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  1. The words "Talksport" and "Super" in the same sentence - don't see that often. A bit like "Alan Brazil" and "Slimline Tonic". Unless the sentence is " Alan Brazil ignores the offer of a slimline tonic in favour of another lager".
  2. Saw this stat after today's Community Shield. Be great if Emi or Onel can make it two for two and set up a Pukki winner in front of the Kop. Well a boy can dream can't he?
  3. I'm sure Todd Cantwell had a hand in our transfer dealings that didn't work out.
  4. "Darel Russell" to the tune of 'Do the Hustle" always brightened an away trip for me. "Shilton, where's your wife?" was amusing at the time.
  5. Classy and ironic given he's prone to talking to himself on other threads keep them going. He knows what pushes our buttons and the most devisive topics on here so took the chance to post what he did as soon as he could after an excellent performance by Todd. Why he spouts the cr4p about the lad being local, I don't know. We are all local to somewhere. I haven't looked in here much over the Summer so haven't really noticed this loon before but I have happily added him to the list of other Waveney accounts I ignore.
  6. I was saying this last night before the first Atalanta goal. We played with fire a few times up to that point. Although we don't want to go back to they days of Hansen passing back to Clemence so he can pick it up and roll it back again ad nauseum, there is something to be said for a decent Pat Jennings-sized wallop up the pitch. No chance of a pacey striker nicking that of of a defenders toe.
  7. This is typical of the absolute cr4p that broadcasters and journalists spend their time cobbling together nowadays. There is such a demand for 'news' when most of the time nothing is actually happening so they start to make stuff up. It ranges from irritating clickbait to harmful fake Twitter accounts purported to be from gay footballers via hours of Sky Sports presenters getting worked up over the merest whisper of transfer news and...I...HATE...IT! There, I've said it. I feel a bit better now.
  8. Taking the heat out of it, there were plus points and worry beads. Cantwell, Hernandez and Godfrey were outstanding. Roberts looked good in the time he had. Pukki was not at the races and Buendia was sulky all night. I'm sure Farke will make sure we play a tighter game when the real stuff starts...BUT...I would feel happier with another, experienced defender and a CM who can mix it if we need it a la Bradley Johnson.
  9. I needed some more Xs in my shirts than normal this year. Without going up a couple of sizes the shirts make you look like a Tellytubby. Or Razor Ruddock.
  10. Steady hoggy, it's early doors but there may be some new scapegoats in our Summer signings for the doom-mongers to lay into. Krull (sic) could be in for a bumpy ride this season again too unless we keep a clean sheet every match.
  11. Yay! Pig Mince is back! Missed you Vinny...
  12. Agree with the 'teamwork/attitude' part Lakey but you are over-optimistic with the other rhetoric. And yes, exciting times!
  13. And we haven't spunked £100m on a whole new team a la Villa and Fulham. I reckon there is something to be had in keeping the faith with one of the most 'together' squads I've ever known us to have and could be worth a point or two on it's own. L**bert was good at this, he slowly tweaked the team over the time he was here, no fanfares and got us to 11th in the Prem.
  14. Compared to his "Rudd as good as De Gea" epic, this is quite conservative.
  15. Apologies to all. I had absolutely no idea Elena Baltacha had passed away and I wouldn't even consider posting that comment if I'd known. An attempt at a cheap dig at the Binners and it has backfired on me, badly.
  16. I recommend a Balti pie or two for this.
  17. Don't care whether he's a bag'o'****e, they love him at The Piggery. They see him as a tenuous connection to their glorious past and some of the knuckle-draggers would spontaneously combust at the thought of this!
  18. Did you misspell a word to get it through the swear filter?
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