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  1. Just 1 Wimbledon goal and Binners will slip to 9th.
  2. Stats sugggest Branston's HT report is continuing @70 minutes. Be great if AFCW nick one after all that Binner possession and shots.
  3. Not a single shot on target. They really are steamrollering this league aren't they?
  4. I'd forgotten they were playing. We need annother off-night from Wycombe.
  5. Doncaster's turn to stick one in now to add to the pressure.
  6. They are doing triffic at the moment.
  7. Oh dear. Leeds' knuckledraggers will pull West London apart if they lose this.
  8. Meanwhile, over on BinnerWatch, Sunderland 2 up already.
  9. Get on Waccoe Jobsworth. Do your usual on there. JobsworthWhite.
  10. Judging by the state of TWTD tonight, plenty of Binners are already wound up.
  11. SO frustrating. I'm taking more pleasure in Leeds losing at home to Wigan and Binners embarrassing themselves again.
  12. TIde is turning here. Got to keep them out now - no titting about around the box.
  13. This is worse than being behind. It's the hope that kills you.
  14. I'm a big fan of Todd but he has been way off the pace today. Jumping under bouncing balls, misplacing passes and not really offering anything positive in a half we've dominated.
  15. How many more times are we going to get it into the 6 yard box. Crap tackle from Cantwell. Needs replacing for VRancic or Emi.
  16. Jeez - no pressure and an unecessary free-kick given away there. Krul should've put his boot through that.
  17. We've played and lost to a lot of ordinary teams this season CP.
  18. At the risk of sounding like Jobsworth, Cantwell is not great today. Even the commentator called him lightweight.
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