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  1. No such thing as luck. You make your own destiny. Appointing Nigel Pearson wasn't luck. Spending 50p in the Summer on transfers wasn't luck. Not having a single shot on target in the 2nd half against Spurs and letting them dominate possession by sitting deeper and deeper wasn't luck. If luck was such a thing then there's be no point in following the game.
  2. A win today keeps us in touch. Can't worry about any other results.
  3. If you've ever been in the away end at Loftus Road, you'd realise a few people standing up occasionally isn't that bad.
  4. Head - Sadly not. 1½ points per game to get to 40. Not beaten another team in the bottom three and have a paper-thin squad (Jan transfers pending). We'd need something like seven wins and six draws from the last 18 games. Heart - YES! I love our club, how we play and the players who wear the shirt - WE CAN DO THIS! (Nurse - the screens!)
  5. Oxford and Cov my two tips too Indy. Would love the third piece to happen too.
  6. Live scenes as VAR fail to find a reason to disallow the o.g.
  7. Jesus, how can that be handball?! Jamal is almost on his face after losing balance.
  8. It should just be feet. Nothing else. No knees, shoulders, heads or trouser snakes.
  9. That's too similar to the Tories' election mantra for my liking...but they did win handsomely so I'll take that omen.
  10. No, we see nothing of the images. Just a screen that says "VAR IS CHECKING FOR A WAY TO SCREW YOUR UNWORTHY OF A PREMIER LEAGUE PLACE CLUB OVER"
  11. Sounds like backtracking from the VAR clowns now. Decided to move the fuzzy red line forward on the freeze frame and say Pukki was offside by millimetres instead of that nonsense they fed Sky earlier.
  12. Aren't players allowed to run back from an offside position before the ball is played any more?
  13. After threading a pass through for Pukki to equalise...pretty please.
  14. I now predict a mix of time-wasting and pumping the ball long (to Long) as Soton now realise they aren't really as good as they thought.
  15. Southampton look ropy at the back. We HAVE to exploit that with Pukki, Cantwell and Hernandez's pace and get them in behind. Playing through the middle won't work without Vrancic, Leitner or Buendia on the pitch.
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