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  1. Was there encroachment by both teams? If so, why award a retake?
  2. Yep, checking back rather than passing or moving forward. Frightened to shoot. Pukki''s shots even lack punch. Onel the exception. I guess that losing feeling hasn't sunk into him yet.
  3. Even with LDC-tinted glasses, that's now a very difficult mountain to climb. They look shot of confidence.
  4. Who's picking fights? I follow the thread during breaks in play.
  5. Opinion isn't the truth. Or we'd all be right. Even Lakey.
  6. Yes, I'm here and the mood in the ground is much more positive then this thread.
  7. Looking forward to you never posting again.
  8. You wonder how hard it would be to start coaching man-marking at this point in the season. The biggest lump on the pitch is allowed to walk through the box and prod that home.
  9. Brighton are upping the ante a bit now. I don't like the look of Glenn Murray on the bench either. He is just the sort of clever player to draw a foul where we don't want to concede one.
  10. There seems a real reluctance to press this half. Keeper way out and passing it around while we watch.
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