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  1. Agree. Emi is the disappointment for me this season so far. He's run into dead ends a couple of times in this game too and then got a strop on. Be great if he could get that mojo back.
  2. The world is going mad - Villa beating Liverpool, Soton beating Citeh and Newcastle two up at Wet Spam. Us winning away would fit nicely into that list!
  3. November will be the chance to keep in touch. Brighton, Watford & Everton. Would love 4-5 points from these three.
  4. He was brilliant yesterday and made an obvious difference from the second he came on. Long may his fitness continue.
  5. Leitner is far too lightweight. We had a wake-up call with that first pen but within a minute Moritz was caught dithering with time he didn't have and Urinals scored. He can only play a certain way and is easily bullied. Vrancic has a little bit more about him IMO.
  6. Offsides too. Both black and white - no further 'interpretation' needed and elimates and human subjectivity.
  7. The world has taken leave of it's senses! Nobody in the ground gave a monkeys about that until the VAR ref piped up. What a crock of sh1te and hopefully another nail in the coffin of a deeply flawed system.
  8. No, no, no. The Binners are the BIG TEAM in that division. Lambert said so.
  9. "A triffic performance from the lads." Saving them selves for the big derby on Saturday. I met some Binners last night who were proudly regaling me with details of how their massive away following has been given some more tickets at Roots Hall. They didn't like it when I suggested the tickets were available because Southend fans don't think they're worth paying money to watch.
  10. Yep. a point and a clean sheet away from home is the first step to moving forward again.
  11. Bournemouth are not pressing us at the back. Be interesting to see if they change tactics at half time and how we will cope.
  12. Lee Won Pen. Loved it when Norman Hunter belted him.
  13. Do Pig Mince and Keith Scott travel together?
  14. Strength by Zaha - maybe better from Amadou? Or better support when he did get a nibble at the ball?
  15. Timewasting cheats. Need to take a leaf out of Brizzel City's book - play on. One of them has got cramp FFS!
  16. Good strong finish to the half. Was that a pen before the corner?
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