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  1. You ain''t missing much. It''s badly presented by an ex-scummer who looks like Sophie Eliis-Bextor and has guests of the quality of Pete Winkleman. It ain''t worth your time and blood pressure to watch articles on Simon Milton and hand-wringing corporate team at The Piggery on matchdays. Admittedly the article on Martin Paters this week was interesting but you can pick up all 4 minutes of this on your PC.
  2. I''m normally only interested in the division City are in. I haven''t really paid much attention to the Championship this season (apart from watching the Pigs struggle with embarrassment and hide their heads in the sand about the threat of relegation). I don''t bother with the Prem either - it seems a million miles away to me. So, as far as League 1 is concerned next year, I reckon I won''t be paying that much attention to Leeds yet again pi55ing a good start up the wall and Southampton walking away with it!
  3. Yeovil are no mugs and ther''ll be 1 goal in it - 1-0...or 12-11. Something like that.
  4. March Is The Month! An Outstanding Performance To Get This Close To An Instant Return To The Championship So Quickly! Well Done and "Come On You Yellows!"
  5. The bloke is odious. The best thing is that Franchise Fc are 9 points adrift of Millwall and the play off positions too so unlikely to be coming up this year. I reckon/hope the bubble has burst. Who else is on apart from Sophie Ellis-Bextor presenting it?
  6. Isn''t Whitbread still injured Murray....? Band meeting...
  7. In the early years of 3 points for a win, Division 3/League 2/League 1/the third tier produced quite a few relegations with relatively high points totals - all from 46 games; 1981-82 Wimbledon - 53 points 1982-83 Reading - 53 points 1988-89 Southend - 54 points 1993-94 Fulham - 52 points Move over Motty - my anorak''s bigger than yours!
  8. You scored: 10 / 10 You scored 150 points. The average score for this quiz: 6 / 10 I am officially an NCFC smartar5e. I scored just 2 out of 15 on the Metallica Lyrics Quiz - but I am just as proud of that!
  9. Agreed - can''t be bothered with this any more. I haven''t watched this on Saturday night for weeks. I''m lucky enough to be able to Sky+ it. Wind it on to about 25 minutes on a Sunday morning to see our nanoseconds of action - then delete it. So this means... *No naff emails from supporters of clubs I don''t care about. *No Steve Claridge patronising any club other than those he played for. (Do they still have that caption for him that tells you how many trillions of leagues games he played? Why does this make his opinions any more entertaining or valid?) *And definately no watching Manish skip past our name in the table to talk about Leeds.
  10. I''m in for a sleepless night - I''ve just remembered Elvis Hammond too.
  11. Lambert is far too canny for that. Having a go at the fans was the catalyst that brought about Roeder''s downfall (thank Christ!). There are a few fans out there expecting us to hammer teams at home. Apart from Southampton, teams are turning up for a point and this is frustrating them. Although those fans are not necessarily booing or moaning, they are not encouraging either. The difference between the first 75 minutes against Sarfend and the the last 15 was huge. The will for us to score that winner must''ve made a difference to the players. Why can''t we get the hang of this earlier?
  12. The list of names that turns my dreams into nightmares is lengthy. I''ve cobbled together a teamful. The record books will show them as wearing yellow and green - but can you remember their contributions...? Michael Watt, Keith Briggs, Kevin Scott, Victor Segura, Steve Walsh, Ged Brannon, Paul Hughes, Des Hamilton, Garry Brady, Tony Cottee, Paul Peschisolido, Trevor Benjamin, Keith Scott, Sorry if I''ve disturbed your Sunday night with this horror show - I''m off to lie down in a darkened room.
  13. I would have to say Korey Smith has stood out in his own right in Darel''s absence. He made a difference coming on against Sarfend and played a huge part in rescuing 3 points for us.
  14. Smudger is spot on here. Martin has proved he has the ability to score at either end of a game and is a potential match winner in a very different way to Oli. Yes, Oli is a revelation - but only, it seems, when introduced for the last 20 minutes. Martin has looked a lazy ar5e at times but is the best finisher we have at Carra Rud by miles.
  15. I get 47 points for us but didn''t get the time to predict the other scores to compile a full table. I am now praying that there are three teams worse than us. I''m guessing that Charlton will be one. Southampton too and I am hoping that Plymouth continue their excellent run of form too. I have also predicted that Ipswich will also be docked all their points for this season and for the next decade too - just for being the arrogant bunch of ****** they are.  
  16. Once again an imflammatory opinion has turned into a slanging match. Personally, I have the opinion that protests now will achieve nothing constructive in terms of keeping City up. Staying away in the summer and refusing to renew would be the most effective method of getting the message across that you don''t like what you see - in the same way we should choose not to reply to the original poster of this thread. Now the windows are closed, the ONLY way we can influence how many points we stay up by is by recreating the atmosphere at Carra Rud we had for the Wolves, Scum and Barnsley games and taking as many as we can for the away games too. Protest is not essential - your support is.                
  17. Another ''older'' chant I used to hear at away games - and was very pleased to be able to resurrect this season - was to the tune of (Do The) Hustle by Van McCoy... Do do do do do do do do do...Darel Russell! Erm...Always made me chuckle anyway!    
  18. Agreed! Roeder must be trusted - the results so far speak for themselves. Hands up if you''d heard of Matty Patty, Shed or Plastic Bertrand before December. Let''s see what today''s signings can do - they''re on loan and could therefore become permanent before 28th April - everybody loves to try before they buy! He knows what he''s doing.        
  19. Whether he''s definate or just confident, I trust the guy to bring in the right players for the squad. I would love them to be signings rather than loanees to start building for next season but , whatever they are, I am just happy to be talking about rebuilding rather than looking for some desperate stop-gaps to avoid relegation. It''s nice to speculate but we shall just have to see what Thursday brings us and I won''t be refreshing my Browser every 20 seconds to see the latest rumour. (Ok that last bit was a lie...)      
  20. Have to say, this is my favourite. http://stats.football365.com/dom/ENG/D1/attend.html Whatever the form or league table says, this one proves what a phenomenally loyal support and fan base the club has, especially considering the turbulent times we''ve had recently. How many other clubs at our level can boast this following if their form had been the same? Maybe that''s rhetorical...hello...is we8wba there?
  21. I couldn''t agree with your posts more! There were at least 20,000 people in the ground who were scratching their heads at the formation Duffy persevered with. Worthington and Grant were also both guilty of waiting too long before making the changes that fans could see were needed. Huckerby is and has always been strongest down the left - end of. I can''t think of a single occasion when he has played on the right in a winning side. How many more goals are we going to concede down our left flank? Wednesday, Cardiff & Brizzel City (and probably others I can''t think of now) all waltzed down this wing to either score or cross for goals. If Duffy is being considered for the job then I hope yesterday proved helpful to the board.
  22. ...whoever the new gaffer is, will they get any cash to build their own team or will they have to work with Grant''s squad? We might get a fantastic manager, but can he turn sows ears into silk purses? Anybody know what the stuation is with this?
  23. Hmmnnn...Mad Dog could be a good call. We could do a lot worse - he did well at The Artist Formerly Known As Wimbledon and had a steady start at Brentford. His pedigree at Championship level is a question mark though after they took the p**s out of him at Leicester after 4 games. So I still reckon we need somebody with some nous in managing in the top two divisions. Is Paul Jewell definately a no-go now that Little Sam has left Bolton? Hold on...Sammy Lee is available now...would he consider coming to us...OK, I''ll get me coat...
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