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  1. [quote user="Graham Humphrey"]Is it just me or is he genuinely the worst player to grace the Carrow Road turf this season?  Apart from a fine bodycheck on Russell Martin (which somehow escaped a booking) I have no idea what use he actually is.  Not bad for a player who was/is being paid, what, about £75,000 a week?  Nice work if you can get it.  No wonder Portsmouth ended up in such a mess. [/quote] He was truly awful, misplaced passes, late tackles, poor ball control - no useful contribution whatsoever. He reminded me of Ali Dia - the guy who fooled Souness at Southampton by telling him he was George Weah''s cousin. I think he was brought on as a sub but ended up being substituted before the end of the game. There must be some Youtube footage out there somewhere. Can we get Utaka''s agent to give Roy Keane a call - I think he would enhance the team Scum brought to the derby and hopefully further Agent Roy''s plan for League One football.          
  2. No. But Crofts does remind me of Kirk off of Corrie.  
  3. [quote user="Coelho"][quote user="26mjw"]Yes, he threw it at the ref. Though, those of you worrying about Nelson being back in the team, it''s worth remembering he was playing fine before he got injured. Admittedly it might be a stretch to go straight back in in good form, but we''ve nothing to worry about with him in there.[/quote]He does the nuts and bolts well (winning headers, crunching tackles, intercepting passes), but his distribution is shocking compared to Barnett, and I fear we will notice that over the coming matches. Let''s just hope that we see Good-Ward rather than Bad-Ward in the next few weeks... he needs to cut out the Jekyll and Hyde performances and lead by example now.[/quote] Why are we assuming Nelson will return? I reckon Jens Berthel Askou is worth another go if we are worried about distribution....[*cringes and waits for vitriolic onslaught*]
  4. [quote user="beaver"]If i could just add my point!!! David Nugent is a cock!! apart from that the run to set up the first goal was quality. What i can''t understand is if you score and celebrate with your own fans you get booked but because he didn''t score and he wound up the opposition fans he didn''t (this is coming from a referee!!). I''m all for abit of banter but i think he overstepped the mark by some way . As i said at the start A COCK !!![/quote] I think you are being a little unfair on COCKs here. The goading of the Barclay was taken too far. He hadn''t been singled out by the home fans so I don''t quite get why he took his behaviour this far. (Unless I missed something?) It would be nice to think that the League will review the coverage and instigate a fine of some description but I won''t hold my breath. I would bet you a pound to a pinch of 5hit he wouldn''t behave the same way at Elland Road or he might cop an unfortunate one from one of the neanderthals who doesn''t care about a ban.
  5. I think the OP is a little harsh here. I''m not Jackson''s biggest fan by any stretch but from my viewpoint at the top of the Barclay, he couldn''t quite get the ball out from under him for the first chance and, as for the second chance, he did well to get as much head on it as he did. During the 2nd half, there were at least a dozen occasions that he was waiting for the through balls to run onto. But they never arrived because Ward and Barnett were swanning around thinking they were Hansen & Lawrenson passing it back & forth to each other. He had to constantly check his run and never got the pass anyway. Discuss
  6. Amazing how people view the game differently isn''t it?! MacNamee is far from my favourite player but worked relatively hard today compared to his normal effort. No question about the men of the match - Ward and Barnett. Wards absence was the primary reason behind the loss to Palarse. Lita and Boyd rarely got a sniff of goal all game today.
  7. Ward to return - Lappin at left back and the crowd to lower the weight of expectation and make some positive, supportive noise.
  8. Lambert will get them back on track - home win of some description - don''t care what the score is BUT we need the crowd to make some BLOODY noise!!!
  9. Jesus, if we drop keepers - or any of our players come to that - after every perceived mistake, we''d get through the squad pretty bloody quickly! Ruddy doesn''t look the most confident bloke all the time but he has got better as the season has progressed and will continue to do so with our and the clubs backing. So ner!
  10. [quote user="Sports Desk Pete"]...it''s because we''re switching over and joining www.edp24.co.uk and www.en24.co.uk on the new system.It''s not your machine - don''t panic![/quote] This is rubbish Pete - I hope you''ve still got the receipt...
  11. [quote user="yellow blood"] [quote user="Largey"]I was reading up on the League Cup the other day, and stumbled across some 80''s and 90''s cups I had never heard of! I believe they were created due to the ban of English teams in European competitions.....one of them was the English Super Cup which I believe we participated in, cannot remember the other......any help?![/quote]   Was it the Simod Cup or the Zenith Data Systems Cup?   Classy sponsors in those days!! [/quote]   I reckon this was the Simod Cup in ''87. We lost to Charlton - weren''t they exiled there at the time? The reason I remember this is because I spent the evening listening to the game on the radio with some mates keeping dear old Doris Thorpe company at her flat on Jex Road. The lovely old girl was recovering from a fall at the time and had just had her hair done to cheer herself up. She asked me if I thought it made her look like Steve Bruce and the answer was ''of course''. Sorry to  ramble on but this thread just triggered off an eveneing I''d forgotten all about!    
  12. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] If you look at the site and its depth, detail and complexity it''s quite obvious that their information comes from somewhere and that it''s not just made up out of thin air. The fact that there may be gaps (e.g. a particular years data hard to locate?) doesn''t necessarily invalidate the whole Annual reports? Agents? FA/Football League filings? Companies House? Retired/sacked/former club functionaries? There''s a great deal of information available today in the public domain with all the access to information laws and regulations that have flooded the world. It would be interesting, for example. for one of our fag packet accountants to do a trace on the NCFC Annual Reports and let us know the result. Anybody game? OTBC    I''m game for a lot of things but I will now be too busy trying to recover the last 3 minutes of my life that I''ll never see again after reading this thread. I''ll have to smoke 3 less fags tonight now.     [/quote]
  13. Which country does Carlos come from? Is he a full international? Can we get him on a free? Have you got his agent''s number?
  14. [quote user="dhickl"] Also: "2006: March 22 - Warnock charged with improper conduct after making gesture at Norwich City bench following 2-1 defeat at Carrow Road." [/quote]   This was brilliant! One of the funniest things ever. Worthy refused to shake his hand so he pulled a disgusted face and flicked the ''v''s at him! I think this was the Sheff Utd game where Billy Sharp had a late equaliser disallowed and got loads of stick from the Barclay after celebrating in front of them. Or is my memory failing?
  15. Greg Downs - Got No hair Dion Dublin - Invented The Dube Lee Coft - Like Tyrone Dobbs Drazen Muzinic - Too Many Shirts Dean Windass - Lost Us O''Neill Keith O''Neill - Fooled Drunken Clough Neil Emblen - Was He Real? John Hartson - Biggest Shorts Ever Martin Chivers - Past His Best Keiran Gibbs - Disappointing Powder Puff Jerry Goss - Only Scored Screamers Ulf Ottoson - Ulf Ulf Ulf Thomas Helveg - Here For Money I Am A Banana - Too Many Posts   You can get carried away with this game!      
  16. [quote user="cityangel"][quote user="Drazen Muzinic"] Is Scamps still the place to be seen? [/quote]   I used to go there in my younger days so you must be over 45 [:)] [/quote] I''m not at liberty to say CA but Mrs Muzinic and I, who spent many a happy liason there, would easily top even Arthur Whittle''s age between us.
  17. [quote user="canarycrosby"]saturday night, u probably want tombland from 8-12ish, vodka rev, nowhere, haha''s, beluga..... then down prince of wales after, if ya a bit older than me, then chicagos is good(25-85) but if not then pulse, shoosh, roccos, mercy, etc etc[/quote] This all sounds good. What language is this written in please?  
  18. [quote user="When Saturday Comes"][quote user="cosmos67"]Riverside if u want totty and the beers ok and if its music u want then thats the place for ya both [;)][/quote] Not been out for a while then? [/quote]   Is Scamps still the place to be seen? Or the Norwood Rooms for something a little more discreet?
  19. He will clearly be to blame for any QPR goals - however they are scored and wherever they are scored from. Or the best he can hope for is to be completely ignored on here but that will only happen if we win 10-0 and he scores them all - after setting them all up too. And saving 5 penalties whilst covering for an injury to both goalies. And rescuing every child from a burning orphanage single-handedly at half-time. Or something.
  20. [quote user="Nicholls"]We took the p*ss out of Col Who''s Chairman and Fans for the way they moaned about us taking Lambert, But Just imagine what we would say if say Middlesborough sacked Strachan and Came in and robbed Lambert from under our noses after a great start and with us looking pretty in the table just like the Col Who situation and then they refused us decent compensation, I no it ain''t gonna happen but I''m pretty sure we''d be feeling the same[/quote]   ...and...breathe...
  21. [quote user="Shyster"][quote user="El Choppo"]Was he John Bond''s son, and John Bond kept signing him for each club he managed?[/quote] Yes, he was the worst defender I''ve seen at pro level and only got the gig because of his dad.[/quote] Only superseded by the even worse Kenny Brown a few years later. A sort of Kevin Bond-lite.
  22. [quote user="AndyCanary"]http://www.mirrorfootball.co.uk/news/Transfer-news-On-loan-Celtic-keeper-Fraser-Forster-says-he-d-be-gutted-if-he-was-recalled-now-by-injury-hit-parent-club-Newcastle-article595309.html Fraser Forster has no intention of quitting Celtic this season - and will have the big guns scrambling for his signature in the summer. The Newcastle keeper has become a hit on loan at Parkhead and has told Newcastle he doesn''t want to be recalled just yet. With Steve Harper out injured for three months, and Tim Krul handed the No1 jersey at St James'' Park, Forster believes he is better off proving himself in Scotland. The youngster could be recalled by United in January if they have a keeper crisis. But he said: "It''s pointless worrying. Football can change in 24 hours but hopefully I can stay. I would be a bit gutted to go back. It depends on the circumstances if I go back to play then. Obviously, I am Newcastle''s keeper and it is up to them. "But I want to play week in, week out and sitting on a bench is not something I want. The only way I will progress in my career is if I am out playing in front of big crowds. "I knew with being in Scotland I couldn''t be called back right away when Harps got injured. That is fine by me as I want to be here playing for a massive club. I am exactly where I want to be." [/quote] [IMG]http://i54.tinypic.com/2hpmvwx.jpg[/IMG] He wouldn''t let it lie!
  23. The guy was onto a loser when he got here because he is not FF. Last season FF was fantastic for us - at a lower level - with very few mistakes. We were fortunate to have him and spoiled with his quality too. Yes, John Ruddy has made mistakes - which keeper hasn''t? He has also saved points for us and today created a goal too. I hope his confidence grows and grows after today and he learns from the mistakes he makes. (I''ll bet you a pound to a pinch of s4it he doesn''t let any more in at the near post like he did on Tuesday!) I am struggling to see what his detractors are hoping to achieve by moaning about him on here.
  24. [quote user="yellow 63"]just had a browse on TWTD normal service resumed on there return to East Anglia,looks like Norfolk police will have there hands full next month,then again can''t recall any Leeds in court for offences last time so maybe not[/quote]   Yep - not holding my breath for increased police presence this time or less tolerance from some of the neanderthal cr8p we suffered last season.    
  25. The truth is probably that last season he was seen as relatively the weakest link in a very solid defence after Nelson silenced his critics and the Doc found his level. This season he did look ropey against Watford but has proved to be largely annonymous since and has just got on with his job - no frills, no cock-ups, just reliability - what more do we want from a full back?  
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