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  1. Better than OK TVB - more attempts, possession and corners. Can't stick it in the net though. Same old.
  2. A couple more half chances. Be great if we could make 1 or 2 count.
  3. Mags are now pushing us and Joe Linton seems to be a bit keen today. We have to get control in the middle and Cantwell/Rupp don't have it at the moment. Vrancic surely is a better option. If we get to HT level, it'd be intersting to see how quickly DF changes it.
  4. I yearn for the days when I looked a bit narrow. Nowadays I'm showing just a bit more width that I should.
  5. VAR tried so hard to not give that. Why do they spend so long looking at our pens? The last two have been so obvious but all they've done is increased the pressure on Pukki by making him wait.
  6. Woss gorn on in traynunn Nail? I've missed you on Canary Call, Jobsworth.
  7. Pitchfork dealers will do well next week.
  8. 10 minutes to half time and this suggests the best we can hope for today is damage limitation.
  9. Scum two up at home to the Accies now. They'll be full of it later. And I don't mean pride.
  10. LOL - please get some cash on United quick dylan!
  11. Can VAR have a look at this? I'm sure one of the other balls was a little bit closer to the hand before Burnley was pulled out.
  12. Always BBC. Never ITV. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2014/may/17/fa-cup-final-tv-build-up
  13. On the subject of 'draws', there was a huge crowd there today proving they really are the massive draw they thought they'd be in the lower divisions. 2,229. I think draw in that sense is a euphemism for 'embarrassment'.
  14. He was hilarious. Didn't go to the game but knows a change of manager would work. Like it has for Wet Spam...after one match!
  15. Oooh Roberts! I'd forgotten about him. Why isn't he in the squad d'yer reckon?
  16. De Bruyne...he's from Toftwood isn't he? Jobsworth will be along soon to tell us Todd would score more if he weren't from Dereham.
  17. Yes, Oxford and Cov looking strong now. Really worried we won't even make the play-offs!
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