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  1. The former...and they have to reform as Carthorse FC.
  2. On what basis do you get that far though...? You''d need a lobotomy first.
  3. That would be harsh but so well deserved. I live/work with a few binners and the thing they just couldn''t get their heads round was that the mysterious Mr Evans merely bought their debt. They owe him now and he strikes me as the sort of man who will want a return. Remember when their ''legends'' stopped getting the free biscuits in their hospitality suite? I hope that''s the tip of massive iceberg!
  4. Getting back to the Prem and then treating it like a busman''s holiday. Going 14 games without a victory and continuing to smile. Yes, prudence is important but this was silly and it only served to start a chain of poor decisions...Grant...Roeder...Gunn
  5. Calm down boys! Aaron - I get the feeling you did not think through your original post. What purpose finding out what people would pay for Leeds tickets fulfils I can''t quite fathom out. Lets forget it now and move on...now, go on shake...
  6. "Doin'', doin'' the canary. Doin'' doin the canary..." Sadly yes! Thanks for the link DC - It''ll be on my phone before the day is out!
  7. Yarmyed is absolutely spot on. How often do we celebrate success? Not often enough. We are in our rightful position based on the dog''s breakfast of the past 5 years. I don''t give a flying f*** if Delia and her acolytes hijack it - I''ll be there to celebrate an amazing turnaround. It might be another generation before we win anything again. ***Cue Handbag*** Just got to win the thing now!
  8. I''ll bet he pulls the wings off flies just to see what happens.
  9. ["Pablo Picarsole"]I like your sign off piece, DM. It was one of the late, great Eric Morecambe''s (hilarious) lines to Andre "Preview", after an appalling piece of piano playing, wasn''t it? Yes it was was Pablo. One of the funniest pieces of comedy ever! Eric''s timing alone has me on the floor laughing every time and I can never tire of watching it. I use it because it seems to sum up how most people on this board have some great things to say but sometimes they don''t quite get it across how they meant to!
  10. Whatever the opinion of Nelson earlier in the season (my heart always sank when I realised he was in in the squad too) he has been pretty solid with Doc lately and has earned the right to keep the shirt. Unlucky as Askou is with injury, he has to wait for his place. Agreed though that Nelson and Rose playing together do give me certain palpitations at times...!
  11. Champions - with style. Nice if the Binners went down but I reckon they are embarrassed enough already after a shocking season - especially after all the mouth about ''Top Class manager'', ''Millions in the bank'', ''Premiership in 2 years''...yawn
  12. Allow me to be the first to declare it bril...Morty is right, it''s ****. BUT it clearly has had a little more thought afforded to it than "We fu****g love Grant Holt".
  13. Anybody from outside Norfolk is foreign to me...who does that leave?
  14. Very good - dare you to add the Carthorse''s Cock now.
  15. How about "Giant Carthorse''s Cock Airbrushed From Binner''s Hand To Pass Messageboard Censorship"?
  16. There''s something not quite right about Mrs Binner''s picture...it''s been digitally altered to remove some of the fingers on that hand.
  17. Still can''t find "The Canaries" but, bizarrely I''ve found the B-side - Norwich City Calypso... http://abmp3.com/download/5582943-norwich-city-calypso.html They don''t make ''em like this anymore - you can keep yer Dizzee Rascals and yer Lady Gagas - Chic Applin for me everytime!
  18. I want them to bring "The Canaries" back - like they did a couple of seasons back. BTW - if anybody has an mp3 version of this I would be most grateful - I''ve searched the web high and low but can''t find it anywhere.
  19. To change the course of the thread slightly to "Songs Scum Should Run Out To", I''ll start it off with "Sugar, We''re Going Down" by Fallout Boy.
  20. The guy - as honest as he is - won''t cut it in The Championship. OK at this level but the step up will be too much. Goes missing at times and isn''t incisive enough in the tackle. Drury won''t go on forever so this will be a position Lambert needs to fix.
  21. I''ve just woken up after the mother of all hangovers and I cannot believe what I am reading on this thread. Whether these are binners or Leeds fans or whatever on here - the best thing is to ignore it. If you don''t respond then they won''t...oh bu99er...!
  22. John Deehan. Scumville has always seemed like another country to me,
  23. I''ve seen better threads on Phil Mulryne in Fifth Avenue.
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