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  1. John Fleck's boots spend more time in contact with other players than the ball.
  2. And another kick of the ankles on Pukki.
  3. Haven't got it on but I guess it's Rivers today?
  4. As we've enjoyed lots of TWaTteD this week, I'll just drop this here before I go to bed... https://www.twtd.co.uk/forum/476813/norwich-through-on-pens/#9
  5. First shot on 48 minutes - that's just embarrassing. They were suggesting they would smash 'the likes of Fleetwood' earlier in the season. I love how they keep finding new ways to make themselves look ridiculous.
  6. Started a good thread earlier...love the #bekind
  7. Now 10th in the form table whilst those above us are struggling. Light at the end of the tunnel.
  8. Leicester now buzzing round like blue-arsed flies. Can't get near them.
  9. THis is not in the Premier League script. Stockley Park now busy reviewing the last 70 minutes looking for an errant toenail in a previous move.
  10. VAR is now busy finding a way to make that stand...
  11. Back of the sofa not needed this season.
  12. FFS - VAR really wants Godfrey to get red cards doesn't it? A conspiracy theorist might say it's run by bigger clubs wanting him injury-free for that £30m Summer transfer.
  13. Bloody Hell! How far behind is your stream?!
  14. Don't know why they haven't tumbled him yet.
  15. Multiple threads on TWTD tonight and there aren't many (ie none) in support of him or his methods. They really are the gift that keeps on giving.
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