Morecambe''s (hilarious) lines to Andre "Preview", after an appalling piece of piano playing, wasn''t it?

    Yes it was was Pablo. One of the funniest pieces of comedy ever! Eric''s timing alone has me on the floor laughing every time and I can never tire of watching it. I use it because it seems to sum up how most people on this board have some great things to say but sometimes they don''t quite get it across how they meant to!

  3. Whatever the opinion of Nelson earlier in the season (my heart always sank when I realised he was in in the squad too) he has been pretty solid with Doc lately and has earned the right to keep the shirt. Unlucky as Askou is with injury, he has to wait for his place. Agreed though that Nelson and Rose playing together do give me certain palpitations at times...!

  4. Lamberts judgement has been sound so far. I reckon he is bringing him in as cover for the rest of the season and maybe to help the guy restore some confidence. Can''t see it being a permanent move. Reading the PNE message boards, there is no love lost and they are rubbing their hands above the short term wage saving.

  5. You ain''t missing much. It''s badly presented by an ex-scummer who looks like Sophie Eliis-Bextor and has guests of the quality of Pete Winkleman. It ain''t worth your time and blood pressure to watch articles on Simon Milton and hand-wringing corporate team at The Piggery on matchdays. Admittedly the article on Martin Paters this week was interesting but you can pick up all 4 minutes of this on your PC.

  6. I''m normally only interested in the division City are in. I haven''t really paid much attention to the Championship this season (apart from watching the Pigs struggle with embarrassment and hide their heads in the sand about the threat of relegation). I don''t bother with the Prem either - it seems a million miles away to me. So, as far as League 1 is concerned next year, I reckon I won''t be paying that much attention to Leeds yet again pi55ing a good start up the wall and Southampton walking away with it!
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