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  1. 3 minutes ago, Branston Pickle said:

    Am at Kingsmeadow - Binners are the better side with all the possession but did absolutely sod-all with it until the final few minutes of the half when they hit the bar. Wimbledon are hanging in there well, 0-0 or a sneaky 1-0 would suit them fine. Fingers crossed.

    C'mon The Dons!

  2. Just now, Fuzzar said:

    I think McLean has been okay. He's good in the air in that position and always looks to get forward on the half turn.

    Cantwell would be my change, isn't displaying enough effort when tracking back. Emi or Hernandez on, their defence can def be got at. 

    Agree - would like to see Emi link with Pukki.

  3. 1 minute ago, All the Germans said:

    If we're talking about the foul that got him a yellow, it was excellent. They were breaking on us at pace and he stopped it in a non dangerous position. Well worth a yellow. However, he hasn't been good so far.

    I'm a big fan of Todd but he has been way off the pace today. Jumping under bouncing balls, misplacing passes and not really offering anything positive in a half we've dominated.

  4. Just now, TeemuVanBasten said:

    We're trying to walk it in the net here. 

    Tettey not got the legs anymore to play at this level, looks like a Grandad trying to have a kick about with his grandchildren. 

    Other than that we're doing ok. 

    Better than OK TVB - more attempts, possession and corners. Can't stick it in the net though. Same old.

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